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Research: How do we recognise idol singers these days?

How do we recognise the idols of this time?

Mnet music research centre did an investigation on 1000 male and female adults for the whole month of June. The investigation looked into the 57 singers/teams who are the most active currently in the Korean music scene in terms of vocal capabilities, appearances, amiability, talent, performance and variety.

And through the survey, it was known that other than vocal capabilities, the idols are ranked very high in all the categories. In terms of their live performances, 16 ranks out of the top 20 ranks belongs to idol singers. And in terms of appearances, the girlgroups have dominated the rankings. Of the top 10 rankings we see the names of popular girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, KARA, f(x), After School, 2NE1, T-ara, 4Minute etc.

In terms of amiability, girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, Brown Eyed Girls, KARA etc also dominated the charts. And for variety shows, we see that the male idol groups like 2AM, Super Junior and 2PM are dominating the top 10 rankings.

What is eye catching is that group So Nyeo Shi Dae is #1 for all categories except for vocal capabilities and amiability. We can see the ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae power’ following their ‘Gee’ syndrome last year.

But for vocal capabilities category, we don’t see idols up on the top 10 rankings. Instead names like Big Mama, Gummy, Lee SeungChul, Shin SeungHoon are voted up high on rankings.

It seems that there has always been doubts regarding the musicality of idol groups these days.

The results for the categories:


  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae
  2. f(x)
  3. 2NE1
  4. KARA
  5. 4Minute
  6. Lee Hyori
  7. BEG
  8. After School
  9. 2AM
  10. T-ara


  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae
  2. Lee Hyori
  3. 2NE1
  4. Rain
  5. 2PM
  6. BEG
  7. Big Bang
  8. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  9. Super Junior
  10. KARA

Variety skills:

  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae
  2. Lee Hyori
  3. MC Mong
  4. Lee SeungGi
  5. 2AM
  6. Super Junior
  7. KARA
  8. Brown Eyed Girls
  9. 2PM
  10. Kim TaeWoo


  1. Lee SeungGi
  2. Lee Hyori
  3. So Nyeo Shi Dae
  4. MC Mong
  5. 2AM
  6. KARA
  7. Brown Eyed Girls
  8. Super Junior
  9. Kim TaeWoo
  10. DJ DOC


  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae
  2. KARA
  3. Lee Hyori
  4. f(x)
  5. After School
  6. Lee SeungGi
  7. 2NE1
  8. T-ara
  9. 4Minute
  10. Davichi

Vocal capabilities:

  1. Big Mama
  2. Gummy
  3. Lee SeungChul
  4. Kim TaeWoo
  5. Park HyoShin
  6. Yoon MiRae
  7. SG Wannabe
  8. KWill
  9. Kim BumSoo
  10. Shin SeungHoon

S:JoongAng Daily

A reminder. This is just research results on 1000 participants and what they think of the idol singers.

154 Responses

  1. Where is my “BEAST”?! They Should Deserve it the ranking too~!!!

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  3. […] I was surfing for some Big Mom news and stumbled on this survey on the Korean idols of the present time: Mnet music research centre did an investigation on 1000 male and female adults for the whole month of June. The investigation looked into the 57 singers/teams who are the most active currently in the Korean music scene in terms of vocal capabilities, appearances, amiability, talent, performance and variety. (Source). […]

  4. I think Seung Gi has great vocals too.

  5. .. Wow. -____-;

    Seriously? This is so biased!

    Why is SNSD number 1 on Variety Shows? It should be Lee Hyori!! She’s 100x better than any of them in variety shows!

    Seriously! If they are number 1, why couldn’t Yoona save Family Outing 2?

  6. have you people heard the groups in the TOP 10 for vocal talent? They are in there for a very good reason, and they are outstanding singers. I admit a little surprised to not see Davichi or Seeya on this part though. Just because a survey does not share your opinion does not mean that it invalidates your opinion, but simply that the people share a different opinion than yours.

    As far as most fans are concerned if the groups they support is not number 1 there is something wrong. Sure i think that SNSD might have scored a little higher in some categories than others, but that does not stop me from seeing what people in Korea think about the situation.

  7. I think this chart is just not right. But this only counts in south Korea but what about the world.

  8. i almost feel offended…BEG and 2AM don’t rank at all on vocal capabilities? they’re two idol groups where all of the singers actually DO sing, and sing exceptionally WELL.


  9. Basically justanother popularity voting. Obviousley snsd fans are gonna vote snsd as no.1 for everything so really it’s more about which idol group has more fans. I don’t believe that groups like dbsk are not even on the list

  10. how is tiara 10 for talent???!!!!
    wonder girls arnt even on the list
    this makes no sense

  11. I’m just happy beg made it on some of the lists. I would have been sad if they were forgotten completely.

  12. Ehh… I’m a big sone but I don’t think SNSD should be number one on a LOT of those lists. I mean for variety shows, it’s definitely Super Junior. For talents, it should be DBSK or Big Bang. For appearance, if it means face and wardrobe, I personally think that all of f(x) has pretty faces and I always love After School’s choice of stage wardrobe. The vocal list I can agree to. But adults can always think different than children or teens like us. I’ll just have to accept this poll. And for people who are saying this is SNSD biased, I have to agree somewhat and a little not. =) But I CLEARLY don’t understand WHY 2PM IS ABOVE DBSK!!!!!!!!!

  13. SNSD Won!! ^^ I love it!

  14. omg when i started to read the results, i knew that there’ll be some fanwar =)

    seriously ppl, it’s a poll.

    IF i say that BigBang is better. someone else will say that Suju is the best. and another will say that DBSK is the best. but it’s not the truth because it’s all opinions.

    for me, we can’t say who is the best, because they are really different.

  15. The reason why SNSD is so high on the variety poll is cos their face is shoved on every bloody show there is on Korea. No wonder people get sick of their faces and them. Not because of this “great personallity” SONES keep saying it’s cos SME keeps accepting invitations even for the crap shows take their Horror show for example. Talkin’ about cam whores. Sheesh.

  16. Vocal capabilities:
    Big Mama
    Lee SeungChul
    Kim TaeWoo
    Park HyoShin
    Yoon MiRae
    SG Wannabe
    Kim BumSoo
    Shin SeungHoon

    i wished Hongki was somewhere in this category

  17. Why are you guys so mad? It’s just a poll.

    polls = opinions =/= truth
    Seriously, you guys say that Sones are being biased when you’re biased yourselves. Of course Sones would think that SNSD is the best, like any of you fans of other groups think that your favorite group is the best.

    I don’t agree with some of the rankings, but honestly who cares? You people get so worked up over nothing.

  18. honestly i think the poll isn’t right. I think a majority of the voters were leaning towards a certain group. Like SNSD #1 everything practically doesn’t seem really practical. And for appearance, I’m surprised that SS501 didn’t even make it into top 10 cause they’re all really good-looking…

    Oh well, congrats to the Top 10 of each category…

    The only category I wholeheartedly agree with is the vocal capabilities and nothing else.

  19. OK … this “research” had only 1000 participants .. ONLY 1000 !! not all or even most of the Korean public ..

    why take it so seriously ?

  20. “STOP BEING JEALOUS n DELUSIONAL! ” whatttttttttttttttttttttt? are you kidding me???
    all the way this survey is rubbish
    suju is the best

  21. SNSD are you serious??
    the kpop that under has fallen

  22. This poll is a bit…. :/
    2PM>Suju & DBSK in performance=wtf?
    and the talent list is a joke

  23. why suju and dbsk in lower number or not included? maybe they asked more adult male than female.so it means adult male will choose female idol group.

  24. why suju only on #6 in terms of variety skills??!!! they are everywhere!!! from full house to ehb.. and other show guestings.. and they’re cf’s.. this is the only category I expected them to win since we see them almost everyday in tv, not to mention their radio shows.. this survey is a total FAIL!!

    • and why is SJ and DBSK not included in the top 10 in terms of talent skills?? what kind of talent do they want?? aish!! >_<

      • because it is SNSD biased just that sones wont admit it …..

      • Because DBSK and SuJu are freaking famous but freaking not popular.

        People need to understand that.

      • @Owned do u noe what the fuck are u talking about? you sones seriously make no sense.. if Suju and DBSK arent popular then SNSD doesnt even come close to being recognised… This list is just BS…

      • @Owned:

        wasn’t freaking famous can lead to freaking popular? i dun need understand about it.

      • @Owned

        bwahahaha, u got a nice nick name cuz u TOTALLY GOT OWNED!!!!!

      • well known = people know you
        popular = people like you

        Sorry but DBSK and Suju are nowhere near SNSD’s popularity. These polls prove it.

      • dude @Owned do you really noe what you are talking about at all? DBSK&Suju’s popularties is NOWHERE(WTF) near SNSD????? SAY WAT? you mean the opposite right ! what a big joke…these poll proves seriously nothing! ima let you finish but DBSK held the record of biggest fanclubs in the WORLD….

      • oh my, just let the RED SEA and SAPPHIRE BLUE SEA speaks for itself.. seriously, the pink sea or whatever you call it is nothing compare to them..

  25. wth? dbsk not on the talent list? you must be kidding me. their voice is the best among all the idols. Snsd is first? heh;.

  26. this is not base in choices,this is base who you alway see,just like SNSD,they are everywhere,in variety show.in commercial,in news,it like they feed people minds to remember them.

    accept the fact on that people vote based on their choices.
    i thought cassies fc members are much more than other fc were. they even made a record. turns out to be people pick snsd the most.
    there’s no need to feel butthurt.
    SNSD deserve it.

  28. I don’t get the appearance category. Is it tv appearances and such? Because if it is, I would understand why f(x) placed higher than 2ne1. I mean SME really put their idols in a lot of variety and shows.

    • Me too! I was like..WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

      I mean get REAL! Seriously!!! T____T

    • I think how idols do with their appearance (costume, beauty) that impress the most.

      But I have expected the results… since it’s a survey… not from a pro critiques…

      • Oh. Well if that’s what it means, I guess still could understand the results.

        lol i honestly don’t see anything wrong with the survey for the most part.

  29. LOL my eyebrow raised when i saw fx on top of 2ne1..
    watta big damn joke!

    • me too…period.

    • okay butthurt blackjack

      • @lol…and you SUCK!!!! 2NE1 may not be active this year..BUT hey! when it comes to their performances onstage like last year’s awards they’re pretty much TOP than fx. BLIND LOSER!

      • Okay..MUCH RESPECT to both groups but it is kinda ridiculous that F(X) beats 2NE1 in appearance & talent!?
        Minji & CL are awesome singers but Bom is my favorite (I know not everyone may think the way I do) but you have to be deaf to not think Minji sings well!
        I for one think they CAN dance & they are always rocking the COOLEST clothing (lol), I want to emulate their style…heheh.

        Like someone said, are they talking TV apearances?
        but actual looks I think 2NE1 is better, not saying f(x) is ugly, just that 2NE1 are presented better.

        [Remember….not everyone that disagrees with you is a hater/troll]

    • @lol dude it is funny dont you think? how the fuck did f(x) get on top of 2NE1……

      • F(X) has been active this year. 2NE1 hasn’t done anything since last year and its half way through 2010.

      • i dont think being active have to do with it cuz if it was about that then 2NE1 wont even be on the any of those list …

  30. lol. i stopped reading after they put f(x) over 2NE1. loooool. agree with the vocals list tho. Gummy and Big Mama finally topped something. talent can’t be denied after all. i mean the ‘REAL’ talent list. and btw, SUJU should’ve totally ranked higher on the variety list but i guess that’s just me.

    congrats to whoever’s popular right now. we all know who that is. =)

  31. mm..i’m quite confused with this survey? idol singers refers to which kind of celebrity? does Lee Seung Chul considered as an idol….im guessing that they are comparing the idol and the real singers in this kind of thing…but, some of these for me are not an idol…for me, idol are supposed to be in a group and have certain style and theme..so which one is considered an idol? is everyone of them are idols or singers? i notice indie band is not listed here like cn blue, hot potato, etc.

  32. I absolutely agree with the vocals list. I really wish really talented people weren’t so underrated all of the time.

  33. yay for Big Mama & Gummy.. i love listen to Gummy’s songs these days.. she’s really awesome..

    snsd topped many polls.. obviously it’s popularity votes..

  34. w00t Gummy second for something finally. Award please?

  35. Big Bang should be #1 🙂

    • AGREE!

    • sorry loser VIP but dbsk should be #1

    • @AKTF_jpn ………. since VIPs is bigbang’s fanclub ? comment that ofcourse we want them to be number1 … and if your a cassies then ofcourse you want DBSK to be #1 no need call us VIPS losers becasue really what r u ?your just a butthurt cassies…

    • Totally agree Big Bang is the best

  36. Roooh ~
    Don’t be jealous ^^
    SNSD Fighting !
    Where’s WG & DBSK –‘

  37. SNSD is not that talented, they are many group more talented than them like 2ne1 and 4minute. they are just the most popular kpop girl group. WTF

    • yayyyy! agree! and it’s always snsd lol. yawwn

    • SNSD is talented. Just as talented as 4Minute.

    • What are 2ne1/4Minute good at? Dancing and singing and stage presence? Okay, they maybe topped SNSD here. but you should put all kind of talents (not only those kind of talents) that exist in this world, that what makes SNSD talented than them.

      At least I see SNSD as DJ, as CF models, as Musical actresses, as drama actress, as variety show talents, as music show MC, as talk show MC etc.. I see SNSD everywhere be it at PC Fair (samsung model/lg model), food court (domino pizza/samyang ramyum), music store (their CDs/posters), electronic shop (samsung/lg HDTV) at embassy or on TV (KBS and prime news) and I’m not even in Korea.

      • You can see snsd in all the things you’ve mentioned because you’ve already SEEN them doing it. Who says 4minute/2ne1 (or any girl group) can’t mc, act, endorse or even dj? Given the chance and the right boost of popularity like gee did to SNSD, I’m sure some if not all members of 2ne1/4minute would be able to do just as well with what snsd is doing now.

        Anyhoo, I’m fairly ok with the way snsd placed because they’re the biggest and most popular girl group right now, and most surveys are usually a pulse of what is currently in tune with most people’s taste and preferences, regardless of that long time ‘who’s most talented’ argument.

      • 2NE1 is horrible at dancing and Dara and Bom can’t sing live for a shit.

        Stop acting like they deserved the title BECAUSE yes, they are talented, but don’t start this by saying 2NE1 is more talented than SNSD because they’re not.


      • serisously @ Owned you should really just SHUT YOUR FUCKIN MOUTH UP!…… i dont noe if your a fuckin troll or just trying to make sones look bad… nobody here is bashing YOUR SNSD but do you have to say something bad about 2NE1 ?.. just becasue people think 2NE1/f(x) is more talented then SNSD why you gettting all butthurt from it is ther opinions anyways.. and for your information 2NE1 can sing live pretty well just go look for the MR verison… and horrible dancing? they arent the best in dancing but they arent horrible either… the only reasons why fanwars starts is because of people like you..

      • Thats just to get their name out there.
        2NE1 are NEVER on variety shows.
        Because they’re all about the music.
        What should be #1 for any idol group.

    • I think SNSD is more talented than 2NE1.

      • I dont think SNSD is that talented. Pretty average really. Same for 2NE1. There are no outstanding gilgroups. period.

      • No I dont think so…they’re just pretty faces they dont even excel on their musics HEK!!!

        I would rather say 2NE1 and 4minute are more edgy when it comes to their music and performances. So Fierce.

    • totally agree! I only accept the vocal capabillities…..why we can’t see dbsg, bigbang….for talent??

  38. LOL SNSD > 2NE1, Afterschool, 2AM and BEG for talent??? That’s got to be the most absurd thing EVER!

  39. I think they should have conducted the survey with people who are more aware of the Kpop music scene, objective fans, or at least people who know all the artists that make the list…I mean, if they know some more than others, how could the survey be accurate? But it is an interesting survey, cuz you get to see at least how a few citizens see the music industry.

    • true. this is like asking me who my favorite artist in jpop is and because the only group i’m aware of and seems to be the trend is KAT-TUN, i’ll answer them

      • Exactly, if I took the survey, I could only be objective according to the artists I know of and like…

      • well then…they’re aware of the real singers as they topped that ranking…right?…

        each of us has his/her preferences…

        and this poll is conducted among Koreans themselves and they know more than what we know

  40. lol
    I know it
    kpop fans are always like this
    If their favorite is not there, they will come out and complain

    I don’t think it’s as bias as some say
    cause if this research is bias, then in the singing category there will be at least one idol in it
    and It’s come from the same sample

    well some may be in denial
    but for Korean public, snsd is just too overwhelming
    they dominate in almost everything right now = =

    and I’m not snsd fan but I can accept the fact that snsd is on top right now

    I will just wait till my favorite to shine like snsd
    no point bashing each other
    It’s obvious that’s not working
    look at snsd is just one hell of an example

  41. CSJH and Fin.KL will forever be Korea’s top girl group

  42. And tell me SNSD is not Korea’s top girl group. They are just taking over everything related to the public’s liking.

    I think they all deserved it.

  43. sorry sookyeong but..BULL SHIT!!!!!

    • I know not all will agree with this, but this survey is conducted among adults. It’s pretty legit. They don’t think as what we (teenagers) think. They don’t have the same view as us.

      Even professional survey done before (I forgot the professional group that conducting this kind of survey), SNSD topped the adult and grandpa/grandma categories. They’re liked by adults due to their personalities mostly appeared in their variety shows. SNSD is pretty much every where in variety show. Their friendly, approachable and girl-bext-door image are what made them liked by the olders. This professional survey is not biased as it’s a reference to business.

      So I kinda predict this result will be ‘biased’ to SNSD again, because rare group has fan from all ages, and SNSD is one of this rare group. No matter how much you said SNSD has a lot of male fans, they have a lot of grandma & grandpa, and unnie fans (that includes me) as well.

      That’s one of the reasons why SNSD is so popular in Korea.

  44. ahahaha come on, sm. desperate? lols.

  45. I’ve always been curious as to what South Korean ADULTS think of idols. I have no problem with the results, but I think the survey itself is probably flawed, any 10th grade maths student could tell you that lol. I’m curious as to how they controlled their samples eg age group etc. I’m personally interested as to what adults in their 30’s think of idols and the current entertainment industry since they would have been exposed to a variety of music and entertainment before the idol fascination came about.

    Anyway, it’s cool to see my ultimate bias on the list. I won’t name names but they sure as hell deserve to be on there lol

    • Actually the adults that are in their 30’s now were teens in the 90’s… and idol groups were almost as popular then as they are now.

      • Hmmm then make it 40’s or 50’s then. Ahjumma’s and Ahjussi’s 🙂

  46. In fact polls results are as a matter of whose fans spot them first and actively participated. But I am amazed at this poll since it was done on adults. Are most koreans all blind and deaf to see only plastic-beauty ?
    SNSD is more talented than DBSK/BB ?

    • They chose active idol groups. Is DBSK active ? NO.

      • If they chose active idol groups, why DBSK is still in ther performance list? This poll is just blind. Get over it.

      • People obviously didn’t mention DBSK except in the performance category because there are a lot of other groups that are more active that pops to their minds before DBSK.

        It’s just a poll, it’s not the absolute truth. It’s just how the Korean public sees these idols.

    • Talent varies. Talent can be acting, dancing, mc-ing,gag etc. People tend to overlook the general meaning of talent. Even if you put SNSD together and do the average, SNSD is relatively more talented than DBSK/BB because it’s 9:5 ratio.

      These are what SNSD should be proud of their profile:-
      Taeyeon: Singing/dj-ing/mc-ing/musical
      Sooyoung: Dancing/Japanese debut with Route 0/dj-ing/mc-ing/variety skills/Acting
      Yoona: Dancing/Acting/CF models
      Hyoyeon: Dancing/variety skills
      Jessica: Singing/musical
      Seohyun: Singing
      Sunny: Singing/Dj-ing
      Tiffany: Singing/MC-ing
      Yuri: Dancing/Acting/MC-ing

      I just don’t put their average talent and we should aware, SNSD is every where in variety shows. Variety show is really important to reach public mass, especially adult who is not into idols as much as young people do.. and I don’t see why Koreans are blind because they definitely didn’t see only plastic-beauty.

      • Humm… BB boys can do all the things that you mentioned above. Just that they don’t want too much explosure. For me I think this poll is only for those who are active in first half of the year.

      • Lol if that’s how you gonna put talent as, then lol, Big Bang even with just five members, all of them are able to do all those “talents” you mentioned.

      • I’m a fan of the artists you mentioned, and I think that you really can’t compare to see who’s group is more talented, even though there are more and less in number, that doesn’t mean they’re lacking or have more talent.

        I definitely think “talent” should be applied to their career as an artist, and nothing more…the fact that they have the natural talent to help them in their career…their singing/rapping ability, their dancing skills, etc…because things such as mc-ing or variety show skills can always be learned. Hands down, Taeyeon and Jessica has the strongest vocals of SNSD, that is their natural talent…the same way Hyoyeon is, in my opinion, the strongest dancer of the group…

        But in DBSK, there are strong vocalists and strong dancers.

        In Big Bang, there’s the vocalist Daesung, the dancer Taeyang, the rapper/actor TOP, and the songwriter/composer/rapper/vocalist leader G-Dragon (Seungri is not one of my favorites, no offense to his fans)…

      • WEll if you count it liek that then bigbang is way more talented than SNSD… Acing:TOP,Daesung,Seungri Musical:Daesung,Seungri MCing:Daesung,Seungri,Gdragon and TOP Vareiety Shows:Daesung,Seungri COmposeing:G dragon,Taeyang,Top Choreographing: Seungri Dancing:Taeyang,GD,and Seungri Singing:Daesung,Seungri,Taeyang,and G dragon.. to me i just think that BB is more talented than SNSD but if they are pickign the most active/popular then i guess thats another story cuz it is obivously most ahjussi voted…

      • PS: this is just SNSD biased … cuz too me BIGBANG and SUJU have hecka more fuckin talent then SNSD … one answer …99.9 % were uncles that voted…

  47. sorry but I cant agree with this survey

  48. i stopped reading when i saw 2pm ranked higher than dbsk

  49. SNSD biased. But I guess it’s logic because 9 girls is always better than less than 9 girls. <_<

    How can Kara be 10 in performance? They danced in the rain, Seungyeon fell over and got up straight away, they do their routines perfectly. And why is T-ara so low in appearance? This is a friggin' popularity contest.

  50. this survey only proves that girl groups is more popular than boy groups.

  51. This is SNSD bias. Screw this research, it’s unreliable.

    • i agree!

    • SNSD is just the most popular group right now. Get over it.

      • Then they will go into the japanese market and everyone in korea will forget about them.
        Happens to everybody… BIGBANG , DBSK , WONDERGIRLS.
        Everyone forgot about them because they did work in another country.

    • seconded

    • Amiability: & vocal capabilities category prove this research is reliable. those adults for sure know the singers in vocal groups – ask the kids here, they probably don’t know who the hell are they and wanted their idols to be on top (no matter how vocally talented your idols are, those singers are the real deals. so deal with it)

      Amiability – you have to agree on Lee Seungi. He’s not as popular as he seems compared to DBSK/BB/2PM but he is well known to the adults. Same thing to Hyori. She won’t stand long if she’s not appeal to the public, thanks to her witty, friendly & easy-going personality.

      and why SNSD is on top in most of the categories? because they dominate the media – they’re everywhere on TV, on every channel except MNET(ironically this survey is done by MNET which is in problem with SME. they banned SME artists). Those adults probably just know SNSD.

    • LOL RESEARCH? This was voted based on popularity. Obviously SNSD is super popular so they’re on the top.

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  53. congrats snsd!! ❤

    i would've personally had suju, kim taewoo and mcmong higher on the variety list, but its all good.

    so like, bring on the haters. actually, we should play a game.
    lets see… who can resist the urge to bash. sounds fun enough

  54. these kinds of things shouldnt be on the news unless they are legit or judged fairly. It just creates too much mess between fandoms.

  55. lol everyone who doesn’t agree with the otherstuff just wants their favorite idol to be numberr 1 (x

    and since they surveyed 1000 men and women, they probably used 500/500. 😛

  56. wow girl groups is dominating boy groups in this survey im ok with list except for Talent Big Bang, DBSK should be in the top 2 boy group have to step up there game.

  57. yeah…SNSD~!!!

  58. I only agree to the vocal capabilities, for the others, I would say: bad sampling of 1,000 people.

    • I don’t know any of the ones under vocal capabilities, but I have to say, DBSK could fit under that category, because out of all the more recent idol groups, they have the strongest vocals.

      If the survey was more about individuals than groups, I think the lists would be different, because even though some of the idol groups aren’t strong as a group, there are individuals in each group that stand out…

      • You don’t know any of the ones under vocal capabilities? Girl.. what kind of kpop have you been listening so far?

      • You should really hear each of the people in the top ten sing and you will understand that while DBSK is talented vocally they weren’t in the top ten. Now if the list were longer I wouldn’t be surprised if DBSK or at least Junsu popped up eventually.

        I agree that dbsk can fit under the vocal ability but since the list is only 10 people I actually agree with the list posted here. Although DBSK are good vocally, they aren’t as vocally talented as those ten people. To be honest each of those people can probably outsing each of the members of DBSK even though DBSK are really good singers. I mean you should really hear especially Park HyoShin and K,Will for the guys and Big Mamma and Gummy for the girls.

      • I’ve heard K. Will…I think it’s all just a matter of perspective and taste, there’s no sense in arguing, in general, I’m not saying this to you specifically…but I’ve just been listening to the more recent artists, the newer generation, and that’s the stuff I like and the people I like.

        I’ll just take your word for it since you would know more than me.

      • I totally agree with everything hapacalgirl said.
        I’ve heard DBSK and BES sing live and though I can admit that yes, DBSK are good singers, they are still at stage one if you compare them to groups like SG Wannabe or Brown Eyed Soul for example.
        Each member of those groups can stand on a stage alone and shine just as much as they do when they are performing withe the rest of their members, but DBSK individually are still not as strong performers as their fans may want to believe.
        By the way, it’s good to know that Korea still remembers and acknowledges ‘some’ of its big talents.

    • exactly my thoughts

  59. ok i get that. but i still don’t agree with most of the results aside from the Vocal capabilities which i whole heartedly agree.

  60. looks like alot of guys participated in this survey

  61. Vocal capabilities:

    1. Big Mama
    2. Gummy
    3. Lee SeungChul
    4. Kim TaeWoo
    5. Park HyoShin
    6. Yoon MiRae
    7. SG Wannabe
    8. KWill
    9. Kim BumSoo
    10. Shin SeungHoon

    • I thought it was funny that idols didn’t even make the list. It really says something about them…

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