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SHINee reveals MV teaser to 2nd album title song ‘Lucifer’

The MV teaser to SHINee’s comeback 2nd full length album ‘Lucifer’ has been revealed on 16th July.

Love it or not?

Sookyeong’s take: Wow I need time just to take in the new hairstyles


108 Responses

  1. just wow, it seems like a lot people start to hate a band based on their hairstyles…..

    haters gonna hate.

    they’re growing up (yes, even Onew) so they can’t be reply all the time. i loved reply times but really, i’m ready for some new stuff. as long as people would love for them to remain the same forever, it’s not gonna happen.

    i like their hairstyles (although Onew’s one brings back memories from ’90s), even Key’s (it’s daring, just be happy they didn’t shave all of it).

  2. Love SHINee oppa cuz their very so amazing in Cambodia and around the world.when come in Cambodia they have alot of fan go to see them.I love u so much SHINee esp Onew oppa.u so cute in new album

  3. Love shinee very much.their new album very so sexy.

  4. OMG!! The MV is AMAZING! God they look epic, JongHyun’s arms, . . . @.@, besides, what could SM really do to his hair that could possibly ruin his pretty face? And if anyone can pull off the ridiculous half shaved head thing, it’s Key, with that amazing smile he’s got, Jeez how many girl’s does he want to kill tonight, because I know I’m not he only one who had a heart attack! And Onew’s looking great with the mirrored contacts, his eyes alway catch light well, but WOW. I’m LOVIN’ Taemin’s long hair though, he holds it well and though I’ll miss the bowl cut (hey it was CUTE) the sexy head flip thing that comes with not being able to see really works for him!!! And YAY for Minho’s black hair! Though I would have liked it better if they had left it long, though the short cut does make him seem all the edgier . . . โค SHINee Fighting!

  5. I find it unnecessary for those comments about thier hair! Have you guys realize that hair GROWS back?! Really? They are just doing it becuase they wanted to try something new, but I don’t find the need for bashing -.- They are just being themelves, not someone else. They look good, and thier album will be a success. They did this for all of thier fans, and we have to appreciate! So yeahh, SHINee Fighting! I just can’t wait for thier alBAM! xDDD






    Haters gon’ hate.

    SHINee are fucking amazing, bitches.

  8. Someone please go burn SHINEE’S HAIRSTYLISTS. OMG. it’s the worst hairstyles i’ve ever seen.
    Minho: weird. is he trying to copy TOP?
    Jonghyun: still acceptable
    Taemin:Gay but pretty.
    Key:OMG. BAD version of mohawk. he’s trying to copy GD lool.
    Onew: remind me of some 80’s hairstyle. it’s damn ugly.

  9. omg seriously only jonghyun looks good here. TAEMINยดS HAIR IS OFFICIALLY LONGER THAN MINE o; it would look good if it was a bit shorter. minhoยดs hair needs time to get used to, especially KEY! WAH…….onew reminds me of this jap guy who had long hair split in the middle. O-O

  10. GREAT MV
    fire the haristylist man !
    onew looks like some olden mozart days hunk
    cause hes face looks ok but the hair is POW
    and keys hair is freaking me out … but still , its better then onews hair

  11. Rino Ftw!!!

  12. The song sounds a like HIT but the concept is……….
    It just looks like their trying too hard. Anyways i think jonghyun looks hot
    and taemin looks pretty.

  13. I think they’re scaring the noonas..lol jk. SHINee Fighting!

  14. WTF!!! Their hair… Their freakin hair!!!! Why? Teamin looks like Sooyoung. I always wondered why there’s a car in alot of MVs. I guess they’re selling it. I CANT WAIT!!!

  15. lol…..isnt it cinderellas stepmothers cat called lucifer.

  16. i am by no means a shinee fan, but song wise, sounds interesting enough. the concept is………

  17. Sounds like bonamana

  18. i think key has de look n loads of attitude in rockin dat hairstyle..itz nt easy in rockin dat hairstyle..only few guyz cn pull it off..i think de rest of de shinee members might nt pull off de hairstyle s well s key..so,kudos 2 him.. overall, shinee will alwayz rock my world no matter wat..I luv them 4 their talent n unity s a group-datz watz important 2 mi.. =)

  19. this shit is ugly. the beginning looked like an add for a sports drink.

  20. Psh it’s just a name.
    I don’t see anyone bashing Snsd for having the word devil in “Run Devil Run”.<-Not bashing Snsd, just showing an example

    Still not used to Key's new shaved hair cut, it's a total SHOCKER. It might work out for him O.o


    Jonghyun's hair is the one that didn't go through much change, it's still a Mohawk none the less

    Taemin grew up. Even though some say he looks like a girl now. He got more masculine (to me anyway) So he can pull it off.

  21. gonna be honest, i’m fan of them since “Replay”… but i had to watch the teaser 3 times to recognize them o_O … i’m so slow today lol

    oh well, i can’t wait to hear the song and see the mv =)
    SHINee fighting^^

  22. WTF! controversy name?? it’s just a name… gosh to much taboos…
    And the fight about mirotic is stupid, a love the two groups, i’m a dbsk fan but not a cassie and i really adore shinee, why do you have to fight about that?? they have they own way to do music and i thing is important to respect the likes or dislikes of everyone else…
    (Sorry for my bad english ^^)

  23. i hate the look.
    but i am so excited!!!
    honestly, no matter how weird their concept is, they NEVER disappoint.

  24. looool umm so far as i know light bearer still refers to something evil. It has never been used to refer to something good why because its the direct translation of the word lucifer, and lucifer is not remembered for his good old days. So please SM entertainment CHANGE THE FREAKING NAME. this is just wrong on so many levels…

  25. My opinion:

    It is going to take me, the fans and non-fans some time to get used to this “unique” concept that SM has introduced to us.

    The outfit :
    I am one of thousands of fans that have been waiting for their comeback…I know they are going to put an even more stronger concept than RingDingDong..and nobody is expecting less than that. The boys looked adorable during their debut days onwards…and we all love it..but we have to face it..they’ve all grown up…Taemin looks hot in the clip…and the rest of the boys look even hotter and manlier…they are much more masculine….and with the competition left and right in the idol world…clean cut looks is not enough…they have to be different and unique..fresh and brave. REMEMBER : fashion or new-trendy looks is all about wearing whatever concept of outwears with confidence.

    The hair :
    When Key came up with “the slanted bang” in RingDingDong…some said he looked ugly…because nobody ever wear that kind of hair before..but as time passed by, we admitted that he looked better with that kind of hair style.Agreed? He shaved his hair on his right side of the head…and boy I gotta admit he got guts to do that. He goes to where the idols never went before. Knowing Key, he’d wear any kind of hair styles with confidence. Have faith guys..hehe. I love Minho’s long hair better, and he’s the one that rarely changed his hair style…but it is time for him to make some change and he did..and he looks good. Jonghyun looks fine as always…as to Onew..he looks just as good…but because we are not familiar with him having that kind of hair style…we bashed him right away..we just need some time, guys to get familiar with this concept..lets give the boys some wide berth and let them do what they love doing…have some confidence. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The music video :
    They sure did a good job in teasing us of wanting to see some more. Hehe. Anyway..the intro of the vid is superb..makes my adrenaline rushes all over….can’t wait for their comeback. As to the claim that the vid looks like DBSK’s Mirotic…i have to say because of the dark-80’s electro concept they are portraying…the similarity is there..but only a little to say the least…I barely paid attention to that anyway….They look fabulous, unique…kinda mysterious in a way…and shmexxxyyyyy.

    The track title:
    Guys…LUCIFER is the name of the satan when he was an angel…and it also means the light-bearer…it is not as if the boys are performing some satan-worshipping rituals…it’s only a song, it could be meaning good girls turn to bad ones…or the song probably says whatever they do…they are not going to change into the worst in love : by being Lucifer..or resembling the Lucifer. WHO KNOWS? We are just going to wait for the full track to be released to find out what could the lyrics be meaning…

    I love this concept…I wish them for the best…do the best in everything… if they cannot become the best themselves than that’s ok…as long as they are happy in whatever they do..than that’s good enough.

    May God be with you always :

    We love you guys.

  26. luv de new concept-its refreshing n blew me away..De teaser left mi wantin more..jonghyunnie is lookin so fine.. im so meltin like an ice.. =p

  27. My mouth dropped open wen i saw de teaser..it was a mix of shocked,surprised n speechless altogether.. Aft repeatin de teaser 4 3 times,i managed 2 sum up wat i think abt shinee’s new image..onew-looks hot bt can do better wif de hair..minho-luv his new do n de clothes he wore..taemin-our little young maknae whoz all grown up wif long hair:nice.. my no 1 fave jonghyun,backless?i was hopin 4 topless.. =p his hair looks nice even though i dig his hair in ring ding dong more..His bod lookz soo banging..did he go n work out or wat..i think jonghyun lookz yummy,period.. last bt nt least,my other fave:key-i was a little taken aback by de hair @ 1st,bt den again,it makes him stand out frm de other shinee members..I think key was brave enough 2 try a new hairstyle..De hairstyle iz unique n i find myself focusin on key majorly coz of his hair.. Overall,de teaser makes mi drool n waitin impatiently 4 de full mv n most importantly their comebck stage on music bank.. gimme more shinee.. *winks*

  28. Haters gonna hate. U dont listen to their hair but their music. I like this concept so much. Lucifer is my new favorite word okay..

    • “U dont listen to their hair but their music”

      lol nice, I agree

    • true but i cant stand listening to their music while watching my SHINee being destoryed like this from their stylist.. KEY’s HAIR is just a NO for me ..

  29. i kinda like their new hair.. just that.. key’s hair a little too overwhelming..

  30. cant say i love the song, but the mv is quite cool? oufits/hairstyle JUST NO! if i see SHINee performing with those outfits ima fucking killl SM or the stylist..

  31. Catchy beat, I can’t wait till they comeback
    yea the hair is always a huge factor when they make their comeback
    but I don’t care. I just want them back again.

    Keys hair was the most dramatic!

  32. anticipating!
    btw i love their hairstyle ! ( i’m the only one i think lol)

    Taemin’s hair are โค he's all grown up! eheheh

  33. for me Lucifer >>>>>>>>>>>>> mirotic
    sorry dbsk fan girls.

  34. Song sounds like it’s gonna be good.
    Though, the moment the teaser started, all I thought of was Mirotic. Oh well.

    Though I laughed at the part where Jonghyun was in front of a car, lol so random.

  35. mirotic much? wow key’s hairstyle….who the hell thought of that? no….just horrendous.

  36. iyimiลŸ aga

  37. wt happen to their hair……………………………………

  38. The hair is awful…and the whispered ‘Lucifer’ in the end definitely creeped me out. A lot of my Korean friends are Christians…I wouldn’t be surprised if this song is somewhat controversial just because of name. A lot of people don’t know that Lucifer also means light bringer, and honestly, a lot of people won’t care.

  39. i seriously feel like firing their stylist (and i bet tons of shawols do too..)
    goodness.. why did they shave off key’s awesome hair? and taemin’s cute but this hair is too long..
    and the song title is too controversial. seriously, lucifer? goodness gracious sm..
    the teaser sounds catchy though..

  40. i’m sorry guys i have to say something and i don’t want to come off an an anti because i’m not but that was the most fruitiest shit i’ve ever seen in my life…fire the hairstylist wtf did they do to Shinee?? Key?? Onew???

  41. Nice mv!
    But fck that hairstylist -.- .

  42. OH I have to say I have a huge thing for mohawks.. lol I almost went for Yoon Jong Shin when he had it (the old dude from FO)

  43. Jonghyun is the only one who looks really good compared to the other members! Sooo hot!

  44. omg key’s hair looks good on him *hello~ fashion statement*

    I was never a fan of shinee but I’m oddly attracted to them now..

    and now I get the “matrix camera”

  45. I still loveee ’em but . WHAAATS WITH THEIR HAAAIR ?

    Minho ? Taemin ? Onew? Keeey ?! .. ~.~

  46. What the……

    I’m with sookyeong here. I need time to take in those hairstyles. I kinds (kinda!) like jonghyun’s hair here… But onew’s hair made him a bit, chubbier. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Taemin? Uhm, japanese? And minho’s ok too. But Key on the other handm WOW. I’m sorry I never had a thing for shaved heads or mohawks for that matter (IMO, the only guy who ever pulled off a great mohawk was puck from glee)

    But the song I like. ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait for this one!

    • exactly!

    • well actually i really like jonhyun’s hair and teamin’s and miho’s but i really have to agree about key only because it really doesn’t suit his personality…he’s too much of a diva for that hair style….. oh and i can give another person who totally rocked the mowhak look teayang from big bang.. he rocked that look so hard :p but what pisses me off is the fact that people are pissed of because they are not as young as before and that they are taking a turn in there music career and if you guys where really true fans you would be supportive of them no matter what choice or turn they decided to make in there career. and well maybe you don’t like there new concept well then don’t leave comment about how much you don’t like them now just don’t leave comments anymore and just be happy that they finally made there comeback and if you don’t like it well then you don’t have to listen to it if you don’t want too

  47. Seriously, Minho, Key, Onew looks ugly with that hairstyle. WTF with key’s hair? Seriously? Love taemin’s hair makes him hotter but the other members looks ugly.

    Oh yeah, is SM trying to make SHINee a DBSK? Because the MV looks like Mirotic plus wrong number MV.

    SHINee can do better than this Sh*t. Seriously, i’m hating the hairstyle (except for taemin).

    • hey,, how about jonghyun ??
      he is member of SHINee too. LOL

      • no wonder it seems i’ve forgotten someone. I was too engrossed with the hairstyles that i didn’t noticed jonghyun. Let’s see…It ugly like hell too. His trying to pull of Yunho’s old hairstyle which is kinda……Seriously, FIRE THE HAIRSTYLIST!!! But keep taemin’s hair. He looks pretty.

  48. I actually like this, its really refreshing and new n_n
    Their hair at first scared me, but right now i think it does look good with the mv and stuff.

    Wanna listen to the full song!~

  49. just take me back to their REPLAY and A.Mi.Go DAYS!!!

  50. that name is eww

    why lucifer?

    • lucifer not the evillllllll, but the light= shiny= shinee!

      • From wiki

        “In English, “Lucifer” generally refers to the Devil”

        Pretty controversial word to use. Lets see how this all plays out.

      • ^Lucifer means light-bearer or something, if I’m not mistaken. It was connected to the ‘devil’ because according to popular tales, Lucifer was satan’s name back when he was still an “angel”.

      • @lily even if they meant the light or whatever in general when u hear or read the name or the word Lucifer the first thing comes to ur mind is the devil , the satan or fallen angel so as goldenGAZE said they used a pretty controversial word and it might make many religious people in Korea very upset … Honestly if they kept repeating the word Lucifer over and over again in the song it will be really hard for to me to listen to their song

      • agree @goldenGAZE’s comment. The title song is quite controversial. I know its not Shinee’s fault who choose this name as the title song but they and we know that idol can pretty much influence other teenagers to think something wrong as right.

        example > “i like lucifer word!”

        hopefully they can hv a peaceful comeback.
        peace no bash.

    • i know right……. this is just too controversial of a song title to choose. sigh sm.. the title of the song and the hair is very ummmmm..?

    • In this case, people:

      Lucifer = light bearer = SHINee


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  52. Looks like SHINee will have their own Mirotic ! I’m excited !!

  53. nice teaser i hope they don’t say Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer again and again like ring ding dong.

    • Hahaha, after reading you comment i starting sing the chorus of RDD with Lucifer.

      Lucifer~ Lucifer, Lu Lu Lu Lucifer~.

    • I doubt it, and the amount of religious people who would hate it too.

  54. what did SME do to these poor kids hair ?!! lol and with Taemin new hairstyle he offically became a girl

  55. key! r u inspired by upin ipin? -_- seriously, its proven that their stylist is an antifan. period.

  56. Something about this is distinctly Mirotic-like.
    Taemin looks pretty ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I agree. One of the scenes reminds me of the one where JaeJoong was tied up and pulling a blue rope. I’m getting that whole bad boy desire vibe (lol) and I think I may like the song and choreography.
      I’m looking forward to their comeback, their performances always win me over ๐Ÿ˜€

    • ughhh Mirotic SUCKS.
      dont compare shinee with that group please

      • lol u are saying that these kids are better than korea and Asia top male group?!! loooooooooooooooooooool are u under crack or something ? !!!

        “ughhh Mirotic SUCKS.
        dont compare shinee with that group please”

        lol say that when shinee beat every single record DBSK has set

      • cassies are full of themselves.
        let shinee alone.

        Lucifer Fighting !!! Shinee Daebak <3333

      • WHOA, the amount of Cassies like me that would harshly cuss you right now. If Mirotic sucked, why did it sell over 500,000 copies.

        Man, if you don’t like it, say nothing. ยฌ_ยฌ

      • just dont bring your mirotic here.

        well cant wait for Shinee comeback ๐Ÿ˜€
        SHINee Hwaiting !

  57. me to the hairstyles is just ugly i want to cut Onew hair nice teaser SM always make a awesome teaser but this remind me of DBSK.

  58. Scary! I want my shinee from replay days back!!

    • me too! or ring ding dong. key and taemin’s hair…..T_T

    • They’re growing up. They cannot be singing Replay forever. I think I can accept this concept more than an overtly sexy SHINee (aka too much abs flashing like other idols etc). Personally, i think this is a good progression/ execution of a grown-up SHINee.

    • agree with Beau.

      I dont like their LUCIFER concept.

    • What are you guys taking about… THEY JUST GOT HOTTER!!! ^_^ NICE!!! hahaha lol.

    • Honestly they look gay with this concept.

    • You can’t get what you want, they are bound to change, this is SHINee.

    • so much scaryyy! over over key’s hair .. what did you do to your hair? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      still I want my SHINee before, i’d love them on ring ding dong. oh(sighing)

      and I really like them on “hello baby” .. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • so much scaryyy! over over key’s hair .. what did you do to your hair? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      still I want my SHINee before, i’d love them on ring ding dong. oh(sighing)

      and I really like them on “hello baby” .. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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