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SHINee to reveal teaser video to 2nd album ‘Lucifer’ on 16th July

After the reveal of the songs highlights medley through their official homepage on 15th July, SHINee will be revealing the teaser video to their 2nd album ‘Lucifer’ at 8pm KST on 16th July.

The teaser video will be revealed on SHINee’s official homepage, auction (www.auction.co.kr) etc and the video had made use of the technology of matrix camera or Flow-mo.

The title song ‘Lucifer’ is a urban electronica number, a genre of 80s electronica which was made known through break dance.

Meanwhile, the 2nd album ‘Lucifer’ will be revealed on and offline through various music stores and music sites on 19th July.



41 Responses

  1. Lucifer album

  2. honestly, i don’t even know what to think and what to say about SHINee’s comeback.
    aaaah~ i don’t know!!!!

    im weirded out by it, at the same time annoyed and felt sorry for the boys. im kinda sorry for my shawol friend too. TT
    but we’ll still see…

  3. they’re never GAYS u asshole
    and they’re not weird . they have their own concept . looking normal is just plain . so what if they change for once ?? duhh !
    btw, don’t judge them with suju or SNSD or even DBSK!
    because they are SHINEe!
    stop comparing them…
    do you like people compare about you with someone else???
    think before you act!!!~!!!!

    • now, hating my SHINee, and over judging them, makes me want to hate ur BIases…
      Let’s be fair…
      Actually, not allkpop is perfect for every human’s eyes
      That’s why, every kpop band or artists has their own concept…
      What would you feel if someone negatively judge your biases?
      Of course, you’ll be pissed off and annoyed.
      Oh my, if you can’t talk in a nice way, u better shut up ur mouth..
      I guess this Lucifer album is dedicated for those Antis…

  4. There are going to be A LOT of bashing towards the name. I understand that many of you are religious – I’m a Chrisitan – and even I thought the name had to do with the devil but then again, it also means light bearer since he was the Angel of Light, people.


  5. Well, not that bad though 🙂

  6. key and taemin is like gay 100%.i think Minho. onew and jong hyun not gay.

  7. i dont like the title . period

  8. I swear, Shinee and F(x) are becoming weirder on their comebacks. SM what are you doing to them? Looks like they’re gonna have controversial title song.

    • I agree. SM is just pushing it -.- SNSD and super junior look normal but not the others.

    • sm are poor people and bought old costumes from a garage sale xDD

    • I like it. It’s different, what do you want everyone to be looking like gangstas or pretty boys??

      • hahaha estupida no mms insisto ya casate,
        pinches fans locas como el demonio dios santo o_ó
        mmmm they dont need to look rare/wierd to be original
        but this what is it??!!
        se ben bien putitos,,,la verdad o_ó
        como se dice putito o jotito en ingles?? no se asi ke no lo pondre en ingles sorry~
        ya cometela lo necesitas xDD

  9. OMFG shinee look more gay than ever :s

    • Please define how Gays actually look like!
      Cuz I keep reading comments saying that this new concept makes them look like gay.
      But I also found some saying that they look manlier here.

    • tottally agree with U
      more than ever xDD hahahah true true xD

    • Does being gay affect you? Do you think it’s an insult?

      • nyny dios comiste pico d gallo??!! ke genio no mms ya casate pinches fans locas cono el demonio o_ó

        honey get married u need it~ maybe u could be less rude o_ô
        and no i dont care how gay they would become~

  10. mm.. DBSK is the past.
    Shinee will be the best korean boy group like HOT was in their time.

  11. lucifer??
    looks like sm have a contract with satan xDD
    cuz dbsk is no generating much money as they used to do…
    btw, the name is a bit anormal o_ó

    • Title Lucifer doesn’t mean a contract with Satan. it depends on the whole lyrics. They can just talk about a girl who is evil like Lucifer for toying with them. N that will still count as a love song…

      I personally don’t like the title… Coz Lucifer is eww!!

    • dbsk???? ROFL

      SHINee is waaaaay better than dbsk.
      ALL of shinee guys are talented and hot (unlike dbsk)

      • @noona5 O.O may i ask u what world do you live in ?

      • U must be kidding me!

      • Lols…@noona5 DBSK is WAY BETTER than some Shiny. DBSK is hotter and way talented than shinee and everyone in this world knows that. DBSK have abs while SHInee have pot bellies.

      • ahahaahah
        do u have visited a psychoterapy??
        honey u need it…
        u have a serious problems in ur head~or ure drunk~
        how many awards have shinee??
        how many fans they have??
        i now is ovious who is the best *i mean dbsk oviousli*
        even shinee made sooo much money than 1 cd from dbsk? i dont think so ^^
        btw shinee are pretty good, taemin is cute but no hot =X
        they are sooo skinny only minho have abs as lee hyori xDD
        but that new cd make me curious~

        and anonymus i now, im just kidding xDD

    • Actually, Lucifer is an archangel whose name means the Light-Bearer. It is only after the New Testament that the name was used to include the devil as well. When speaking of the devil, the proper name to be used is Satan.


      Read the definitions and understand.
      Lucifer [ˈluːsɪfə]
      1. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) the leader of the rebellion of the angels: usually identified with Satan
      2. (Astronomy & Space / Celestial Objects) the planet Venus when it rises as the morning star
      [Old English, from Latin Lūcifer, light-bearer, from lūx light + ferre to bear]
      I’m Roman Catholic btw and not affected by this. Does that mean I’m a bad Catholic? No. ._.
      I’m going with “light-bearer”
      On the group photo teaser Minho is holding a light
      = light bearer
      or the astronomy one. because Venus (shinee is HOT *drools*) and they SHINE!

      Lucifer = light bearer = Shiny = SHINee, get it dumbass??

      • whoa! let’s try keeping out the vulgar language.
        haruhihi was just JOKING around. It’s all good

  12. So, it’s LUCIFER!

  13. Lucifer?!

  14. wondering what will SM do to those young talented boys. hope no more bonamana! at least they make another noona is so pretty or JoJo

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  16. UGH!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  17. No autotune plz

  18. it wasnt different …

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