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G-Dragon & Taeyang originally to debut as duo & talk about their different reactions to fans

It was revealed that G-Dragon and Taeyang were ready to debut into the music industry a few times before they debuted with Big Bang. They confessed that they were originally planned to debut as a duo.

G-Dragon and Taeyang were guests on the 16th episode of Sketchbook, and they revealed that they were set to debut under the english name of “GD-YB” with their name’s initials as the name of the hip hop duo.

Although, they planned to debut as a hip hop duo, Their agency’s president Yang Hyun did not like their idea of debuting as a hip hop duo and debuted them as part of Big Bang instead.

G-Dragon said, “We made the group name ourselves, my name and his name’s initials formed into GD-YB. I talked to our president about this idea of ours but he did not like it”.

When fans gather and comes to them, Big Bang member’s G-Dragon and Taeyang have different reactions.

On the July 16 episode of KBS Sketchbook, G-Dragon said, “When we are in our agency’s building and we know that there are a group of fans coming, my reaction is I just act cool.” While Taeyang said, “Rather than waving to the fans and showing them a good response, I tend to shy away and hide from them”, he explained, showing their different reactions when fans gathers to them.

G-Dragon followed, “Although we might not know all our fans, They are our fans and when I see them coming I recognize them and I am glad for them”.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon also shared their unique personalities in their dorm.

He explained, “Our room is not that loud. We are there mostly to sleep. Taeyang has a warm room and has a wall filled with rare albums and fan gifts. TOP has a huge collection of toys as it is his hobby to collect them. There would be huge action figures, I like fashion and my room would be filled with a lot of nice clothes, although Seungri does not like to show his room”.

  • Sources: Newsen, TVReport
    Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews

22 Responses

  1. hehehe did you guys watch “youre beautiful”? do you remember the room of hwang tae kyung? “some” says that’s how GD’s room look like hehehe or that he was the inspiration on how the room was constructed hehe

  2. keke gdragon rock

  3. TOP is too cute šŸ˜®

  4. if you watch the show and read these translations it makes no sense. taeyang is the one that waves and acts cooly as he showed his expressions and the way he waves, while GD is the shy one that just kinda walks by with his head down.

    • yea. the translations for these seem switched??? i mean, the ones i’ve read made more sense because GD’s the one ppl always see walking away from fans bowing down which resulted in him being called “sandpaper” idol. so i don’t see how this translation where GD says he coolly waves to the fans line up to what the fans see and what we’ve commonly heard.

      that… and the fact that the show seems to show otherwise. maybe sookyeong overlooked the names?

  5. What about DaeSung? lol. I know it’s random but my faves are GD and DaeSung! lol XD

  6. I’m confused. This translation is a little off from the others I’ve read. Some say that TY is the cool one around fans and GD is the shy one. Which one is it?

    • From what I read, Taeyang acted as the cool one while GD acted as the shy one. I think there’s an error in the translation.

  7. i want a special GDYB stage! With a new song, not one featuring in the other’s song, something like unfold at a higher place.

  8. hmm, i’ve read a few diff. translations of their reaction to fans. wonder which one is correct?

    also ty’s room description keeps changing as well. first it was like a hotel, then his mother decorates it, now he has rare music and gifts in the room.

    thanks for the translation though

  9. i’m glad that until now they’re still glad to see their fans coming to them instead of feeling irritated by their presence..hopefully they will never change… ^^

  10. GDYB duo would have been epic!

  11. When you fast forward to now, it’s really really hard to imagine them as a duo since they have their own significant styles music and image wise in their solo acts.
    I’m glad YG didn’t agree because I we would not have the awesomeness that is Big Bang or two amazing and distinctly different soloists.
    The GDYB of now = love and I’m happy they’ve turned out the way they have šŸ˜€

    • i wholeheartedly agree with you. i wouldn’t want it any other way. even though, GDYB as a duo didn’t come true, YG still gave each one of them (and the other members too) the opportunity to shine as a soloist and shine they did .

  12. I read from somewhere that GD’s reaction is shy and TY’s is cool. So whose translation is correct?
    SR is like a neighbour/stranger to other BB members, like TY/TOP picked.

    • I recall GD said this once, that his and TaeYang’s personality were just like shifted out. During their childhood, TaeYang was very outgoing while GD is a shy boy. After their puberty, GD was become more and more confidence while TaeYang grew up to be a shy boy.

  13. gd+ty = 3/5BB
    powerful duo right there

  14. hmm i wonder why YG didn’t like the idea of them being a duo?

    i guess he didn’t want another jinusean.. or he saw the whole idol group thing becoming huge..

  15. It’s cute that Big Bang is what it is now. I’m glad GD and YB didn’t duo because they’ve created such a great band today and I love to see them all together. They’re just like one big family. Seeing them happy also makes me happy so I hope Big Bang never breaks up.

    Cute that TOP has a toy collection ^^

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