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Jung YongHwa and Jo Kwon to join SBS Inkigayo as new MCs from 18th July

Jung YongHwa and Jo Kwon will be the new MCs together with Sulli on SBS Inkigayo from 18th July.

This will be the 2’s first fixed MC attempt. Do watch out for them from 18th July on the show! Go under the cut for more photos released.


10 Responses

  1. “This will be the 2′s first fixed MC attempt.” <- Really? I thought Jo Kwon did Mnet Countdown some time before.

    Although I don't really like yonghwa… but they look really cute in the first picture ^^

  2. Jung YongHwa and Jo Kwon are VASTLY better and CUTER than Taec and WooYoung! And TASTIER, too! YesSiree Bob!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  3. Troo shes not that slim but have u noticed she looks like a 21 year old?

  4. the battle of skinny legs! sulli lost!

    • she’s not slim like others either but I find it cute. Hm…maybe I’m weird?

  5. someone please give Jo Kwon a new hair style. no more ajumma pama please! GAWD!

  6. what in the world
    does yonghwa even sleep?
    he’s on so many programs as a regular and this

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