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MBC Music Core 17.07.2010 – f(x) returns with ‘Mr. Boogie’!

Today on MBC Music Core, f(x) returns on stage with followup hit ‘Mr. Boogie’ off their 1st minialbum.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.


25 Responses

  1. f(x) is dull and uninteresting without Amber… she’s what makes the group unique.

    • yea I totally Agree..those who don’t like Amber can’t see the rest of F(x)is just another ordinary girl group without her…Amber IS what make the group more intresting to watch and hear~!..the crowd isn’t even as hype as it would be if Amber was there~XD
      and Krystal did a good Job covering for Amber part in the song..all of u who didn’t know…1:14 is where Amber sings and is suppose to back up vic,but Krystal covers she did great thou~!….F(x) has great range in their voice..i just wish they got some acknowledgement and better songs

  2. who’s the winner by the way?

  3. This is gonna sound bad but, it’s the first time i’ve listened to Taeyangs INAG. I’ve been a huge fan of his past songs, actually i’ve loved them a bit too much and was scared this song was gonna disappoint me (since all the comments i’ve reading about this have been kinda negative and those defending him were saying Taeyang was doing a different style new to kpop- honestly i didn’t want him to change since he’s already perfect).

    So i’ve finally gotten round to listening to the song and i love it. Nice mellow song which grows on ya. I think the only thing it’s lacking is a climax at the end, apart from that it’s great and i’m glad i finally listened to it. I shouldn’t have doubted Taeyang.

  4. Where’s Girls’ Day?
    They didn’t perform?

  5. where is super junior n narsha?

  6. victoria’s hair was cute! I didn’t like luna’s outfit for sum reason.

  7. I loved f(x) comeback, and I loved the group without Amber, more clean, I think..

  8. wow that f(x) comeback was kinda.. painful. i guess i’m biased.. i’ve only ever watched f(x) for amber. but i could barely get through that one.

    g.na + tae yang ❤
    infinite.. their perfs are always great.. but they're maybe TOO in sync.. i can't separate them at all.. none of them stand out much

  9. iyimis haji

  10. I love f(x) and I’m glad they comeback with this song.
    Though personally I like “Ice Cream” better, “Mr. Boogie” is also nice to hear. It has some kind of groovy mood. =)

  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, KOREAN DREAM. KOREAN DREAM said: MBC Music Core 17.07.2010 – f(x) returns with ‘Mr. Boogie’! cr: kbites http://fb.me/EAVh9iG9 […]

  12. Does Sulli even have a part in Mr Boogie?

  13. ohhh, fancy effects from MC for SDB’s performace. I love it. The song has really grown on me and SDB is just so charming to watch on stage.

    Miss A and G.Na are also amazing. Super rookies FTW!!!

  14. Yes! I’ve always thought that Victoria looked much better with black hair and that type of bangs, finally the hair stylist realized as well.

    I’m liking Sook Hee ft Hyo Min a lot.

  15. do sulli and victoria have their solo part in mr.boogie? i love how luna looks so amazing now 🙂

    just wondering do all the performances in music core got shortened?

  16. f(x) new song is boring Miss A is really good i think they can a top group.

    • wtf youre boring o_O
      victorias hairstyle looks great

    • I understand you, I really like f(x) but when i see Miss a live i fell in love, talented girls and the song is so good.
      but that is not the topic jajaja

    • Ana is correct! I just listen to mr boogie for the 1st time and it sucks. I didnt bother listening further after 1 minute

      • ahaha me too I stopped listening to Mr. Boogie after the first verse. idk they look dead… I don’t know if it’s because they’re trying to act sexy ??

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