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Down with ankle injuries, Amber to be absent for f(x) ‘Mr. Boogie’ performances

Member Amber was not present for f(x)’s performance on MBC Music Core.

f(x) performed their followup hit from their 1st minialbum ‘Mr. Boogie’ on 17th July on MBC Music Core, after the promotions for their title song ‘NU ABO’ ended. However for the performance that day, only 4 f(x) members were present for the performance. It is revealed that Amber had injured her ankle and will not be able to carry out the choreography. With that, the girls will be putting up special stages as 4 members both on 17th and 18th July on the weekend music shows.

A SM Ent official said, “This is a small surprise event for fans. The girls will continue to greet fans through their individual activities.”



26 Responses

  1. They never feel complete without Amber. I wanted to see Amber sing her part at 1:14 – 1:22. But I hope she recovers soon

  2. i didn’t like the performance it’s too boring. But i would love to see amber doing these moves. it might not happen.

  3. Okay let’s get this Straight F(x) stated this themsleves AMBER AND SULLI HAVE THE MOST FANS!!! Amber is needed cause she brougth in fangirls and Attention of diffrent artist..she is a NEW flavor in the K-pop industry and IF SM does anything stupid like get rid of her there will be HELLOVA price to pay with sales..Amber may be diffrent but that was the point..to me there is NO REASON to get rid of her..and those who think there is STOP HATIN~! she is a Beautiful girl and a handsome tomboy..she has great quaility and her members love her as well..but the evil Sm can do many things to get their artist not to say stuff or have opinions for that matter..just let all us TRUE f(x) fans that love Amber as well Hope for her graceful return~

  4. i can imagine her falling and spraining her ankle when they are trying to dance with heels on. LOL

  5. She looks more manly than Shinee put together.. I swear.

  6. Amber cant really sing that well and her raps are averaaaaaaaage. She’s like an outcast of the group. Just doesnt fit with their image

  7. Well for me Amber is important because is the only one who bring something new to the stage.
    but that is just my opinion i understand why people say that it doesn’t matter if she is there or no.
    I really love her, maybe is my love whos talking jejeje
    (Sorry my bad english :P)

  8. well… for me f(x) is better without her. It makes no different with or without her.

    • Are you serious? Amber has like the largest fan base in f(x)

      • um no… Krystal and sulli have the biggest fan base in f(x)

      • @lil Amber has the biggest female fanbase so without her Fx will surely lose a huge chunk of fangirls. Personally I think that fangirls are more dedicated n loud. Proven in how everytime Amber’s part came, the scream was the loudest.

  9. but, they are wearing great clothes for once!!! :))

  10. why do i feel like amber does not suit this style….not in an offensive way but this is sexy and amber is more of a tomboy style…i kinda feel like sm left her out on purpose…maybe its be being sceptical with all the bad news about sm but somethin smells fishy…
    but if she really is injury hope for a speedy recovery.

    • lol so what? just because she’s a tomboy, the other girls also has to fit her kind of style?

  11. It’s me or when Amber is not there ,the scene seems empty ? And I’m disapointed by their poor performance ,i hope they will improve !^^

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and 안지나 Annisa Agna, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: No-show for Amber for f(x) ‘Mr. Boogie’ performance with ankle injuries http://bit.ly/9by1fJ […]

  13. idk if there’s amber’s part in the song…

    • I heard the song and Amber doesn’t seem to be rapping in it…so I guess it doesn’t really matter?

    • Krystal sang Amber’s lines in this perf. From 1:14 to 1:22.

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