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Sean and Jung HyeYeong can do 21 kisses in 5 seconds

Sean-Jung HyeYeong couple shows off their kisses on screen.

The couple had made appearances on SBS TV ‘Delicious Invite’ aired on 16th July. On the show that day, MC Lee SooGeun had said, “Can you kiss for more 15 times in 5 seconds?”

On the mission given to the couple, other appearances on the show DongHae and Brian said “Yes” and Nam HeeSeok and Jung JoonEun said, “No.” With that, the couple got on to do their mission. Sean was seen determined to complete the mission while Jung HyeYeong seemed shy from the many kisses from Sean.

And it turned out that the 2 completed the mission with 21 kisses in 5 seconds.



6 Responses

  1. Wonder if Sean could set a new record giving “Hershey Highway Chocolate-Fudge” kisses?
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  2. they’re like.. i freakin love this couple xD

  3. ahaha soo cutee! i have never seen these two affectionate on TV but that’s really cute ^^

  4. That’s sweet..
    But to do it in front of the camera..that’s ..weird…
    But it’s sweet..and weird… but sweet..lol idk.

  5. waa…. cutie couple…
    21 kisses… in 5 seconds… wa… Sean oppa must have practiced a lot XD (pervy me XD )
    i think i’ll be too shy to watch this XD

  6. Wow. 21 kisses in 5 SECONDS is really something!

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