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4Minute sings theme song ‘SuperStar’ for upcoming SuperStar K season 2

Remember the teaser to ‘SuperStar’ by 4Minute released previously which had garnered much interests from fans and netizens, but it was not clear if the song was for the group’s new single.

With the release of the full song, it has been revealed that this is the introduction song that the girls are singing for the 2nd season for audition show SuperStar K.

Love it or not?


45 Responses

  1. calm your nipples down. it’s only for a TV show. The show might have composed the song and put a buttload of autotune

  2. well, to those people who keep on teasing and gave bad comments to 4minute about their autotune voice..


    THINK ABOUT IT…..don’t talk about other’s weaknesses…look urself in the mirror at first b4 u do so…


  3. I think 4minute carries autotune songs quite well since their music for the most part is usually for the partying, dancing type in the 10’s.

    Like I’ve been saying, people shouldn’t be too paranoid about autotune. Some of you should know when and where to complain about it srsly, it’s not that bad.

  4. I like this song.. It’s strong, especially HyunA’s rap towards the end..

    4minutes keeps improving..
    They have a very bright future ahead of them…:)
    4minute fighting!!

  5. i like it. 4minute is doing a great job on their songs. i cant believe they’ve turned this good since hot issue. i didn’t like them then. but now, they’re one of my favorites.

  6. this song was ok…the only thing I thought that help this song a lot was Hyuna’s rap and the singings good too but it’s just now my type of song…

  7. i like it! ^^ it’s very 4minute. 😀
    i think the autotune enhances the song, it doesn’t spoil it or anything.
    taeyang’s superstar and this are so different… they are both good.

    but since this song is for the singing show, i suppose they feel it is capable of being so? they must have thought that this song is good, so i dont see why ppl shld criticise its autotune when the organisers of the singing show dont.


    Get Over It People!!!!!!

    People, you’ve got to stop trying to be music purist critics.
    People, you’ve got to stop trying to be music purist critics.
    People, you’ve got to stop trying to be music purist critics.


    4Minute is AUTOTUNE!!!!

    • autotune rueles, yeah right that’s why 4minute is ruling in korea right now right?

      a bit of autotune i dont mind, it gives it a new flavor. but if you put autotune in every single song you make and its not just a little but a whole chunk of the song, then no it doesnt work like that.

      go to the music industry and see how you suceed with all of your songs having autotune. OH wait! you dont have to do that, we already have 4minute as an example.

    • PATHETIC 4minute fans………..

      • sorry but you are pathetics. let him think what he want that’s it

      • so meldi so since when does calling other people pathetic means they are pathetic….. then that means your pathetic too… let me think what i want !!!! god dammit …. and plzz anybody can tell that SuperAUTOTUNE is PATHETIC …. just by sayig stuff like “AUTOTUNE RULES!!!”, “4Minute is AUTOTUNE!!!!”, “IT HAS TO BE AUTOTUNE!!”,”AUTOTUNE GIVES IT THAT THANWG THAT MAKES IT COOL!!!, SuperAUTOTUNE=perfect example of PATHETIC…

    • If you don’t like when there is a lot of autotune don’t even listen to it. It’s his opinion.
      If they want to put autotune in all their songs, let them.
      It’s 4minute style.

  9. 4Minute’s songs = autotune songs

    • haha somewhat agree…though I like their songs coz it gets me hyped and edgy but too much autotune is a bit dissapointed to me sometimes

  10. This song is so good

    Ye the whole world use autotune nowadays and u guys must accept it
    And using autotune does not mean they can sing
    The way they sing live is awesome with powerful dancesteps

  11. 4minute are know for autotune songs-from muzik,huh to i mineme my etc
    but i got to say this is the worst auto-tune song from them so far
    but yeah Hyuna’s rap is the only thing i like about this song

  12. Most of their songs lately have the same feel.

  13. not bad. the only minor quips i have would be the way they pronounce ‘superstar’ and the autotune but otherwise it’s pretty good.

  14. sounds like they have lady gaga singing behind. HAHA

  15. taeyang’s song superstar would have been better.

    4minute can never let go of their autotune.

    • “Baby you are kidding me ?” – 4Minute

      • uh no…at least taeyang’s song isn’t full of crappy autotune, and although the lyrics to taeyang’s superstar dont fit the show, this annoying autotune doesnt fit the show either.
        I’ll pick nonsense lyrics over crappy voices any day.

    • why do you bring taeyang here. We are talking about 4minute’ song not taeyang’s one

      • and i’m making a omparison, is that illegal?

      • comparison*

      • @Meldi cause they both have the same name and people can express their own opinion however they want….

      • it’s not illegal .it’s your opinion. it’s because you bring another singer. You can’t compae them they are no the same.it’s just that you say it like you want them to sing it instead of their song because you prefer this one.(it’s just what i though when i read you response)
        So cool i’m not blaming or anything else^^

      • @meldi ovniously they are not the same honey, that’s why it’s called a comparison. and how can you tell me who i can compare or not?
        idk what the hell your third sentence says but yes i would rather have taeyang’s song superstar for this show then 4minute’s.

        its my opinion.

      • You have your opinion and i have mine. No taeyang superstar .

      • exactly and im not bitching about your opinions so dont bitch on mine.

      • i never bitch your opinion. it’s your opinion so

      • “You can’t compae them” that’s bitching about my opinions and you even questioned them earlier. honestly i dont care what someone who can’t tell the difference between good and bad music says about what i think.

    • @Owned i bet you wont even dare to say that after listening to taeyang’s superstar……

      • I listened to it and it’s not good imo. Get over it, people don’t always agree with you.

      • i never said it was good i’m just saying it is better than 4mintue’s autotuned superstar….

      • you think taeyang one is better and he think 4minute one is better

  16. its definitely a hot song, and i really like it! the only problem i have with it is the amount of autotune. its the intro for a singing show yet there’s MASSIVE amounts of autotune. xDi just found it ironic.

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