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After School GaHee, “I don’t like guys who are shorter than me”

After School GaHee reveals that her ideal man has to be taller than herself.

GaHee did guest appearance with members Nana on MBC SaeBaKwi aired on 17th July when she talked her standard for her ideal man, “I don’t like guys who are shorter than me.”

With GaHee’s statement, the other male guest appearances on the show had felt embarrassed. So as to not make them feel bad and hurt, GaHee presented a set of sexy dance routines on the show, much to the delight of the other star appearances and the TV viewers.

Meanwhile, GaHee revealed on the show, “Even though my parents know that I can’t drink, I can actually drink about 2 cans of beer.”

S: SeoulNTN

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  1. […] noted in numerous K-pop blogs and forums (see here, here, here, and here), Korean netizens unfairly compared that to the infamous “Guys under 180cm are losers” […]

  2. […] […]

  3. […] guest appearances on the show had felt embarrassed. So as to not make them feel bad and hurt, GaHee presented a set of sexy dance routines on the show, much to the delight of the other star appearances and the TV […]

  4. Dayum how tall is she?

  5. After School GaHee, โ€œI donโ€™t LIKE guys who are shorter than meโ€

    yeah,fuck you gahee.now I really hate you..
    should have at least say your preferred type is taller than you…not “i dont like guys who are shorter than me”…man who are short will feel hurt by this..yeah im guy and short and feel so hurt,right now.

    think about it..4minute’s Hyuna is so sweet and nice.
    its true that she likes guy who are taller than her..but she didnt say that she DONT like shorter guys that her

    anyway After school sucks.gahee lie more about age,old fucktard cant accept his/her own age

    • um so clearly you are short guy who is probably bitter because most girls don’t like guys shorter than them. get over it and find a short girl.
      i usually don’t leave harsh comments but this is ridiculous!

      the funny thing being a tall girl most guys shorter than me say they would never date a girl taller than them because they feel weird next to them. basically all of this noise is for nothing. like much of kpop news it sensationalizes the most trivial issues.

    • @iHateAS_GaheeSucksSoBad

      LOL U’re shorter than Gahee? She’s only like what…168cm? And you are shorter than that?

      And now you are bashing her just because of what she said?

      Sorry dude, but girls don’t like short guys. I’m sorry you belong to that category. Unless you are rich, I don’t think u will be able to get yourself a supermodel girlfriend.

      Bitter short guy with no money = useless.

    • LoL complex!!!ahhahaha FAIL dude it’s not her fault she’s girl + she;s 168 + she wears heels so she’s arounf 180 ROFL ,and actually normal guys prefer shorter girls bcs they feel embaressed if girl is taller

    • LOL. You just embarrassed yourself brahh! hahaha shorty!

    • uh, well girls don’t like guys who trash talk with girls who supposedly “offended” them so even if you’re hella tall you’re probably not gonna get a lot of breakthroughs with girls man.

  6. dude its her preference and none of anyones business,
    plus she never said anything negative it’s just what she wants as an ideal
    short people are just being overly sensitive about this issue because of their lack of self confidence

  7. omg
    so guys can say their ideal girl has to have certain looks and certain style but women can’t?


  8. also I forgot to mention, but how hot is julian kang.

  9. I don’t see why liking only guys taller than her means she has an attitude problem. I mean a lot of girls feel the same way in regards to dating. It doesn’t mean she hates all short guys its just that she prefers to date guys that are taller than her. I am the same way, I’m 5’9 and to be honest I would feel really weird dating a guy shorter than me because for whatever reason in my head the guy being shorter looks awkward to me. I personally only like guys 6 ft or taller since I am almost 6 ft in heels. Its a preference just like guys like girls who are skinny or have a great S line, its what you are attracted to. Also I think a lot of guys (even shorter ones) prefer to date girls shorter than them because of their pride as well.

  10. Most girls feel that way. I know I do lol so what’s the problem?

  11. Uh I think she said guys shorter than her, and not necessarily short guys in general as it varies from one person to another. She didn’t say those who are shorter than her are losers or pathetic or ugly either. She just stated her preference. Mind you, that preference is common to most girls, me included. I mean, I would prefer if the guy is taller than me.

  12. Korean guys are incredibly critical of women’s looks, especially fat. Why can’t the women be picky for a change??????

  13. It’s her preference~

    But doesn’t she know how unforgiving, irrational, and uptight certain netizens are? xD

  14. Oh god everyone have their own personal preference so why cant she have one too?? Some ppl just need to grow up and stop bashing her!!

  15. short guys need to get over it… sorry you are short, but not everybody is attracted to people shorter than them… have you ever seen a korean couple on tv with the girl looking taller? nope! why?? because not that many people are attracted to guys shorter than them. I know I’m not.

  16. Just because she doesn’t like short guys, she has an attitude problem? It’s her preference, leave her alone.

    • Yes it is purely her personal opinion, but then I think she should not say like this or phrase nicer ? Like she prefers taller guys? Although I myself don’t like short guys, I can only say out among close friends. She is so pretty btw

      • Yeah, she could’ve worded it better – but it doesn’t mean she has an attitude problem like what a commenter above claimed.

      • Did you watch the clip? From this kind of translated article you can’t get any idea of how she said it…

      • ^ yes I watched the clip and read the translation from other article. The ans is the same .

  17. well same for me, i’m quite tall for a girl so a boy shorter than me, no thank you lol. i will feel that he’s a little boy next to me =P … and it’s my opinion, kay?

    i really don’t see how it’s an attitude problem. seriously, grow up.

  18. I think she’s just being honest. Personally, I wouldn’t want a guy shorter than me too. (But I am pretty short, so it’s hard to find a guy shorter than me, lol) But like most people, if she does find someone she likes, and that person just happens to be shorter than her, I’m sure she would change her mind. Just maybe initially, she wouldn’t be very interested in him.

  19. It’s what I call an important news!

  20. She is so oozing with sex appeal. Honesty is always the best policy. Its her personal preference for what her ideal guy is. Most women want their men to be taller than them and that is the general sentiment.

    Its pure hypocrisy and idiotic to brand this preference and honesty as an attitude problem.

    Gotta wake up and clear you brains whoever you are!!!

  21. i dont know why everybody OR the most ppl dont like her , and attacked her all the time O_O“
    srsly , let the girl alone O_0

  22. just like how some idols say they like guys with single eyelids…. + i think most girls likes guys taller than them lol~

  23. I’m tired of her sexy dance routines :S
    she always do that on shows, nothing new.

  24. I’m sure everyone has their own ideal type, and that’s quite normal. I don’t really think “attitude problem” is the right word.

  25. Haters to the left please.

  26. Yes she smoked but she stopped,and have you ever seen her drinking not having drink on table i mean drinking really?
    And she didn’t said I DON’T DRINK AT ALL!
    And whoever said she has attitude problem sorry but whats wrong if you want your boyfriend to be taller than you?That’s normal

  27. oh really? she can’t drink?

    i saw photos of her before when she was a dancer, she smokes and drinks in the pics

    • who in korea doesn’t smoke? Go to Los Angeles Ktown, they don’t have to follow the CA law of no smoking inside, you can’t leave a kbar without smelling like tobacco, heck, you can’t leave a cafe without smelling like tobacco

  28. Didnโ€™t knew she had an attitude problem until now. Can’t deny her dance is great though.

    • i dont think that is an attitude problem. come on, everyone has their very own standard and she is just being honest. majority girls like tall guys,me too.. so dont tell me that would be an attitude problem. it is just the matter of preference,

    • how does she have an attitude problem by saying she doesn’t like guys shorter than her? she’s like 5’6. very few girls are okay with having their significant other shorter than them.

      • haha, it’s like an unspoken rule girls should date a guy at least 3 inches taller than them, friggin heels
        I avoid girls taller than me, do I have an attitude problem?
        it’s not even like she’s particularly tall

    • Dude! How the fuck is that an attitude? If the girl doesn’t like short guys then thats her fucking opinion. You prolly like short guys but most women dont so leave it alone.

  29. I didn’t knew she had an attitude problem until now. But we can deny her dance is great though.

    • It’s not an attitude my friend. It’s a girls’ standards. We all say it all the damn time. I want my bf to be like yunho, jay, doojoon. As tall as him, as good looking as him and so on.

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