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miss A gets mixed responses for their fresh faces revealed for the first time

Newcomer group miss A’s fresh faces revealed for the first time garner interests from netizens.

miss A did guest appearances on MBC radio ‘ShinDong and Park GyuRi’s ShimShimTapa’ on 14th July and the photos were uploaded on the site’s homepage after that.

The production team of ShimShimTapa also commented on the photo, “These girls wash their faces with milk everyday?” while fans commented “They look young”, “they have great complxion” etc.

However there are some netizens who commented “Even though they are newcomers, they are still entertainers, they don’t look good here”, “This is not the miss A I see on stage” etc.

Meanwhile, the girls are promoting their debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’.

S: SeoulNTN


114 Responses

  1. they’re singers NOT models.
    it shouldn’t matter how they look, as long they have talent; they sing and dance very well~

  2. Appearances are the other thing that important for entertainers. Although that, I valued the entertainers that have skills more than beauty or not-so-natural.

    They were ok, just look at their photos when they were in training time.

  3. Well they look okay not saying they look horrible or gorgeous.

    Their Talent makes up for it
    AND this is NOT a beauty pageant.

  4. i think suzy looks super cute
    she is really Beautiful
    i love her
    guys she is korean not chinese
    and i love gyuri but she is not without make up

  5. They look the same.

  6. to be honest, they look the same by the way…. Maybe because of the make up they looked more pretty and whiter

  7. miss A (and 2ne1) may look ordinary without their makeup, but that’s the reason why I like them. They are ordinary girls, and that makes it easy for fans to relate to them.

  8. You guys are jealous.. whenever a talented girlgroup comes out like 2NE1 and you know they are talented you arschlocks attack them on their looks. Who cares if they are not as prettier as SNSD or Gyuri at least they have TALENT unlike some.

  9. do i need to see the oculist ???

    cause i think these girls look pretty without make up !!!
    how can you say that they are ugly ! WTH !

    i dont get the definition of beauty in KOREA !!!
    cause you dont need to have big eyes , double eyelid, white skin , …etc to be pretty
    its like there is pressure on korean girls to do plastic surgery
    to be like their fav idol
    they live in a surreal world !!
    KPOP get back to reality !!! make more groups who are natural and not plastic
    groups who are real role models to kids !

    and about 2ne1
    that was just for publicity
    i mean which agency would publish pictures where their idols look ugly without an aim
    they created an image for 2ne1
    i have seen other photos from 2ne1 without make up
    and they are pretty without make up
    i think it was an bad idea from YG to create an image where their idol group is considered as ugly
    its humiliating!!! stupid way to get publicity

    back to miss A
    they look almost the same without make up
    during their performances on stage they do not wear much make up

    • lol. YG did NOT leak those bad 2NE1 photos and it sure as heck aint a publicity move. WTH made you think that??? don’t say things you dunno mmkay??? if that were true then ugly pictures of BB, Gummy, Goo HyeSun, se7en would be all over the place. =______=”

      if anything, someone probably in SOME way got their hands on the photos or stole it and decided to leak the ugliest ones to the reporters. it was probably an anti who did it.

      • Actually, I’ve always thought that those pictures may have been noise-marketing by YG.. .which btw, they’ve been thought to have done on multiple occasions.

        It was a smart move actually – it gave the girls lots of publicity and made them the hot topic of the day. It proved to all the kpop fan girls who were sick of seeing plastic perfection beauties that the 2ne1 girls were real girls like themselves, and thus fans railed up for them in support and became more ardent in their love of the group.

  10. actually they look ugly even w/ make up on their performances because their stylist is dumb… min and fei’s hair is always all over their face when performing and min always looks haggard even on perfs i don’t get why suzy hair is always neat on perfs but the other three as if they just rushed to perfom… and jia is thin so thin

  11. They look the same to me :/
    what’s wrong with you people ..?!
    you just judge by their looks , at least this girls are talented ^^


  13. Errr i gotta agree with the second
    they look tons better with make up
    but they still look cute to me :]

  14. What the hell is everyone freeking out for?? They look good without makeup. Look at their Good girl bad girl performance from the show, they look perfectly fine on any angle. You people gotta stop hating.

  15. WOAH their faces without makeup are not nice. esp the girl with pink hair.

  16. Miss A fresh photos look normal. it’s not even close to ugly. and anyway, they’re not fooling ppl as ‘perfect goddesses’ in the first place anyway because from what I know, Miss A is known for their talent and consistent performances. So I’m sorry to those haters above, they’re successful and liked by people for what they do best – performing.

    I am completely appalled with some trolls’ reference to 2ne1. Well they had that ugly photo a year ago but it didn’t hinder shit about the massive success they had. It must be frustrating to some — how that ugly photo didn’t stop people from liking 2ne1 almost the same amount as those pretty idols they supposedly praise.

  17. ahh pink hair = no no no no no!!!

  18. i hate this comparison stuff going on here 😦 lol
    suzy looks a little different and that’s about it

  19. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: miss A gets mixed responses for their fresh faces revealed for the first time http://bit.ly/d1vBvb […]

  20. talent people, lets look at talent. At least they produce good audio effects.

  21. I think they look cute LOL.
    Especially Jia and Suzy.

  22. Oh c’mon. EVERY GIRL looks much better with makeup, ‘cept for some naturally beautiful ladies out there. Miss A has some pretty heavy makeup to match their concept, and perhaps, compared to their natural faces, it is a tad shocking, and we might feel slightly disconcerted. But hey! To say that they are ugly, just because of the shock that you get, is just plain downright mean.

    KPOP idols rarely get any sleep, have schedules every single day, pile on tons and tons of makeup BECAUSE their makeup artist do so, perform flawlessly (or at least close to perfection) for every performance, rock variety shows, and on top of all of that, be away from their family because they’re just so busy. With all of them going through all of that, do you netizens seriously think it’s fair to subject them to such rude and nasty comments about their beauty from strangers who might not be beautiful themselves?

  23. OMO WTH they look horrible in these photos X(

    • You serious?

      They have no acne, pimples or spot. Their skin is relatively even toned, no hideous scars, no wrinkles, no obvious dark circles….

      You think this is horrible? Man no wonder Kpop singers are always getting work done. Netizens are soo critical. They looks perfectly normal (in fact, compared to most high school Korean girls i’d say miss A look above average).

  24. They look pretty much the same to me.

  25. they are a JYPE group, who cares about looking like plastic dolls? they bring it on stage and that’s all that matters…though i find them all hot hot hot

  26. lol if you look only at the pics you might think that way,
    but if you watch the bora cam of them singing at this radio show, they just look exactly the same for me.
    In my opinion, they look cuter and younger without makeup 😉

  27. People said 2NE1 ugly but they still successful in their career..

    So i hope.. ‘these ugly’ Miss A would prove to ‘those that think they ugly’ that ‘being ugly’ isn’t an obstacle to success… You go girl! Don’t ever take notice of those jealous midgets who hide behind the screen and who knows, maybe they are jealous that you are less uglier than them..


    • Exactly. I doubt these pictures would stop Miss A. It didn’t stop 2ne1 even tho their photo was more unflattering back then, sure as heck it won’t really hinder Miss A too.

  28. lols…you guys are sooo………PATHETIC!!!

    You call them ugly when you yourself are the ugly ones.
    They are human beings and they looked normal.

    If you want to say them ugly, then what does a person with BIG NOSE, yellow teeth and with crooked teeth are called?

    Really, they looked average but not someone you can called ugly with. If you looked at SNSD jessica & hyoyeon past photos then you can called that UGLY.

    • Thank you!!! finally someone brings up the point that at least they are all natural, so what if they are not as “pretty” as the ones who undergone plastic surgery? they are comfortable under their own skin, and can sing and dance WAY better than those plastics(not naming anyone here, don’t come bitch at me :p)

      • yup tats true. At least they are comfortable for who they are. And as we normal people, we shouldn’t judge them by their looks but more in their talents. As long as they can sing,dance, why should we care about their looks plus they are not some goddess, they are human beings.

    • well..just because i think somedoby is ugly doesn’t mean i’m ugly daaa..idiot…

  29. wth….they are super ugly…the girl with pink hair is the worst….well i don’t care for these girls anyway..

      we’re living in a world now where people set ridiculous and absurd standards for categorizing girls into being beautiful or not.
      EVERYONE is beautiful in their own way.
      please throw these stereotypes of being beautiful created by some retards away.

      sorry but this was getting on my nerves lately.

  30. to people who keeps hating on them coz u think they’re ugly, just sit back and watch them get more famous and richer…more than u’ll ever do coz u’re just sitting here hating on them :p

  31. Can somebody tell me which one is which in the 1st photo? i only know Min. I heard of Suzy but don’t know how she looks like…thks 🙂

  32. Suzy so pretty, and gyuri look very beautiful there…

    I love miss a..

    Suzy look alike sunye…

  33. Celebrities get criticism for being ugly and getting plastic surgery. Everyone who calls people ugly are horrible. They can’t control how they look.

  34. its no wonder korea has that label for being plastic.

    everywhere an exposed individual goes, they are ridiculed constantly just because they do not look like the ideal, which now is only a matter of fantasy because ideal is only acquired by being plastic.

    but idk, they’re normal looking girls. normal looking girls doing big things

  35. oh God, I laughed so hard when I saw their faces without make up XD

  36. they can sing is all that matters to me..
    to many groups have the look but no the talent

  37. They look beautiful with or without make-up. I really dont see the difference. This is one of the reasons I dislike Kpop. The huge emphasis on looks is a turn-off. And might I add that Kbites trollers are increasing by day.

  38. So basically they’re all great at singing and dancing and their live performances are pretty flawless.

    Since you guys don’t have anything to hate on, you call them ‘ugly’.

    Oh the trolls. Hating on idols isn’t gonna make you pretty.

  39. the two on the left are still really pretty..
    the other two just look like normal girls..

  40. Those who think they are ugly are blind because society today puts so much emphasis on women wearing make-up that everyone thinks that without make-up they will never be beautiful. Make-up ages your face. It clogs the pores and your more prone to wrinkles. All this anti-aging and other chemical crack will eventually wear your skin out when it is used regularly. I like Miss A even more to be so proud of themselves in their talent and looks that they don’t care to not wear make-up when they aren’t performing. Eyeliner and lipstick and sometimes eyeshadow are okay but when you pound on foundation after concealer after foundation, you’ll be surprised at the stars that you think are beautiful actually look dead with out makeup. the natural and cleaner you are, the better.

  41. I stil don’t get it why the one from Miss A has PINK HAIR ?!?!!? =powajefnawqkgn

    • Miss A song Bad Girl Good Girl is about how people should not judge others biased on how they look and in Jia part she says
      “You don’t even know me well, you only look at me from the outside.
      I find your gaze to be funny because you see me as a pitiful girl.”
      as u said Jia hair is pink so she telling us through BGGG to not judge her b/c of how she looks

    • shouldn’t you be asking the same question as to why a member or some members in some other groups have blonde hair or red hair? they were not born with those hair colors too.

      and to those who keep harping on how ugly these girls and 2NE1 are, you all must’ve looked like Angelina Jolie rite. well, lucky you!

  42. Oh shit! they look like my classmates at school o_O
    in other words, nothing special.

  43. they look the same. what’s with the high standards? at least they’re talented.

  44. well i think they look older without make-up

  45. i guess the trend these days are ugly faces. it started with 2ne1 then 4minute then more ugly faces follow t-ara rainbow sistar the list goes on and the latest is miss a. blackjacks are correct. their precious 2ne1 start the trend. ugly face concept. haha. the only lovely girls are the 2007 girlgroups.

    • Lol I bet you have no friends in real life huh? Ok then continue to be a tool on the Internet for fun

    • at lest Miss A are not plastic

    • your weird. it looks like you left out snsd….you are so superficial…jeez

    • Yeah, they’re lovely, but lack individual talent. That’s why only a few of them can do solo work. Everyone else, they should be thankful that they have dumb superficial people like you who’ll support them just cuz they’re pretty.

    • Troll, go hide yourself

    • At least their faces can move.. Unlike *cough* SNSD*cough*. HAHA

  46. aren’t most of them chinese? maybe that’s why they don’t have that overwhelming good-looks thing goin on. not to say chinese girls aren’t pretty cuz there are plenty that i actually girl crush on, but they have different beauty aesthetics i guess, and i prefer koreans more, and they just so happened to be the average-ly pretty looking ones.

    they sound good tho. and their dancing and performances are awesome so no complaints from me.

    • your abit of a knob. Who cares if their chinese and not and if so GOOD FOR THEM.

      nothing wrong with being chinese. chinese girls are better looking then koreans so somebodys blind.

      • naninoona made a bad comment, but so did you. You can’t generalize and say that Chinese girls are better looking THAN Koreans… But I think that Korean celebs do more plastic surgery, so maybe that’s why naninoona has that impression. Even my Chinese friends are surprised to hear that K-celebs do plastic surgery pretty often.

      • @Tina: what’s so bad abt my comment?? i’m not bashing them, i’m a fan. trust me. srsly.

        it isn’t abt plastic surgery. there are plenty of natural korean beauties out there. all i’m saying is that because they are chinese, their beauty is different than what the koreans are used to, so they feel differently abt it. and the fact that i’m a kpop fan, makes me prefer the korean beauty more, but that’s not to say i don’t find chinese ppl attractive. in fact, i have many chinese celebs that i crush on, it’s just that i prefer the korean beauties more.

        srsly, read and understand before jumping on your toes. there’s not a bad word abt Miss A in my comment yet, you treat me like a hater? SMH.

    • O.O OMG I cant believe u just said that and btw only two members are chinese

      • why is it so surprising?? what’s so bad abt my comment?? did i call them ugly?? no. so i don’t see where i could’ve gone wrong here. suddenly, average = ugly?? if so, then it isn’t my fault you think that way.

      • ^ well maybe it looks like you said
        “oh. it’s normal that they aren’t super pretty because they are chinese”
        that’s what MAYBE ppl understand.

        but don’t misunderstood me please, i completly understood what you wanted to say. i just wanted to explain what the others thought…. anywayz, i hope you understand lol

    • she just didnt choose her words wisely but i think i got her message.

      in short, shes saying korean preferences differ from those who’re chinese. surrounded by koreans and only koreans, they would believe that korean celebs are the ideal look. once they see someone who isnt korean and posses different features, those prominent to chinese people, the korean populace will just question their “beauty”.

      its only a matter of preference.

      • thank you. it aint like i’m sayin them girls are ugly or anything. i just said they are pretty on an average level, and them having a different ethnicity, makes their beauty features a little different than what they are used to, thus the masses feel iffy abt it. and because i’m a kpop fan to begin with, obviously i would prefer a korean beauty than a chinese one. that’s all i said. goodness. =/

    • Well, Korean girls are pretty cuz they mostly get plastic surgery…I have to say that their skin is probably the most pretty of all the Asian countries along with the Japanese girls…but beauty wise, I have to give it to the Chinese girls for their natural beauty w/o surgeries….

      • this has nothing to do with plastic surgery tho. there also many natural korean beauties around. Gain, Gahee, Sandara Park, Gummy, Goo HyeSun, Han SeungYeon, HyoMin.

        all i said was that because some of these girls are chinese, maybe the korean masses find them to have a different type of beauty than they are used to seeing. and i, myself have a preference for koreans more because i’m a kpop fan.

        geez, i didn’t think it was that hard to understand my comment. sorry for the misunderstanding, i guess. =__=”

    • @ddd: you just set yourself up for a smackin right abt now. i said they have DIFFERENT beauty aesthetics. their features being chinese are different and thus the bauty in them is different, maybe that’s why knetizens have mixed reactions towards it. and the fact that i am a kpop fan to begin with, makes me prefer the korean beauty more than a chinese one.

      I, MYSELF said they are pretty but in a very average level. geez i even explained that i have chinese celebs that i toootally girl crush on.

      i said nothing bad abt Miss A, so looks like somebody’s stupid.

    • Funny you say that cause the 2 hottest girls in Miss A are chinese (Fay and suzy)… SO your argument makes a lowsy point…

      • that’s why i said they are pretty on a very average level because there are far HOTTER chinese celebs out there. what i’m trying to point out here is NOT to say they aren’t pretty but that they have a different kind of pretty being chinese, so maybe that’s why the koreans have a mixed feeling abt it.

        SO, YOUR argument makes a lousy point. in fact, it doesn’t make a point at all.

  47. ordinary faces..but their talents can make up for them..
    min and the maknae still looks cute..

    • Agree ordinary faces.

      at first, I thought they were Gyuri fans… missA really look like normal girls.

  48. Um…they still wore make up going to the radio to me…it’s just a little less than the make up they wore on broadcast show that’s all…

    Anyways, they’re just really ordinary looking like any other girls to me….It’s too easy for anybody to become a star these days, so of course, someone’s got to be ordinary looking! LOL…

  49. that’s life.
    ppl look completely different with and without make up.
    old news.

    • T-ara girls look more beautiful without make up.
      Miss A look ugly in those photos.

      • do you ppl think that the girls groups are goddess ? no, they are singers.

      • sorry but if you looked at 2ne1 photos without make up then you can called that UGLY.

        btw, there are some t-ara members who are ugly too LOL
        n the only girl group who are all perfect is KARA.

      • what??? are you crazy???
        2NE1 >>>>>>>>>>>> Kara any day.

      • @…
        What?! Kara who all perfect?!
        well i agree but not all of them just Gyuri , Jiyoung and Seungyeon who are beautiful without make up
        but Nicole and Hara they look awful ..
        sorry to say that but it’s true ^^”

  50. O___O definitely different ..although honestly i was expecting it because even with make-up they still look pretty ordinary. but wow that girl with the pink hair min(?) is….yeah and the one with brown hair looks old and not good. the only one that looks ok is the one in blue.

    they do have white skin, well at least 3 of them do and good complexion but they’re really ordinary looking.

  51. kinda agree i’ve seen girls who like this everywhere
    they’re kinda ordinary looking … but that’s not a bad thing either

  52. ……..they look the same
    the more and more i observe the k-ent-industry, i come to realize its (likely largest) target customers, k-netizens, are a fastidious bunch. what a bunch of losersss

  53. well, they’re wearing makeup on stage. I think they’re pretty with or without makeup.

  54. I dont think they look that different without makeup

  55. i dont get it, they look the same to me ??
    LOL suzy’s fake front fringe is wayy to obvious

    • I know right? Especially suzy and fei fei coz these girls dont even wear thick make-up except for min but she’s not ugly either. Haters are just….haters. LOL

  56. Ordinary girls, minus their hair.

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