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SBS Inki Gayo 18.07.2010 – TaeYang wins Mutizen with “I Need A Girl”!

On today’s SBS Inki Gayo, we can see Jung YongHwa and Jo Kwon first MC appearance as they joined f(X) Sulli as the new MCs replacing 2PM TaecYeon and WooYoung.

As for the Mutizen award, this time it goes to TaeYang’s hands as he wins the award with his newest single “I need A Girl”!

Go under the cut for more performances!

Debut stage!


53 Responses

  1. why some people being so judgemental you don’t even knew the person personally. cograts to yb you really did a good performance .i personally watch when he win that day it was awesome specially when he hug dara. cute…………………………………………………………..

  2. Yoohoo…..
    Who says he can’t win.
    He prove it!
    I love INAG!

  3. I miss 2ne1 😦
    Congrats YB=] you deserve it 100%!!

  4. Wow congrats to TaeYang! Woot woot I’m so glad that 2NE1 & TOP came to support him! YG FAMILY LOVE!! Sorry, I’m YG bias. Hehe.

    But performances were great today also (:
    Loved Super Junior’s stage, so freaking cute! I love Mr. Boogie! I hope Amber performs with them in the next few performances. (: & I love After School’s energy song, super cute, and they’re all so pretty !

  5. Why didn’t SuJu win?! INAG is so boring TT

    • Winners are determined by sales, streaming, and votes. Meaning Taeyang won, due to higher scores received.

      Nothing based on which song is “better” or “boring”

      Anyways, congrats Taeyang. Goodness Minzy looked so pretty when she went up on stage when he won.

      LOL @ Heechul with the balloon in Suju’s performance<3

    • SuJu’s song is so uncreative. I bet every idol singer in Korea has done something like that. The cutesy type of song. But it’s gross when Suju does it since Suju is getting older now. I mean, their oldest is 27/28 and youngest is 23/24!!! SM should start making age-appropriate songs. They can still do dance pop, but please, no cutesy songs… EVER!!!

      • Does it matter if they do cutesy songs? They may be old but they look young!! And don’t say No Other is uncreative please. TY’s songs sound like some r&b i’ve heard before.

      • @Tina: What does a song being “uncreative” have anything to do with how these songs win on a music show?

    • who gives a fuck about Suju why don’t they let heechul make out with out his band members again

    • @Sj:
      sigh, u must be a newbie to kpop entertainment by judging ur question. what Gummybear’s replied to u is true and s/he just pawned u.. please do some research on how is the system of INKI, Mubank, Music Core, KBS determine the winner before i label other’s idol’s song is “Boring”. what an immature fans. pity suju to get this kind of fans.

      peace no bash.

    • its looks like you really wants an award to your fav group… tsk tsk, tsk…. Theres a time for everybody, INAG is not boring.. this what u call it a SONG! you can say its boring coz ur not taeyang’s fan… how about if i said this to ur fav group, are u happy?

      • Wth it was just my opinion!! Gosh!
        Ok INAG is “A.W.E.S.O.M.E”!! Happy now?! And are u telling me No Other is not a song? If it’s not then idk what is. Why Taeyang’s fans so ignorant and offensive like this?

      • dude SJ you must be a newbie to kpop…. one advice for you just shutup and stop complaining if you dont want people to go after you……. and get over it every fans is like that imagine if i said somethign like this “Why didnt Taeyang win? No other is so boring T.T” hella elfs will will go after me… so it is not just taeyang fans,kpop fans in general are all like that..

      • Sorry everybody for my comment…

        I hope all of us not “speak to much without thinking”

    • If you only post the question only, I wouldn’t be bother. But the additional statement bring annoyance to your comment.

      What would you fill if INAG won first and then Suju win, and I post a comment like, “Why didn’t Taeyang win?! No Other is so boring TT” what would you fell?

      Posting a comment is ok.. but once you start talking about other song when your favourite song isn’t winning a award, that I couldn’t accept as a comment. That just pure childish moaning… and when someone moan for something as ridiculous as this, it will get on my nerve…

      FYI, most fans of KPop idols are ignorant and offensive relating their idols.. it seems like you are one of them.. just reread your own comment and you will see what I see/read…

      Yes, that is your opinion… yes, you have the right to post you opinion here…. but you shouldn’t post your opinion without thinking…

      And Gummybear has explained it… and she has explained it nicely.. you should be thankful to her..

  6. minzi keeps getting prettier and prettier

    new mcs.. yonghwa is surprisingly loud and enthusiastic.. i thought he would be a little awkward, but not at all. also LOL @ dj.. i thought he was GD for a second there

    G.na sounded really off today.. compared to the past few days.
    her dancing makes it awkward.. she has a strong enough voice (and it’s absolutely beautiful), she should just do minimal moves and let the dancers do their job.

    miss A.. i love jia’s outfit today..

    congrats taeyang ❤

  7. Congrats Taeyang!!
    He totally deserve it!
    OMG! 2ne1! I missed them!
    They look great! Minzy looks all grown up now!
    Dara look fabulous and so does CL.
    TOP! I love him! hehehee…

    I love miss A’s performance.
    Glad to see f(x) back!

  8. OMFG, i’ve watched the winning segment for over 20 times now and i still can’t get over it. YB and Dara are just too cute for words. Please please date!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everyone in the YG family. I”m so obssessed with YB!!!!!!!!!! LOVE

  9. wow, congrats TY! When i saw gina having trouble i felt bad, i hope she’s okay.

  10. omggggg. this is why i love TOP. he stands there clapping his hand and just smiling away ‘cos he doesn’t know how to dance! HAHAHAHAH :DDDD

  11. congrats to YB on winning again.
    i think “I Need A Girl” is really a beautiful song in the first place..wonder why most people think that it’s not suited for taeyang.


    now i realize why people love the love shown in YGE fam.. 🙂
    when CL, dara, minzy and TOP went to the stage i was like “awww-ing” all the time. so dumb. XD
    i missed seeing sandara’s smile..and her beauty is just wow!! never gets old. ^^

    love all the perfs.. oh btw..

    the new mc special stage is cool!
    i love to see DJ YONGHWA!! 🙂 in the club! LOL..but really, he looked good being a DJ! and “JoKwon” timberlake…wow~!!! he should dance more on that kind of style! more of the rnb-ish.
    and sulli…not bad! 🙂

  12. is dara wearing a make up? if not , OMG! she’s really pretty.

    • She’s probably just wearing face powder and lip gloss. I wonder how she manages to be stunning with just her standard get-up of shirt, jeans and sneakers.

    • She was wearing a make-up. I hate shipping but TY and dara like really something(my personal opinion), even their clothes are very matching like couple(black&white).

  13. lol at YB

    “TOP hyung came, 2NE1 also came! Thanks TOP, thanks 2ne1! Also Boss! My dog, boss! Boss, thanks!”

    forever LOLing at Bae~

  14. oh taeyang baby! why cant you keep your stares and arms off dara?! he is just so comfortable with his noona around, maybe he’s not aware of his gestures, because he’s no expert with girls and building chemistry with them, but i guess dara is different to him (he said it so)..whether he admits it or not, apparently, he’s attracted to her, just like a magnet, dara attracts the ever aloof-timid-coy guy named youngbae..omy!! i initially liked wooyoung, top and gdragon for her, i instantly switched to taeyang! because i can feel there’s something in there, really…admit it yb, you likeee herrrr!!!! waaaahhh!!! dara’s so efforeltessly gorgeous just her wearing tee, jeans and killer smile!!

  15. i love what Min Ji’s wearing. she looks so pretty. well, her unnies are also pretty there. so happy to see TOP taking his time to come and cheer Bae. congrats Bae.

  16. wheres teen pop and 4minute

  17. congrats taeyang~love yg family<333 the best

  18. i love how YB seeks and reach for dara noona..;)) cute and so sweeeet..:)))

  19. I ❤ you

  20. wahaha!! I keep repeating the part were YB says “2ne1” I find it soo CUTE!!! then suddenly YG family came!! sweet!! :)))

  21. Gratz on the mutizen award YB! Totally screamed when top and 2ne1 girls came on the encore stage. Gotta love the Yg family~~

  22. aawwww… SJ was so CUTE during their performance!!! YeHyuk!! *ehemHAEehem* hahahaha!!! “I LOVE ELF MOST” wah!! teukie!! you made our hearts melt!!! and heechul was sooo pretty!!! :))) congratulations tae for the award!! :)))

  23. where is teenpop and 4minute?

  24. Congrats YB ❤
    top, minzy, CL n Dara came when he won! YG Family love <333

    • too bad Bommie didn’t come 😦

    • Shinding was the best at the end.
      Super Junior #1 !!!!!

      • Shindong you didn’t win, Taeyang did ❤

      • ughhh shindong is such a camera whore…
        he stands behind taeyang and dances WTH.

        well, I’m so happy that taeyang won AGAIN!!!
        Love ygfam 😀

      • @marix: Nothing wrong with him dancing behind him, I’ve seen people dancing or fooling around behind the winners in past episodes. Nobody complained, since it’s all in good fun.

        @spsw13: Just learn how to congratulate, ok?

      • Usually though, they are somewhat close friends with the winners, so they kinda celebrate together But I don’t think Taeyang and Shin dong are THAT close. But whatever, let him do that. The bottom line is, TAEYANG WON BABY!!!

      • well i agreee it was kinda funny how shingdong was dancing to INAGs dance moves i dont really mind but it was kinda rude to just go up behind taeyang and starts dancing because suju did that alot in the past when the werent winning i noe shingdong is just playing around but i htink it was kinda rude in some way,….

      • I don’t think camera whoring is necessarily rude or bad, having said that, dude fr SJ was mos def camera whoring. To walk towards the middle after announcing the winner (when the rest of SJ were on the side) and stand behind the winner is defiinitely camera whoring.

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