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Twin sisters T-ara Ryu HwaYeong and NamNyeoGongHak RyuHyoYeong

Photos of girlgroup T-ara new member Ryu HwaYeong and upcoming Core Contents mixed 9-member group NamNyeoGongHak member Ryu HyoYeong revealed!

It is known that the twin sisters with 1 minutes apart in birth and they look identical such that the other T-ara and NamNyeoGongHak members would even get them mixed up.

Officials said, “Even though the 2 look very much alike, NamNyeonGongHak Ryu HyoYeong is more feminine and shy while T-ara new member Ryu HwaYeong is more cool and boyish.”

Meanwhile, T-ara is currently preparing their 2nd album, and NamNyeoGongHak is set to debut in September.



16 Responses

  1. that’s weird…
    they want to imitate snsd because snsd is so good πŸ˜‰

  2. wanna be snsd -.-“

  3. there cute shatttup allready haters lol!

  4. how come there going to be 9 members …its seem like they are following Girls Generation with 9 members…sorry but i am not anti-fan of T-ara………peace to all fan of T-ara.

  5. i don’t see them as pretty the one they call young hara looks creepy and wanbe hara so much by opening her eyes more and the new tara mmbr is a little bit fat.. they just hve white complexion but not pretty

  6. Okay I can never recognize them ;____;
    But oh well, they look really pretty!

  7. they look really pretty and really pale.

  8. hm. i watched star king yesterday and the twin sisters appeared in it. i like hwayeoun more know. she’s really cute.~ for me…hwayeong looks like park shin hye? XD

  9. younger version of Davichi ? lol
    would be nice though ^^

  10. are we actually required to pronounce namnyeogonghak everytime we wanna say their name? or do they have like a cute shortened name like soshi has. well, they haven’t debuted yet, so i guess i’ll have to wait. i’m excited for this group. very much so.

    • Yeah…. NNGH doesn’t sound as appealing as SNSD, WG, DBSK, SJ, etc……… :/

  11. the ‘second hara’ looked always a bit creepy to me and I don’t know why.
    maybe because of the extremely photoshopped pic : /

  12. I really hope t-ara new member will be vocally very strong and can dance …now with seven members nobody will hidden in the back

  13. nice.
    NEXT !!!!

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