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Twin sisters T-ara Ryu HwaYeong and NamNyeoGongHak RyuHyoYeong

Photos of girlgroup T-ara new member Ryu HwaYeong and upcoming Core Contents mixed 9-member group NamNyeoGongHak member Ryu HyoYeong revealed!

It is known that the twin sisters with 1 minutes apart in birth and they look identical such that the other T-ara and NamNyeoGongHak members would even get them mixed up.

Officials said, “Even though the 2 look very much alike, NamNyeonGongHak Ryu HyoYeong is more feminine and shy while T-ara new member Ryu HwaYeong is more cool and boyish.”

Meanwhile, T-ara is currently preparing their 2nd album, and NamNyeoGongHak is set to debut in September.


16 Responses

  1. that’s weird…
    they want to imitate snsd because snsd is so goodπŸ˜‰

  2. wanna be snsd -.-“

  3. there cute shatttup allready haters lol!

  4. how come there going to be 9 members …its seem like they are following Girls Generation with 9 members…sorry but i am not anti-fan of T-ara………peace to all fan of T-ara.

  5. i don’t see them as pretty the one they call young hara looks creepy and wanbe hara so much by opening her eyes more and the new tara mmbr is a little bit fat.. they just hve white complexion but not pretty

  6. Okay I can never recognize them ;____;
    But oh well, they look really pretty!

  7. they look really pretty and really pale.

  8. hm. i watched star king yesterday and the twin sisters appeared in it. i like hwayeoun more know. she’s really cute.~ for me…hwayeong looks like park shin hye?πŸ˜„

  9. younger version of Davichi ? lol
    would be nice though ^^

  10. are we actually required to pronounce namnyeogonghak everytime we wanna say their name? or do they have like a cute shortened name like soshi has. well, they haven’t debuted yet, so i guess i’ll have to wait. i’m excited for this group. very much so.

    • Yeah…. NNGH doesn’t sound as appealing as SNSD, WG, DBSK, SJ, etc………:/

  11. the ‘second hara’ looked always a bit creepy to me and I don’t know why.
    maybe because of the extremely photoshopped pic : /

  12. I really hope t-ara new member will be vocally very strong and can dance …now with seven members nobody will hidden in the back

  13. nice.
    NEXT !!!!

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