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2NE1 shows off their hidden feminine side in August issue of Vogue Girl

2NE1 girls show off the feminine side of them.

The girls recently did a photoshoot filming for the August issue of fashion magazine Vogue Girl. And in a teaser photo revealed, the girls were seen with showing off their hidden feminine side.

Sandara Park revealed, “I want to film pretty photoshoots from now too.” 2NE1’s usual style and concept is strong and powerful images, while this time, the girls were seen in skirts and laces.

Meanwhile, ahead of their singer comeback August, 2NE1 will be making a comeback on TV with 2NE1TV season 2 on Mnet.

S: Osen

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  3. to whoever said that dara is >>>> that everything CL, you gotta be kidding me. and for those people complaining she’s ugly that she’s hiding her face in shades try looking at akp’s photos… SHE looks hella pretty looking like a doll. 🙂 dont be judgemental guys. calling her ugly is extreme.

    FOR ME, she is the most beautiful one. 🙂

  4. DARA onni WHY SO HOT? I so envy!

    • agree with you… especially in Taeyang’s Video Clip… so envy…

    • I agree! She is so pretty and so natural too!

      And I love her outfit in the solo pic!

      I really wish 2ne1 would wear more clothing like this and less of the rainbow vomit get-ups their stylist occasionally puts them in. Their beauty is being wasted!!!

  5. look at these pics people !!

    and for those who complains about CL having shades on ( that’s her trademark afterall )

  6. Dayum CL and Bom are lookin’ smokin’. Minzy and Bom hot as always

  7. what a swagger cl

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  9. rock it!

  10. I miss 2ne1. ❤ Can't wait for their comeback. ^^

    They're looking so gorgeous and hot. Kkk~
    Aww. I miss Bommie's cute cheeks. Kkkk~

  11. the messed up with park bom’s boots, big time.

    this is one of the more “normal” looking vogue pictorials

    • true and true… abt the boots and looking normal. that. and bommie’s pose in the solo shot’s a bit weird.

      but overall they look great! wish CL would stop rockin them shades tho. she has pretty cat-eyes, why hide em? and awww~ where’s maknae’s solo shot? bet it was hot!

      can’t wait for their comeback!^^

      • checked akp and there’s some photos other than this i think, with each of them having a solo shot. cl doesn’t have shades there. 🙂 oh, minji’s shot is hot! she has two of em there!

      • I prefer her wearing shades than seeing her cross-eyed. Can`t they photo shop that?

  12. bomie gorgeous …..her body amazing… looks soo fit..

  13. everyone look gorgeous in this photoshop
    OMG Bommie is so skinny now-cant wait for 2NE1tv to see more of her dorkiness
    CL and minzy is getting prettier each day
    no Minzy solo?

    • actually its just a really good photo
      there’s no way to alter anything in this photo with all those bars behind them because you can’t do any distortion on their body without also doing a little damage to their background

  14. idgaf cl looks amazing in her solo shot i love it her bommie definitely have the best poses . i think they all look gorgeous in the group i cant wait till they release more

  15. Is 2NE1 coming back on August? What about Big Bang? I was hoping BB to comeback on August which is their 4th year anniversary ;( *sighx10*

    • dont worry bigbang is coming back at the end of august or the beginging/midway of september so i dont think i’ll be push back…but not everything is confirmed yet about 2NE1’s comeback…

    • BB MIGHT be pushed back but YG hasn’t confirmed 2NE1’s comeback yet so who knows.

    • Nooooo…August is BB’s month. Summer belongs to BB 😀

  16. OMG! They all look so gorgeous. CL ❤

  17. CL looks weird in the 2nd photo

    • too much photoshop.

    • @…

      Probably you should try ‘unphotoshop’ it… then it would not be weird.. please inform me a.s.a.p when you finish with the ‘unphotoshop’.. then I would forward it to Miss Sookyeong for further action..

      Customer is ‘always’ right, isn’t it?

      Have a good time, ‘unphotoshoping’ the image.

      Not Yours, Truly,

  18. OMG They Look so Gorgeous
    Love 2NE1 i Miss them ❤

    all four look stunning!! minzy has gotten SOOO pretty! Dara looks amazing with that hairstyle, Bommie looks so pretty and her diet did wonders for her! And CL always the charismatic leadah<3 : D LOVE IT!!

  20. Minji’s really turning out to be one beautiful, sexy lady. Just wow. They all look so beautiful really! I’m waiting for their full comeback!!!

  21. they got so skinny, but its hot! they look ready to make a full comeback

  22. omg,so pretty~i want some maknae’s pics here~2ne1 comeback in august,yayayayay~everything that they r wearing always look awesome,the best~

  23. Magnae solo shot? Why does CL always cover her eyes? I luv Minji most. She grow up so beautiful.

    • because she’s not as beautiful as Dara or Bom…
      CL looks good when she doesn’t show all her face..

      • SERIOUSLY to you dude. serioussssssssssly.

      • Why some BJ got butthurted when ppl say ” CL is UGLY” ? It is the truth, face it. CL is a talented rapper and charismatic on stage. Being talented is more than enough for a singer.

      • I don’t think CL is that pretty, but she’s definitely not ugly. She’s just normal looking, lol. But like she said, because she’s not a pretty person, she can pull off all kinds of concepts, and I agree with that.

        Anyway, I have to say, the girls look pretty here! This feminine thing is a nice change for them, and I would’ve loved to see Minzy’s solo shot, cuz I think the girl’s blossoming into a young woman… kinda… kk

      • @lolol Because beauty is subjective and in the eye of the beholder. Just because people think she’s not pretty doesn’t mean I or others think the same. I happen to find CL to be one of the most prettiest person inside and out. And @.. glasses/shades are her signature (kind of like T.O.P and his shades and Taeyang and his hats). On another note the girls look gorgeous and I am anticipating their August comeback.

      • ^ She can pull off any concept coz she can’t get any uglier lol. Sorry I like her raps/ love their music and not a fan of her as a person.

      • I dont get it…people think she’s ugly? I think she’s pretty..If I had to choose to look like one of them, I would choose CL!

      • @lolol… everbody have their opinions so there is really no truth when your juding people’s looks… personnlly i find CL looking pretty normal,not the prettiest one but definitly not close UGLY………… UGLY is a strong word and CL is nowhere close to that ….. i dont noe if you are a BJ or what but any fans will get offensive when some say ” _____ is ugly” ………

      • i think CL is pretty and cute offstage and fierce gorgeous when she is on stage. plus, she is talented which is hard to find.

      • lolol:

        Truth? I would let your comment pass because people do have different opinions but for you to say that an opinion of yours is the truth, well that’s stupid. lol so no, we didn’t “got butthurted”.

      • serisously @lolol can you just plzz atleast behave a little more mature …calling people ugly all day aint gonna make you look anybetter.. and just so you noe pretty much 8/10 of the kpop stars got plastic surgeries so pretty much the meaing of pretty in kpop equals =fake…i’m not saying all kpop stars got it but i’m sure atleast half or more… and i’m proud of CL for being herself atleast she doesnt need to change herself to look better …

      • CL isn’t the prettiest but she isn’t ugly. I still love her no matter. I lover her as a person. I wish ppl would see that as well. She’s so down-to-earth.

      • ^ I knew ppl will attack me by by saying this. But I can’t help. I’m def not an anti. 2NE1 is the ony female group I like and listen. Just that it annyoys me when BJs are so defensive when it comes to their looks. 2NE1 is known for their talents and not for the looks.

      • Dear 121 and lolol (such a funny nick)..

        I happen to find this quotes while surfing the net. Hope you ‘like’ it.

        “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it”

        “When you reach the heart of life you shall find beauty in all things, even in the eyes that are blind to beauty.”
        – Kahlil Gibran

        “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren

        “When you look closely people are so strange & so complicated that they’re actually beautiful.”

        “That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.” – Ninon de L’Enclos

        If you request for more, please see Mr Google. He’s willing to help you as much as he could.

        Not Yours Truly,

      • to everyone someone who have no interest in life except me is using my username and is trying to make me look bad

        to the fake 121 get a life

      • hahaha i guess CL is so talented in everything that haters can’t find any of her weakness so they always have to bring up “she ugly” lol

      • @ ‘the real’ 121

        I give you my sincerest apology.


        Dear Miss Sookyeong,

        I have a suggestion that I want to share with you. I suggest that this site has Gravatar enabled, so that we could recognize who ‘the real’ who. This might not be the best way to ‘tweak’ the impostor, but it is a good step for now. I hope you could consider this suggestion.

        Oh, btw.. thanks for sharing Kpop news… 🙂

      • @lolol What if we call you UGLY? wouldn’t your parents be butthurted? ..just like the case of CL..a lot of people love this girl that’s why BlackJacks got hurt when someone is calling CL is ugly..for me, she’s not ugly nor stunningly pretty but what makes her stand out is she knows how to handle herself…she’s confident and cool! her presence is very strong and she’s talented indeed…everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made so stop being judgemental..

        2NE1 nailed this photoshoot!!

  24. So WOOWW the pics and the Girls are all pretty!!! lovely

  25. WOOOWWW!!! my girls are looking HOT!!! I love this photoshoot. I want more photos please.

  26. damn 2NE1 we blackjacks are missing you guys liek crazy plzz hurry up and comeback!!!!

  27. OMG!tHEY’RE look so damn hot
    Go! 2NE1!
    From BJ in Vn!!

  28. I love Dara’s dress in the first pic.

  29. lovin’ their look! where’s minji?
    Comeback in August?????????? Yes!!

  30. imo, bom is too skinny now.. look at her legs in the first photo.. and her arms in the last.. there’s no definition whatsoever.. even dara’s legs have more definition

    but the concept is absolutely gorgeous.. they look beautiful.
    CL can keep her eccentric side, and look damn fine at the same time

  31. their shoes…..so gorgeous….man 2ne1 has the best stylist among other kpop girlbands..imo..

  32. OMG~!! They look AMAZING~!!!!
    Bommie really slimmed down alot, she’s soo gorgeous!
    2NE1 is too awesome, they can suit many looks…I LOVE THIS ONE!!

    • CL is the only one who looks ugly in the first pic.

    • “CL is the only one who looks ugly in the first pic.”

      I agree with you. CL is the only 2NE1 girl who is hella ugly.

      • Dara >>>>>>>>> CL in everything 😀

      • two trolls~true BJs never ever make comparison between members,stupid~@love yeah,just ur opinion~i think u r the ugly 1 among your friends,duh~

      • You should see her solo pic – I think they spent tons of time photo shopping it to make her look decent. If YG is trying to market 2NE1 as a girly group I think they are going to fail. It is too obvious that she is quite tomboyish in real life – just watch the way she dances and specially the way she sits. They should just push the natural individuality of the girls instead of making them all pretty cause not all of them are. I thought she had her cross-eyed look corrected? I guess she just had her nose done.

      • @jana where u got ur infomation?tell me,plz not to jump to conclusion~she looks beautiful rite,so that’s y u said that~for ur info,she’s already pretty no need PS~just need better stylist like now they’ll be pretty(like those pics)

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  34. 2NE1 is gorgeous!

  35. oh my god, they look SO good. Bommie unnie, you look amazing! this kind of concept they can work well with 🙂 their strong stuff is fierce and all, but they can also work the feminine/cute stuff damn well too! 😀

    oie, dara.. whose that guy in your photo!? 😀

  36. omg…i like their feminine side…damn nice!!!

    • Dara look the best in this one..


      • WTH!!! Dara looks like a b1tch in those pics :s
        I didn’t know she do these kind of photos.

      • *yawn* the pic was taken during her job as entertainer a Philippines.. bj know this and i dunno whats ur intention to bring up such old news… please move on…

      • maybe for you is old. for me nop

        “Have wild Sex” in that dara pic is ewwwww

      • @tess are a preteen or something? cuz you sure acts like it.. just calm kid it is really not that big of a deal in the phillipines…. she is not naked or anything…….. maybe you kids should stick back to school rather then looking at all these so called EWW pitures…

    • calm down dude it is not like she is naked or anything……….. almost every BJs noe about this case… you must be newbie then….

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