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Newcomer group Young Gun member Lee Min almost debuted as part of 2AM

New group Young Gun member Lee Min’s photos taken with 2PM and 2AM members when he was a trainee revealed online garner interests.

The photos revealed show Lee Min posing with 2AM and 2PM members like Jo Kwon, SeulOng, TaecYeon, ChanSung, JunHo etc. It is known that Lee Min is a JYP trainee. He entered JYPE in 2003 through an audition and received 3 years of training.

He was one of the candidates up to debut as part of 2PM or 2AM but in the end he was eliminated. Following the elimination, Lee Min continued to take part in other auditions and eventually he got to debut as part of Young Gun.

Young Gun consists of members Lee Min (21), Na ChangSoo (21) and Hong SeokJae (22) and is a power vocal group. They debuted previously on 8th with the R&B ballad number ‘You Should Let Me Go’.

Young Gun will have their live stage on KBS Music Bank on 23rd July.

S: Newsen

15 Responses

  1. i always wonder who is he when i looking to One Day member twitter… bcoz he one of that they follow…

  2. After I saw the photos of Lee Min I feel he is a handsome man and I think after this he will be famous and certainly JYP will regret it out!!

  3. i really cant believe jyp didnt debut a lot of their singers
    like kikwang and dongwoon and doojoon from beast
    its too bad
    jyp must be regretting it now

  4. he is sooooo handsome 😳
    i like his pic special with jay park πŸ™‚
    Is this group under JYP or not ????
    ammmm this boy look like someone but i dont remember O_O“

  5. omg he looks like Lee Minki!

  6. woooow… can’t wait… πŸ˜€

  7. ohh i remember him!!!!

    he was in ‘Introduce Star Friend’ with JAY PARK (aka Jaebeom)

    they also bboy stuff at that show
    but he’s kinda short (even shorter than jay D:)
    he’s cute though ^___^ (actually pretty handsome)

  8. wow the industry is saturated with former jype trainees

  9. WHY A NEW GROUP? i patiently waited for him to debut in crossfire T^T whyyyyyyy but hes so hoooooooot

  10. I’m sorry but Ok Taecyeon teeth scared me in that one group picture damn those are some big ass teeth

  11. smart move revealed some self photo with hot artist to get the attention

  12. I’ll judge after seeing their performance.. X JYPE trainees always make it to the news before their debut.. Wish him all the best πŸ™‚

    The second last picture i laughed at the guy at the far right, i assume that’s Taecyeon and wow he looks different.. and KHUN as usual is handsome then and now πŸ™‚

  13. wow~!! he’s even close to Jay too.. ^^
    i wanna see Young Gun’s perf.
    and, is Young Gun a JYPE group or not? just wondering…

  14. yes.really a group handsome boys!

  15. Lee Min is very HANDSOME! WOW! What a LOOKER!
    YUMMY too!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

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