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SHINee’s comeback 2nd album ‘Lucifer’ revealed!

The 2nd comeback album ‘Lucifer’ by SHINee has been released on 19th July.

The title song is also ‘Lucifer’ and the boys will be having their comeback stage this week on 23rd July. Go under the cut for the rest of the songs.

Loving the album or not?


55 Responses

  1. gosh i love AYO obsession and lucifer(:

  2. this album is good o-kay!!!!

  3. The only song that is on repeat for me is A-yo because it felt different to their other songs. and I like this sort of different. Nice voices with a beat behind. Its definitely a song you would listen to and make your head rock ๐Ÿ™‚ And because I’m Suju-bias Its the sort of like No Other. The song that makes you feel light and sorta live in happy memories ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. SHINee… love them so much… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. !

  6. Much love to SHINee ^^ โค

  7. Ok.. It seems like most of the song in this album is Africanise.. they seem to have African beat or sumtin.. and sounded Football-ly hahaha Am i making sense.. I think I’m listening to alot of World cup songs this past months hahaha..

    Some of the songs are good but the title song is hard to digest maybe i need to watch their video n live performance to change my mind..

    Some of the songs either sounded suju-ish and dbsk-ish.. i dunno.. they have mixure of beat that sounded familiar yet different.. but shinee’s vocal wise is WOW still.. love the ballad.. ONEW rapped!! cheyaaaa.. shout out is good..

    • You have no idea how thrilled I was to hear Onew rap. LOL. I knew he had always wanted to based on some of their variety guestings and he would act all gangsta. He sounded good so he should do it more often.

      I love SM for letting Onew try so many things this year. He’s talented and managed to do very well in all of them. He’s improving as an MC but I know he prefers to be a DJ. I hope he gets what he wished for very soon. Him and Key as DJs would be hilarious – there will be so much fail and giggling going on between the 2 of them.

  8. i think i’ll purchase this album as soon at it comes out here in our country because it’ll be the first full length album that i’ll own from SHINee.
    but about the songs…i don’t know how to judge it pretty much..

    i’ll definitely anticipate their live perf of “lucifer” though,

  9. MinHo sings

    I mean, I can distinguished his voice clearly and easly in A-YO. unlike their other previous songs before, I only barely catch his part after certain replaying (beside his rapping portion).

    so far I like their 2nd Album, the variety there is a nice progress.

  10. MinHo sings

    I mean, I can distinguished his voice clearly and easly in A-YO. unlike their other previous songs before, I only barely catch his part after certain replaying (beside his rapping portion).

    so far I like their 2nd Album, the variety there is a nice progress.

  11. i don’t think sm can make good songs anymore

  12. I dunno why people don’t like auto tone…
    “because it hides a persons singing abilities”

    But it doesn’t mean they cant sing right ? unless they actually CANT sing. And I KNOW that SHINee can sing ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think they are only using Auto tone because the sound of it fits with the beats in the song Lucifier ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. It may be my personal opinion but I do think this is BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR so far.
    I love taeyang’s album as well but SHINee’s album covers a lot more different genre and there isn’t one song I would want to ‘throw away’ and not listen to it. They all sound different and I really like this album A LOT.

  14. I gotta say.. I LOVE ALL of their songs !! ^^

  15. LOVE!!!!!!

  16. AWESOME album!

  17. A tiny sound in the background made me think of “please dont go” by 2NE1, lol.

  18. The song has too much going on at the same time. For some reason I’ll suit SuJu but they make it sound good and it gets stuck in your head. I don’t like SHINee’s new look as much as their old one I guess. Hope that their next comeback still be better..

  19. weird. everyone’s spazzing about this in akp saying that it better win album of the yr or something.

    • maybe coz they are already shinee fans.

      • I’m not a Shinee fan but this album converted me. I’m not loving the title track (like everyone said, too much autotune) but there are around 4 songs on this album that I adore and only 2 that I dislike. Everything else was good. For an album with 13 songs this is really good. You can’t compare a mini-ablum with a full album because of the song difference. A mini-album you can pick the 5 -7 best songs but with a full album there will be songs that will only be able to be ok. I rarely ever love or even like every song on a full album. There has only been maybe a handful of full albums I’ve bought where I’ve loved every song. Mini-albums are another story though.

  20. ehh not really my type of music but I liked their last mini album which had better songs this one is just ehhh

  21. sounds like a ripped-off version of bonamana, like they sliced parts of bonamana and made it into a 2nd version

  22. the first stanzas sung by taemin and key (after minho and key’s rap) sound like the first stanzas in 4Minute’s Muzik

  23. i like “Love still goes on”
    a rap battle with minho and key is always great!

    for some reason i like “ready or not”
    i dont know, theres something about it
    it’s a good workout song XD

    i also like “wowowow”
    but it has a lot of autotune and they have good voices, esp jonghyun so he doesnt really need it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    “shout out” –great workout music!!

    also like “a-yo”, i think it’s my favorite!

    so far its an ok album
    a bit too much autotune for my taste
    but i think i would give it a 3 1/2 out of 5

    as for lucifer, i like to see them perform it live
    usually for track songs, i judge it on the performance
    but i’m VERY HAPPY Shinee is back!

    • i like wowowow too.
      but i think i wud like it even more if it has less autotune parts. >< but shinee have always had this ability to pull me in with their live performances, so i guess i'll wait, huhu.

  24. it all sounds so the same……..
    its a total SJ- rip!
    with everyone in the scene right now, they need something sronger

  25. lucifer does sound like a sj song. i like the first half of songs but the second half of the songs didn’t really stand out to me.

  26. my fav song was obsesssion .. i mean the album is just fuckin amazing ….. i’m not really feeling lucifer but the other songs is just amazing ….. grrr i love obsession so much it is such a fckin amazing song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Lol at the monkey. The album is 9/10 for me.

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  29. O.O I’m in love.

  30. The teaser is so much better than the song. I don’t like the title track. But I am sure Shinee will win some awards coz their die-hard fans will like it. SM needs to hire new producers.

  31. Lucifer sound familiar like I heard the song before O_O

  32. the vocals are good

    but i don’t know, its not memorable.

  33. SM is getting lazy giving boys the same sound just like Super Junior with Bonamana i think this is Ring Ding dong version 2 im disappointed nothing new.

    • bonamana was ringdingdong version 2. i dunno what this is. haha^^ but the other songs on their album are fantastic! i always ALWAYS love their ballads. i mean, c’mon, they have vocals that can be par with 2AM if they try hard enough. why is SM doing this to them?

  34. The tite track “Lucifer” gives me a headache. It’s like 5 different voices + blaring music. Doesn’t give me a single feeling.

    Nothing memorable. =/

    Maybe Love Pain.

  35. I like “Lucifer”…………..that sounded weird to say lol
    I also really love “Obsession”

  36. i usually don’t like songs on the first listen but i am literally in love w/ this!
    this is by far the best shinee album and this is considering that i liked them all…
    all the songs are soo different they have everything R&B, ballad, rock, pop, dance, and moree!
    And onew helped make Your Name and jonghyun w/ Shout Out!
    who cares if they’re clothes and hair look funny they still have amazing voices and are HOTT
    I’m liking ํ™”์‚ด (Quasimodo)! I’m soo buying this one!

    • “BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAAAR!!” LOL really???

      Taeyang Album is way better than this Lucifer album.
      can’t wait for BIGBANG and 2NE1 comeback ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Hahah ~ I agree. You can’t judge just yet. You have to listen to the other ranges.

        Everyone is agreeing on Lucifer as more of SuJu’s type. I also agree, I like SHINee’s old songs.

        But I guess everyone has their own taste ๐Ÿ™‚

        Can’t wait for Big Bang’s ^^

  37. Not really as good as I thought, it’s like my Bonamana expectations all over again. Too much autotune, but it’s okay.

    • omo I agree with you.
      honestly I was expecting something Awesome. Lucifer was like another ‘bonamana’ for me.
      I’m dissapointed :s

  38. lucifer sounds like.. it was intended for super junior..
    i don’t know.. i think shinee has the vocal abilities to do MUCH better than this song.. =\ it’s so repetitive and there’s no range .. but i’m almost positive they’d win me over with a live perf

    • as for the rest of the album..
      Quasimodo and Love Pain are absolutely beautiful songs.
      Ready or Not is adorable (GUUURL)
      i really like Shout Out.. but it doesn’t seem like a shinee song..but like.. a pussy cat dolls song lol but it’s nice for them to try different styles.
      Obsession is a great song, and they sound great in it.
      Electric Heart has a great beat, but they might as well get a girl group to sing it

      • I like two songs. Electric Heart for the beat and Obsession for the vocals. Everything else is bleh-ish.

    • You totally read my mind. I’m really trying to like Shinee again and I guess I was expecting something from them to blow me away like Replay did. This song really does sound like something SUJU will do. Shinee’s voices are gorgeous especially Onew’s and Jonghyun’s. Though I love me some club and dance music, I expected SM to give the boys a title track that’s not autotuned or if it is, it should have been wisely mixed with their vocals too.

      I’m sure this album will sell well just coz its Shinee and its a club song. I’m listening to their other songs atm and still deciding whether to get this album or not.

      • took a second listen and i find the rest of the album > than the title track. A yo and Shout Out are really decent tracks. I like the variety of the songs that they made for Shinee to show their versatility -ballad, hiphop, club mix is good. I wish this happened for more groups.

        Lucifer is the least memorable song for me though. I’m happy that minho and key’s rapping have improved much.

    • So i’m not the only one that thought that… when i heard the 30 sec preview my first though was super junior lols

    • agree from the first second of the song i already thought this is Suju song not shinee

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