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So Nyeo Shi Dae gets the green light for Japanese debut, “They are of a different level”!

“They are on a different level!” So Nyeo Shi Dae gets the green light for their Japanese debut from the broadcast company.

So Nyeo Shi Dae was introduced on Japanese NihonTV variety show ‘Don!’ recently. The MC of the show which is also actor Nakayama Hideyuki talked about So Nyeo Shi Dae on the show. He introduced the girls as, “The group debuted 3 years ago and have been gaining much popularity through various activities like MC, acting and endorsing products. On 25th next month, they will be doing an event for 10000 fans. So Nyeo Shi Dae will bring a new era. Because they are of a different level.”

Meanwhile, So Nyeo Shi Dae will be holding a showcase for 10000 fans in Tokyo. And the following month, they will be releasing their Japanese debut single.

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71 Responses

  1. grtz my girls for ur debut soon…
    even if they fail sones is there to catch them… they’ll try again to get to the top.. this is just the beginning dont know what the future hold… they been through tougher road… they’ll get through with this too =)…
    sones will support you SNSD FTW!!!

  2. This is my two cents.

    The way they grasp the Japanese language will tell if they can make it in Japan or not.

  3. DBSK did open up doors for a lot of other kpop idols to venture into Japan, so many ppl have DBSK to thank

    Another thing that I’d like to point out is while DBSK and CSJH are under Avex, SNSD is going to be under Universal

    DBSK and CSJH struggled so much in the beginning partly due to the fact that Avex is reluctant to invest so much into a group they’re not familiar with yet
    On the other hand, Universal is really good with fresh off the bat promotions (as seen with Big Bang, who’s had pretty good success given the amount of time they’ve been in Japan).
    SNSD, being under Universal, will give them a slight advantage as a foreign artists as compared to if they were under Avex, where they probably won’t get as much funding in the beginning

    Perhaps the talk show is exaggerating a little bit, but truth be told they do have a point. Look at the current girl groups venturing into Japan, Kara and 4Minute. I love both of those groups, but SNSD is without a doubt more popular then them. If you were to look at album sales in Korea, SNSD ARE in fact of a different level as compared to all other female groups. For a group like SNSD to venture into Japan, it is only natural that people are excited to see what the top girl group of Korea can offer.

    Just my two cents.

    • It doesn’t mean because they have good album sales in Korea that it’ll be the same in Japan. And high popularity in Korea is different from popularity in Japan.

      Rain is a hallyu star, a singer and actor, he’s by far one of the most populars stars in Korea and in the world. But in Japan, Park Yong Ha (R.I.P) who is also actor and singer was more popular than Rain.

      And yeah SNSD is going to be under universal, but so is 4Minute and KARA. And comparing these 3 girl groups: SNSD, KARA and 4minutes, I think KARA has the most chances of being sucessful.

      KARA also appeared on japanese tv show more than once. They were featured on ARASHI’s tv show twice. And ARASHI is one of the biggest idol groups in Japan! Besides that, KARA seems to fit Japanese taste more. They held sucessful events in Japan.

      InJapan, KARA is considerated more unique than SNSD. SNSD has been facing controversy in JApan since they debuted because Morning Mosume fans accused SNSD of copying Morning Mosume.

      • ^^This

        I’m still very excited to hear their debut single and to see the response from the Japanese public.

        go kara!

      • Geeze, just because they were featured in Arashi’s show doesn’t mean they will make it.

        BTW, Both KARA and SNSD are virtually unknown in Japan.

        Don’t exaggerate.

    • You’re getting way too ahead of yourself.
      DBSK wouldn’t even have been able to see success if it wasn’t even for SM entertainment for pushing BoA to be one of the earliest pioneer of korean singer to hit the japanese market. There were others (e.g S.E.S collaboration with V6 during the early 90s) but none has hit stellar success like BoA.
      So other korean groups able to make their mark on japan despite the competitiveness have her to thank for.

      • with AKB48 and their sub units, i think they’ll have a hard time.. even though they sell well in korea, its different in japan.. even top artists struggle to get past 100k sales.. and you’re not considered successful if you dont achieve this..

        and they will be under Universal that handles 4minute and KARA.. it will be like a competition among the three and who ever gets the highest sale / famous will be pimped more than the 2..

        so anyway good luck to them

  4. my POV of their debuting in Japan? I’m half Japanese and I seldom visit here and I noticed that they are really debuting there. I feel worried. Somehow, their styles and music isn’t new to Nihon, and whether you believe it or not, they are not the original 9 out there. I know Japan music scene out there and I salute DBSK, BB for making it to Japan’s market especially DBSK wherein I really witness their struggling there. Their music in Korea is different when they debuted at Japan. But now, they are the top boy band I’ve ever seen there that has REALLY talent. It is so sad that they disbanded early WHICH is not a good timing for SNSD.

    Many cassies are there in Japan, and mind you, they are solid fans, and they know what SM did to the DBSK boys, and SNSD did come from that lethargic company. So basically, SM isn’t smart to debut SNSD there in which they have laws against sued by JCJ trio. They can’t expect for Jaejoong to promote and market SNSD since they came from the same company BUT not. So, Jfans might just see them come and go.

    And those japanese girlgroups might undergone surgeries but they still look japanese. Dunno with the 9 girls because some of them don’t look like koreans anymore.

    Buying of articles are rampant in Japan so I don’t wonder how that man gave flattery words to these girls. But let’s just wait and see. If I’m wrong with my intuition that SNSD will not be successful there, then I’ll go back to this post and might as well admit my defeat. But overall I don’t think so.

    their timing isn’t good. Duh. I just feel worried about them. I know they just got their fame in korea last year (rolls eye) and now they are advancing fast. Sm, why the rush?

  5. congrats for your debut in japan…

  6. SNSD hwaiting!!

  7. I believe they are gonna be a big hit everywhere they go. 🙂
    Wait and see.
    Just know that, there are lots of SONEs out there supporting SNSD with everything they do.

  8. SNSD Fighting !! JSones Fighting !!

  9. Let’s see if they’ll make it! snsd fighting!

  10. I wanna see them fail.

  11. lets go soshi lets go

  12. i’m gonna miss them in kpop… 😦

  13. is this officially crossing over, like localizing ala what wg did to the states? if it is, they do have a chance, sme does pretty well when they focus on one thing, like what they did to dbsk and boa.

    if cross promotions, well nothings gonna happen really. it would be just a mere fan service because they cannot absolutely beat jpop girlgroups by merely putting their feet on the waters.

    good luck to them!

    • Crossing into Japan isn’t too hard. People forget this is Japan we are talking about. Not the US. In the US the chances of a Korean idol succeeding is like 90-10. Japan is more 60-40. Chances of SNSD succeeding with the help of their Sunbaes if needed are high.

  14. I wish them the best !

  15. Wish them luck :). Although i’m gonna miss them on variety shows T.T

  16. congrats to the girls!

    i wish them the absolute bestttt!!!! im hopeful they’ll do big things in japan. with nine members and nine different personalities, the only trouble they’ll have is within themselves and their ego. stay humble girls

  17. lmao i wonder how much they paid this man to over exaggerate…i wish them luck but these girls arent going to crack it… like i said not everyone is a dbsk story in the making!

    • Troll !! :P…
      man do i feel sorry for u!!!
      why dont u give them the benefit of the doubt…
      im a cassie as well as a sone …. and i remember dbsk didnt make it from the start they struggled as fuck!!!….performing in CLASSES…and all that….SNSD didnt even try and they charted on the oricon chart!!….the amount of japanese celebs that r blogging about them is insane!!!….i see them struggle a bit in the begining but also i see them being REALLY succesful !!

      • this person is just saying the truth, INsane. Don’t you know the different between a troll or someone who is just giving a remark? The different between DBSK is that, DBSK worked their ASSES off without no REAL promotion while SNSD have people promoting them like sh*T. Putting them in PAID articles and overexposing them in japan while DBSK got NONE. DBSK have no promotion and even when to low ratings music show and even went to the market to perform and even giving out leaftlets.

      • @tass : you’re just a jealous bitch saying SNSD doesn’t basically work their butts off.

      • your just a pathethic sones @T.T what tess said was true it is just that you sones wont admit it it…. from the start when snsd was said to promote in JAPAN hella japannese stars helped promotin them and DBSK basically got nothing… and next time is jealous bitch the only words that u could use on peopel that u dont agree on …

      • You guys are just jealous because nobody cared about DBSK in Japan when they debuted there. Face it, SNSD is already popular in Japan, THAT’S WHY people already like them and promote them.

        They didn’t get paid or anything.

      • seriously is “jealous” the only word you can use on us… grow up already sones… nobody is jealous of your SNSD get over it ….

    • dbsk this dbsk that I’m so tired of hearing ppl talk about only dbsk can break into Japan…who cares?? Why don’t DBSK go conquer my country the U.S. then will see whats up

      • you know i somewhat agree.

        japanese market doesn’t always equate to dbsk. like yeah they had a hard time, we get it, we commend them for being through so much and coming out so strong. but can we please, please stop crossing out every group who tries japan just because they’re not doing or not experiencing what dbsk did? jesus. it’s like people always bitch about how these groups cannot become dbsk. like relax, nobody’s gonna take that from dbsk anyway.

      • Totally agree.

      • Whatever. if it wasn’t for DBSK’s break through in Japan. NONE of these idol groups would even dare to step into Japan.

      • @Bonamana : how do you know ? Maybe they would have. DBSK didn’t invent the word “success” for Japanese artists. BoA was successful before them too.

      • @T.T your still not getting it right…… DBSK was the first korean IDOL GROUP to enter the Japan market … looks like someone dont noe how to read…

  18. Random, but HyoYeon looks exactly like Song Hye Kyo in that pic 😉

  19. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, emilyk9, Cynthia Tanuwijoyo, _haz0517, Yip Xuan Meng and others. Yip Xuan Meng said: RT @sookyeong: So Nyeo Shi Dae gets the green light for Japanese debut, "They are of a different level"! http://wp.me/phE2s-9Od […]

  20. omg we get it that their debuting in japan
    now shut up sm
    stop overexposing this girls

  21. I have to admit, i’m going to miss them in the kpop scene.

    I wish them good luck in japan, SNSD Fighting !!

  22. wrong time to debut big name are coming back AKB48 is releasing a sub group and Perfume is coming back there are the best girl group in japan for me.

    • i don’t know why but i don’t even think akb & perfume are threat to snsd debut…
      i’ve been a fan of jpop for more than 5 years now and their music is never change especially momusu and other boybands (eg; arashi)…
      perfume type of music might be little different but akb48 songs are soo typical of girls groups…

      • SNSD’s music are nothing special either. They’re just typical kpop girlgroup music.

        If CSJH who are actually talented and are unique (compared to other jpop girl groups) failed and if DBSK took ageeees to archieve the popularity in Japan, I doubt SNSD will be sucessful. SNSD has limitated talent and there’s nothing that make them stand out among jpop big artists/groups. SNSD’s music is nothing special and in Japan they’ll be seen just as a korean copy of Morning Mosume.

        Sorry. I’m just being realistic!

      • What about Kara? They have limited talents too.

      • ARASHI is effin awesome so STFU!

  23. wow I feel so excited, Good luck SNSD :3

  24. i will step away from this article because i’m sure the wanks & trolls will come
    but anyways GOOD LUCK SNSD ❤

  25. Omo I want to go to that showcase, but I live in Argentina TT__TT

    少女時代 がんばって!

  26. wow thats cool……
    i hope SNSD will be international girl group like pussy cat dolls.

  27. not to be a downer, but there is NO way they can make it against akb48;;;;;;;;;

    please stay in korea and stay popular and relevant there… i hate seeing groups i love go to other countries and start sliding…. ;__; big bang… another korean album please…??

    well.. i can understand the japanese better so i guess that doesn’t matter xD

    • BIG BANG T__T, although I like their solo, I feel like their solos are somehow falling the group apart 😦
      Good luck snsd

      • not really…as yu can see…Big Bang is still acting like a group. Even though they have solos, they are always bringing up their group name, BIG BANG. They support each other with their solo stuff. Like watching TOP’s movie, celebrating Tae Yang’s win, going on stage with Tae Yang (TOP)….yu can’t really say they are falling apart.

    • yeah but whats left for snsd? you know, its a repeating cycle. thats why i believe wg broke out of their shell and ventured into unknown lands. its exciting, succeed or not.

      every year is the same thing with minor differences and constant new groups sprouting so its only reasonable to take your talent elsewhere and explore the possibilities.

      but you know, i understand why you want them to stay. scared they might not succeed and come back as failures. but you never know until you try and you can only gain experience and mature if you try

    • uh i don’t know if they wouldn’t be able to make it against akb48..or achieve the goals sought out in japan. sm is a notoriously smart company (despite their fashion ouchies as of late) and gets what it wants most of the time.

      and as far as big bang goes…how have they “slid” by going to japan + doing solo activities? it is actually the exact opposite. by promoting successfully in japan and pursuing solo activities, the group as a whole and the members themselves have grown in popularity and in performance. that’s just my .2

  28. Ganbatte kudasai Shoujo Jidai ❤
    cant wait for their debut in japan.

  29. Good luck !

    • Go SNSD! I wish them good luck and hope God takes care of them and help them give them strength for the debut in Japan.

      소녀시대 Hwaitaeng <333!!!

      직음은 소녀시대~
      앞으 로도 소녀시대~
      용 원 히 소녀시대~

    • “their first showcase concert on August 25th at the Ariake Coliseum in Japan in front of more than 10,000 fans” wow thats interesting.

    • I wish them all the best for their Japan debut.
      I just worried for their health though. Hopefully they will always stay healthy…

    • I wish them nothing but the best in Japan. I’m excited yet nervous for their debut as we fans are anticipating their arrival there.

      I bet Jsones are happy, including..

      Inamori Hisayo (Model & Singer)
      Enosawa Manami (Model)
      Osawa Akane (Actress)
      Katsuya Rino (Idol Group)
      Watanabe Hikaru (Idol Group)
      Matsuda Misato (Actress)
      Edo Murasaki (Comedian)
      Umeda Erika (Singer)

    • Wishing all the best to SNSD ♥

      少女時代 jjang !!!!!

    • can’t wait for their Japanese debut!!!!!!
      soshi daebak !

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