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T-ara JiYeon’s first impression on BoRam, “What’s this elementary kid doing here?”

T-ara members revealed their first impressions of one another through their recent interview.

On KBS Entertainment Weekly aired on 17th July, the girls get together to spend some fun time together ahead of their debut 1st anniversary. Except for SoYeon, the girls went to a theme park for a guerrilla date with the show MC.

And through questions and answers, it was found out that JiYeon is the member who gave the best first impression and HyoMin was the one who gave the worst for EunJung. EunJung said, “When I first saw JiYeon when she was in high school 3 year, she had long eyebrows and she was pretty like a child. The first impression was good.” And on HyoMin, “Her first impressions and usual features are different. I thought she was a fierce unnie at first impression.”

For Boram, the member with best impression is JiYeon and the one with worst impression was also JiYeon. Boram said, “Her first impression was really good but after a few seconds, she turned cold and greeted ‘Hi I’m JiYeon. I’m 17.’ I still cannot forget that scene.”

JiYeon then responded, “Boram was so small and cute. And I thought ‘Why is an elementary school kid here’,” laughing.

For Q.Ri, the member with the best impression is HyoMin and the worst is EunJung, “The first few members I saw was HyoMin and EunJung. HyoMin was being very friendly to me that day while EunJung kept a distance from me and we didn’t talk much.”

Youngest member JiYeon picked HyoMin as the member who gave the best impression, “HyoMin unnie was really pretty when I first met her. She was prettier then than now”

S: Asiae

13 Responses

  1. I just like the girl which the fourth picture,although i didn’t know her name!

  2. Yea Boram really stands out, but it’s sometimes cuz she looks awkward.

  3. Maybe this is just me but I think T-Ara is divided in half which is EunMinJi and BoRi :/ their bond is not that strong…

    • Maybe I just happened to see the right photos, but I’ve seen pictures of Eunjung and Jiyeon clutching/holding hands with Boram. I can’t remember about Hyomin, Soyeon and Qri. I always get the feeling that Boram and Jiyeon get along quite well.

  4. Haha, Jiyeon saying that Hyomin was prettier pre-debut 😛

  5. thats funny. Boram does look really young. She’s a cute unnie!

  6. When I frist saw T-ara I liked Hyomin the most 😀
    Now I like everyone especially Ji Yeon ^^

  7. I think Boram might look her age if her hair wasn’t short. I saw a CF when she had long hair and she looked really pretty.

  8. I agree Boram looks so young I cant believe she is older than me its harrd to believe that she is 24 when I first saw her I thought she is 14 15 but not adult

  9. Boram does look like a kid. Girl doesn’t age. Makes her stand out in T-ara though and sometimes not in a good way.

    Hyomin looked so much better pre-debut than after debut. That doesn’t happen very often in the kpop idol world does it?

  10. HAHA, I love how the Jiyeon thought Boram was a kid. She looks so tiny! It’s hard to perceive her age.

  11. Teehee, JIYEON ❤
    we think alike x)

    When I first saw T-Ara, I liked Hyomin the most and dislike Jiyeon xD, but now, I like them all, except eunjung for some reason :0

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