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After School to look for its 9th member through open auditions

After School will get its 9th member.

A Pledis representative told Newsen on 20th July through a phone conversation, “We plan to add one more member through an audition.” The audition will have 3 rounds and the finalist will join After School as the 9th member.

The audition will take place from 30th July till 16th August, and participants have to be from their teens till age of 26. There is no limitations on the nationality. In fact, it is kept in mind that it will aid After School when they do promotional activities overseas.

The new member will be announced on 1st September.



52 Responses

  1. I would love to participate unless I know how to speak in Korean.. LOL!!!

  2. I think any age can join the group, as long as there is talent and she is not Childish,Bitchy or anything… It would be Okay even though it’s 10 Years Old .

  3. i wanna audition! but im short. lol! hehe!

  4. omg. i miss the OLD 5 MEMBER AFTER SCHOOL….
    like , the original ones were the actually talented and brought stuff too the group..
    raina basically took over jungahs parts and now jungah like has barely any lines in their songs..
    lizzy and nana also barely have any lines.
    and uee…. is just overrated. like its not like she has a fantastic voice or anything and she always has the same expression.
    jungah, bekka, and jooyeon are like being pushed away …
    and too me, i think bekka is a waaay better rapper than gahee. and like yeah gahee has a hot body and shes pretty and stuff, but sometimes i think that she thinks that shes the sh**. like she practically had half the lines in because of you and bang…

  5. seriously another member? sorry but its just starting to sound like a gimmick now.

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  7. I personally dont think that AS needs another member. There are too many groups with a lot of members already. I think AS with 8 members is more than enough….

  8. They need to stop adding new members like it’s nothing!

    One of attractive things about idol groups is the friendship between the members. By adding new members constantly, it’s completely ruining that feeling of closeness between the members.

    • this stupid people complains about everything
      adding new memebers is their CONCEPT
      since the start of the group pledis said they will be like MM
      so why are you surprised???why asking to stop!!!!

      • MM’s rotational system was there for a REASON. They’re not doing that for fun or just so they’d be ‘different’. They do it basically to keep the group young and not totally lose its youthful appeal. It’s not even the same for AS if you look at them now because they have ‘older’ members still and Pledis haven’t accomplished all of them being known yet.

        I’m actually all for this MM tactic Pledis’ seem to try using because it’s a really good idea and given the right usage it could actually propel AS up there. But oh well.

    • Have you SEEN PlayGirlz School? They’re all seem pretty close and have a VERY interesting dynamic different than any of the other girl groups I’ve seen.

  9. Umm…wwow. I don’t think they should add more. Just form another girl group. Do they even have males from that company?

  10. man, i was just getting used to the new lineup too. i guess it won’t be too bad if the new member is beyond talented and can hold her own next to gahee, raina, jungah, and bekah. cuz even the existing members haven’t made their memorable marks on me yet. and i’m supposed to be a huge fan of them. well….. at least, i was a huge fan of the 5-member After School. i love raina, tho. she’s adorbs. and uee?? beyond cute. she’s getting better so i don’t understand why ppl are giving her so much flack.

    well, looking forward to the outcome of this new addition^^

  11. oh no >_< why ???
    i love them just like that ^^ 8 members

  12. Well i’m an AS fan and i honestly don’t mind. I guess i’ve gotten used to this haha. As long as non members leave, i’m cool. In fact i’m shocked by how quickly Nana, Raina and Lizzy have managed to mesh into AS.

    I do hope that the new member isn’t a youngin’. No more new Maknae, i want a 20-something year old member.

  13. I’m not surprised because Pledis said it is their concept but I didn’t expect a new member so soon !

  14. NOT AGAIN 😦
    that is girls really good & and i tinke they are enough

  15. WHAT????? Another member more ??? ughhh
    please no more..

    I’m tired of all this.

  16. More people!

  17. As long as the new member have other member’s strong abilities, nobody will critise yeah. better work hard new member!

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  19. this is so stupid after school you will never gain a true fanbase with this shit

  20. hahah lol, I thought this would happen! Ga Hee said that she was afraid this would happen. and here it is, it happened again. Will they ever stop?

  21. i saw on another article the age range is 10-26~ so a 10yr old can possibly b a new member O_O lols…

    soon, AS will need a minibus to carry them to their schedules~

  22. 9 is a round number too.

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  24. I think they’re adding new members because I feel that a few members may graduate soon. Kahi with her solo debut and JungAh has very strong vocal capabilities. I’m not saying anytime soon, but when they do they’ll be prepared with members already having joined.

    • i think your right is time for Kahi to go solo.

    • If Kahi leaves, then I have a feeling After School fans will drift more to her becoming solo anyways since the attention in the group is mainly on her, Jung Ah and Raina.

  25. Lol next think you know After School will turn into AKB48 ahaha xD

  26. Omo? Really? I don’t know… haha. I don’t know how to react.

  27. Auditions open for any nationality and where/when does the audition commence?

  28. Too fast. They’re not even finished yet with their sub-group plans.

    • its not like the new member will debut right away. she will probably train at least for 6 months or so.

      • Hun, I said I find it too fast because one, they haven’t finished those sub-groups yet, two they just introduced lizzy, three all of them aren’t really well-known yet. Let’s admit it, the line-up changes they do is fast compared most groups.

        This MM tactic pledis has is actually good, if done correctly.

    • Do they really need another new member?
      Other than Gahee, Raina, JungAh and UEE the rest are quite ‘useless’

      • that is not fair, i believe Bekah def adds an edge to the group and without her we would forced to listen to “engrish” raps like other groups.
        and what exactly does Uee bring besides this random popularity that i do not get at all! Chick is plain, not that great a singer or dancer and sometimes she looks cross eyed.

        man kpop brings out a mean side of me, i need to just not comment from now on, lol. but a 9th member is beyond unnecessary.

      • Who cares??? After School SUCKS.

      • @totally abs

        Yeah, Bekah is a better rapper than Gahee. Too bad, she’s underrated. I don’t understand why Gahee gets the rap part eventhough she is not as good as Bekah.

        So far I don’t see Nana and Lizzy’s potential as idols. Pretty but boring. Not a good singer either.

      • “Who cares??? After School SUCKS.” +1


      • for those who said AS sucks: get a life guys. girls should be tough like them. acting cute while they’re not is so yesterday. and one more thing, AS dance is the best among all girls group though their choreographer sucks.
        if you don’t like AS that much then why do you read this? even made unecessary comments.
        agree that they are too fast since Lizzy is also new, and I haven’t get familiar with Orange Caramel too. pledis should give the rest of the member time to shine first, then add someone new.

  29. wow! audition and for the first time, my age fits! haha!

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