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f(x) Krystal for August issue of Nylon, “Don’t look like a high schooler”

f(x) Krystal reveals a new photoshoot.

The upcoming issue of Nylon magazine will feature Krystal as the covergirl for a photoshoot. This issue will also commemorate the establishment of the magazine in 1999.

In the photos released, Krystal was seen with much more feminine and matured features, different from her usual features in f(x).


18 Responses

  1. In my opinion, I don’t find her that pretty, or pretty at all actually.. If you compare her to other girls, her face is ordinary. And to be honest, I thought she was the oldest in

    – Don’t bash on me, this is my OWN opinion.

  2. she looks more mature than her unnie jessica.

  3. I’m a high schooler and she puts me to shame xD

  4. wow I really like that pic.
    honestly I think she is beautiful… cant wait for more photos

  5. For some unknown reason I never find her pretty or attractive.
    She’s kinda … ordinary.
    Not hating or anything, just saying.

  6. She does look like a high schooler… =\

  7. omo she is really beautiful and hot :O

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  9. She’s gorgeous.

  10. but its ok for idol high school-ers to look sexy.

    . . . uh huh . . .

  11. ah
    Krystal looks so hot lol
    yeah she much more feminine ^^
    i love F X ^^

    KRYSTAL <33333

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