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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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SHINee ‘Lucifer’ MV revealed!

The full mv to SHINee’s comeback 2nd album title song ‘Lucifer’ has been released at 3pm by SM Entertainment.

Love it or not?


72 Responses

  1. i think the song is starting to sink in to me.
    im glad though that the mv saved the song.
    not bad for a song..and the mv is good. 🙂

  2. guess I’m the only one that actually likes the song -_-
    Onew…… uhmmm. Somehow it reminds me of Backstreet Boys mixed with N’sync

    Taemin is a beautiful girl….. umm, boy

    it seems like my taste is kind of weird because i like Key’s hair

    Jjong, I like the body ;P

    Minho, he’s improved.

  3. SHINee always brings out the best!
    Key’s hair is not that bad either, it’s creative and outstanding.
    Can’t wait for their new album to be released, SUPPORT!

  4. well puberty sure dıd good to taemın *0* ı dont know why everybody hates the song but ı lovee ıt and the vıdeo. ıt kında seems lıke bonamana but ı love ıt. ıts very orıgıonal to me soo ı apprıcıate the effort. but SM ıs makıng them very tıred there not anımals u cant work them lıke u want to. THEY NEED A BREAK. but ı love the and vıd over all.. and keys haır. ıts brıllıant

    • lol, puberty? Taeminnie is 16, he’s already well past that stage– he does look very hot though ❤ girly, but hot. But in the jacket, he looks very manly.

  5. hahaha the guy with the shave blonde hair on oneside
    has my hair
    im shaved one side and blonde with short hair
    so cool hahahah

  6. lol this MV is ironic cu z everyone llokes super toned with nice bodies. teamin has been working out….. and contrast to some of the guys flowing hair and make up….

    second i just realized that taemin is the dancer of the group cuz its seems like in all the choreographies he always ends up in the middle in most part of the song.

    please taemin i wanna see the face, not hair. onew……*sigh*
    key looks cute and jogyun looks sexii as always

  7. sooo is Taemin a girl now or something?
    I feel like an old woman watching this…I’m only 20…why does Shinee make me feel like a middle-age woman? T.T

  8. the choreography is really good, but the concept…fails!

  9. i really dont think this ‘concept’ is good. this should have been their concept for their debut or something. WTF did they do their hair?!? the only good hair now is taemin’s.
    and jonghyuns?! my BABY!!! 😦
    their hairstyles & style for their ‘ring ding dong’ was much better & fit them better. this hairstyle & style it just takes away how how they are..the song & dance is good, but their hairstyles- major fail.

  10. I haf no complaints wif de mv..it shws a more mature side of shinee..a far cry frm their replay dayz..im sooo diggin it.. onew n taemin lookz more manlier den eva..minho lookz cute like a high sch kid..key oozes sex appeal wif hiz new do..he lookz mre confident n gives off a bad boy attitude vibe; like a rebel..so hot..finally,my fave jonghyun ah looked very de yummy s usual..he waz sizzlin in ring ding dong,in lucifer he juz raised de temp 2 100 deg celsius..he looked like he haz bin workin out n hiz sexyback prove results..i cld juz melt @ de thought of jonghyun,tink i cant sleep aft tiz juz tinkin bt him..in short,shinee neva fails 2 deliver..im sooo lookin 4ward 2 their cumbck stage.. shinee,u rock my world n leave mi wantin more.. =) *squeals in delight*

    • Haha agree with you, jonghyun oppa does look good in ring ding dong as well as lucifer =D

  11. wow why are there so many haters on here? over at allkpop, fans are exhilirated!

  12. Boring ..!!


  14. everythings alright except the hair…
    please do something about the hair
    i love taemins hair but for a girl LOL
    onews split… aigoo
    and keys shaved head …
    minho and his short cut is ehhh
    jonghyun has hair all over the place
    i wish their hair would be somewhat normal again

  15. The music is kind of a ummm , the choreography is somewhat predictable and the set up/style is ummm. I’m really surprised.

  16. Did they really need to do THIS to Key ?! T__T

  17. Aduwh keren bangedh..!!!!
    Diliad berkali-kali g bosen bosen….
    Oppa oppa quw…!!!

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  19. Still not loving the song, awesome mv though. And the choreography is killer.

  20. i actually like key’s hair =P i think he looks extra SEXY with that cut~
    but i can see that not everyone thinks so, huhuhu..
    i’m amazed at how taemin looks so feminine and yet so HOT with that hairstyle, huhu. so pretty ❤

    cant wait for their comeback stage~
    Shinee fighting!

  21. I have to say the MV and the whole thing save the song..
    Well i think they bring out the randomness and make themselves a bit different from the idols that came out recently with their hairstyles.. Taemin as girly the hair do to him for me i found it to be cool, it looks so manga-ish and japanese for some reason and it fits him. as for KEY this guy is daring for sure.. he always wants to be different and dislike anything ordinary hahaha.. Minho cut his hair, his hair now reminds me of their nuna neomu eppo days.. :p minho have more lines :p and his voice sounded different..
    Man do i have to wait four days for their live peformance :s

  22. I’m starting to get use to their new hairstyle ^^ .
    Love the mv and song ❤
    GOGO SHINee ^^ !

  23. I only have a complaint about Onew’s hair…
    Key hair is fine… His hair reminds me of Sungmin’s hair style in SuJu’s second album Dont don…I dont think there are many ppl can or dare to have that hairstyle..Very charisma.
    And at some angles, Taemin looks like Heechul… But I think he looks good and different with this long hair, better than mushroom hair style with the bang… He grows up… ^^

    • Ahahah Heechul xD Nice Comparison it made me Lol.
      But it sorta does look …somewhat like Heechul.

      Because of his glare and …his developing muscles, Taemin looks like a guy despite his hair.

      The only hair I really hate is Onew’s 90’s middle split hair…..
      Great Mv, Key manages to pull of the look

  24. the song’s fine. sorry you guys are trapped in the 90s and can’t appreciate new styles.

  25. apart from hair and song, everything else is good,
    sorry middle split is very disturbing to the eye

  26. kyaaa~~~~~~ Taemin sooooo damn cute.. My cutie.. taemin.. i love u sooo much.. *going crazy for taemin*

  27. Lastly….. It’s revealed…..

  28. okay, everyone knows that these guys are talented– except minho i guess. they are all good looking, fun, and all. they have the whole package. but.. come on guys– put all that aside and imagine that the boys who sings this song is ugly and old, u guys will to tally go


    but yeah, bcs they are cute and all.. so the song is super!!!

    • yeah.. i agree.. dun actually like the song but because my taemin is so DAMN CUTE in it.. i just have to accept it

    • um, excuse you.

    • If you like a band cause of their looks or what so ever, you failed to be a fan. So, shoo you go =) . These songs are gr8!

      • uh… im not a fan. not an anti either. if they give me good songs then yeah, im a fan. but after noona and amigo, everything else they give is not my type of song.

      • im not a fan i admit. i only notice Shinee because of noona and jojo and the rest of their song i dun like much.. if im a fan i will have to except everything about them good or worse right.. but i really hate to hear crapping song that’s why im not a loyal fan. wth im not a fan at all.. haha

        well u can say im not a fan of a BAND/singer but im a loyal fan to songs that is good.. happy enough?

    • THIS! I don’t dislike/like them but I don’t find this song THAT great…

    • “except minho” wth sorry but Dun u see how much he has improved in this album compare to the 1st album???? In term of both vocal and rapping. His voice in those ballads is beautiful. It is not the best voice but he does has a lot potential and is improving so dun say stuff like that >.>

      • well…. in terms of improvement, maybe but come on, take away that pretty face of his u wont say he is that talented. but, what i can say is that he has the stage presence and charisma, that is why maybe he is loved and called talented for. just because he is a singer , a part of an idol group or something doesn’t mean he is talented in singing.

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  30. the mv is ok but the song SUCKS!

  31. they sure are trying to go for an edgier look.
    to be honest, i thought the teaser was promising, but now with the full song, so disappointed.
    sounds like all the other SM songs currently out now
    not very impressed.

  32. disappointed oh well

  33. oh the hair…well i guess if they are going to shave half of someone’s hair it should be key since I think he is the only one that has enough charisma to make you almost ignore the horrendous thing on top of his head (they all have charisma but I think the only one who can attempt to pull off this hairstyle is key). Taemin’s hair does in some scenes makes him look like a girl but it some scenes he can pull it off. Onew’s hair kind of gave me a 90s flashback though.

    Not feeling the choreography since I know how talented these guys are and what kind of choreo they can handle, but I will wait for the live since the choreo may be more complicated than shown in the video.

    otherwise decent song and good music video. honestly I think there are stronger songs on the album but Lucifer should be fun to watch them perform.

  34. O….M…G!!!!

  35. their hair …

  36. dongbangshinki 2.0
    in a good way

  37. whoa! nice video and song I really love it although i’m a bit disgusted of their hair 😦 nice song again SHINee!! hwaiting!!:)

  38. I can’t help but laugh whenever the scene changes to onew with his 90s split hair.

    It’s ironic how Shinee…a boyband, has a member that looks like a girl while f(x)…a girlband, has a member that looks like a guy.

    The choreo is good though. I really like all the hand/arm (tutting?) moves in the beginning of the song…a real eye-opener.

  39. Taemin downright looks like a girl in this.

  40. love it i hate the hair they need to change Taemin style he look like one of gay friend.

  41. The song is lousy, the Guys are cute, lithe and have some nice dance movements~~~
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

    • i agree, the song’s beat is so…. unpredictable? rather weird.. i don’t know.. and there they go again with the english words that doesn’t make sense..

      not hating on shinee though, just saying..

  42. awesome choreography!! gotta love it 😀

    • agree! their choreo is so damn HOT !!!!!

    • Agreed.. I loved the trailer but not so the song.. But after watching MV, I have to admit the choreography is awesome… 🙂 It saved the song 😀

  43. omo…what has SM done to their hair!? wtf….

    • I know… where did half of Key’s hair go?! I want it backkkkk!!

      However, I do have to say, I was expecting complete and utter disaster after seeing the first teaser pics. Now that I’ve seen the MV, their new looks are surprisingly coherent. Yes, Onew looks like he’s from the 80s and Key looks like… I don’t know, but Minho, Taemin and Jonghyun looks pretty good!

      I’m really excited for their comeback now!

  44. That was some good video.

    I wish sme would give the same production value to f(x) in the future. -__-

  45. yes … i do ~~

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