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SHINee sweeping on and offline music charts with ‘Lucifer’ as soon as the song was released

SHINee’s 2nd album ‘Lucifer’ goes up to the #1 spot on various on and offline music charts as soon as it was released.

The album title song ‘Lucifer’ is up #1 on various music chart real time chart when it was released on 19th July. And on 20th July, the song is up #1 on various music site daily charts like Dosirak, Cyworld and Bugs. Apart from that the album is also #1 on the daily album sales chart on Hanteo site. All this points to the heated interests music fans have for SHINee’s comeback.

The MV to the song will be released on 20th July. And the boys will have their comeback stage performing ‘Lucifer’ on 23rd July on KBS Music Bank.



46 Responses

  1. the album is awesome πŸ™‚ ❀ loved all of the songs.

    if you guys havent tried out the album, at least check it out before you decide πŸ˜€ theres a lot of different types of songs that can appeal to different types of ppl πŸ™‚

  2. Actually, Lucifer hit NO.1 in charts just after ONE HOUR!!!!!!! How cool is that?? After one hour… TOP OF THE CHARTS!!!

  3. they were supposed to be contemporary so…. they’re not to stick with only one style, expect changes.

  4. hope shinee wil haf success wif othr songz s well.. shinee iz nt a grp wif a bunch of pretty faces onli..they r talented s well..datz wat matters..jonghyun’s vocals daebak 2 de max..shinee 5 stars wil kip on shinin 4 a very long tyme.. =)

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, XueLi, Rue, Dyg M., Narisha and others. Narisha said: RT @sookyeong: SHINee sweeping on and offline music charts with 'Lucifer' as soon as the song was released http://wp.me/phE2s-9P2 […]

  6. I’m in love with this song omg <33333!!
    Obsession and Quasimodo are awesome too, others too! πŸ˜€

    GO SHINee!

  7. ehh… i didn’t really like it that much (but then again I didn’t really like Ring Ding Dong and this song has the same style as that so…). idk, i haven’t listened to their whole album yet, but i really liked the days when they were singing λˆ„λ‚˜λ„ˆλ¬΄μ˜ˆλ»…

  8. well I think what happens in kpop is that girl groups do better in online charts while boy groups do better offline with album sales. Of coarse their are exceptions here and there but most of the time its like that.

  9. The fact that you guys took time to hear the whole album to be able to judge that you don’t like it or only like one or two…thank you …it is certainly indicated an interest

    The fact that you guys took time to read the article and type the comment and reply …and even looked for people who supposedly did better (cough YG cough) or took time to give your premonition like ..bonamana, SNSD, not well selling digitally …thank you it is to me showed an interest

    …..took time to lash out your hateful and spitful comments…thank you it is definitely an interest

    GO SHINEE!!!

    • Well, I have slight interest in Shinee because even tho they are from SME, unlike SJ, there are members who can sing very well, like JongHyun. And even though I only like a few songs from them, I like that they try different types of songs (not just typical kpop stuff) like Juliett. So having had this opinion, I had somewhat hopes for this album, since it is their 2nd studio album, and I could at least expect different music. But I was pretty disappointed with Lucifer. Like what most people said, it seems like a song that was meant for SJ, and not for the vocal capabilities and style that this group has. Now, I haven’t heard the entire album yet, so I hope that the rest of the album will at least live up to my expectations… Because otherwise, sadly, my last hope in liking a group from SME will end here…

      • Listen to Life, Obsession, A-Yo, Love Pain, Your Name and Love Still Goes On. These are pretty imo.

        I actually only have 2 songs that i dont like. But the rest…i really like them

      • er…*pretty good LOL

  10. Video’s up. And I actually liked it.

    This is the best album sme produced this year imho, so I absolutely have no problems if it’s currently ruling the charts right now.

  11. they are a contemporary boy band, so that means they have to go with the trend and not stick with the old…but why bring taeyang into this he’s awesome, but this article is about SHINee..

  12. like Bonamana was #1 on various music charts but dead dropped about 4~5 days later right? I guess Lucifer will have the same fate too….

  13. yeah they are doing good offline sale but online not that good i think only SNSD can really sell digital music from SM Shinee is number #1 now on daily chart but tomorrow they will drop there real time charts ranking is not impressive.

  14. im surprised considering that I only like 2 songs. And what the heck is Taemin wearing? He looks like….

    and O_O is that Jonghyun…behind? Holy….

  15. It’s easy to say ‘oh, it’s all those blind fangirl buying multiple copies’…but doesn’t this apply to every idol in kpop these days. I don’t see anyone saying it’s all vipz helping taeyang do well e.t.c.

    Just wait and see, if the song is still doing well in like 2 weeks time, then it can REALLY be considered a sucess amoungst fans and non fans.

  16. stay pressed and fat, haters.

    shinee > your life.

  17. aigoo … I’m addicted to this song!
    SHINee is awesome! ❀

  18. congratulations shinee. genuinely happy for them even though i’m not a fan of both SMTown and Shinee. they’re a talented lot. but the i still say lucifer is not exactly a song i’d want shinee to sing. all the songs in their album are better than the title track.

    they’ll probably get number 1 on comeback like they did with RDD. im still waiting for them to release something as good as replay.

  19. its all those young fangirls. what better things to do in the summer than keep voting for these dudes…..

    catchy music will always prevail…there is nothing real about kpop anyway~ it all runs on popularity and what’s trendy….

    • fangirls don’t vote. they clearly have to shell out money for their oppas to matter.

  20. because they are Shinee but honestly the song wasn’t anything great.

    • neither was the rest of the album. i liked about 3 songs max.

    • obsession is quite possibly the best kpop song of 2010, just sayin’.

    • lolz yup obsession was definitly best song in the album for me but not enough to be the best kpop song 2010 there is a possibilty but i’m pretty confident that YG artist wont dissappiont me…

      • no need to mention YG artist…that’s unnecessary.. πŸ™‚

      • O.O ohh well I’m just sayin…

      • This is why it’s hard for YG to live up to the expectations… So us YG artist fans shouldn’t have too much high hopes cuz nothing will be able to live up to them. Just saying.

      • yea, stop mentioning yg artists, it kinda make the fans appear cocky too

      • O.O i’m sorry if i offended any of you but i’m just expressing my opinions….

    • and yeah obsession was the song i liked the most from the album, i loved it after the first play. but i wouldn’t go as far as to say its the best song of 2010.

  21. Yep…
    Their music style changed.

    I actually prefer their previous musics.
    This on is kinda similar to other music trends nowadays that require not so much vocal ability.

    Still, I love them.
    Hope they will perform well as they always do.

  22. key key key jjang!!!
    cant wait till they release their mv!

  23. i love SHINEE but their full length album is quite disappointing..i only like 2 or 3 songs from the album..other songs are a bit monotonous…i duno but maybe its just me..
    anyways, i know they will still be topping the chart! its SHINEE!!!
    i want to see Taemin and Onew on stage!!! i’m excited! πŸ˜€

  24. Can’t wait!!! The boys deserve this. πŸ™‚ SHINee fighting!

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