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So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon criticised for showing the finger?

With criticisms aimed at So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon in a video released showing her swearing fingers, fans voiced unfairness for the singer.

A video was posted up on internet community site Bestiz recently and subsequently netizens have circulated and posted the video on various other video sites, garnering much interests.

The video was from a radio show which TaeYeon did with gagwoman Kim ShinYoung a year ago and in the video, TaeYeon did what seemed like swearing with a finger. And this had garnered heated debate between netizens.

Fans’ responses are, “They were drawing emoticon and Kim ShinYoung didn’t understand and TaeYeon was just trying to explain to her” while some netizens commented, “How can she make such a gesture on broadcast show” etc.



80 Responses

  1. hahaha BITCHY ATTTITUDE seriously she sucks i dun know why she can become famous

    she can just die somewhere~

  3. hmmm.. she may not really mean to do it coz she was just explaining. but there are other ways to explain it, like you can just say middle finger or whatever. and she’s so aware that it’s bora and anyone can view it, should have been more careful.

  4. I thought Taeyeon didnt mean to do that. A lot of people seems do that when they didn’t realized. K-netizens are always thinking a lot with something that not important for actual.

  5. i don’t clearly know the detail

  6. oh so she was trying to explain?
    she could’ve just pointed on her middle finger
    can’t really expect the best manners from this girl

  7. Yea, this is definitely something Antis can use.
    Though I admit that it doesn’t look smart to do the middle finger because obviously you’re gonna be critize for anything that people find “un-ladylike”.

    I think she has courage to actually do it. Korea is so uptight and strict.
    You see Celebs do that all the time to random people and cameras in the US.

  8. LOL antis are PATHETIC.

  9. woah, that is so rude of her to do it on broadcast. i mean she is a idol and shouldn’t do it infront of public. recently her making insensitive comments about music bank and now this isn’t making me like her any sooner oh wells.

  10. Yeah rite stands are such angles with vocabularies containing words s**t,b***h,f**k.Go clean your own dictionary first before criticizing other u low life idiots.

  11. Being a celebrity doesnt need rules not to do this and that. Why you netizens are so busybody into their life? Just mind your own business.

  12. Why those people have to be so freaking free, is there nothing else that u can do in your life? Just some small little things doesn’t need to be too serious, but yet they have to make it like a big issues, why can’t they just use the time they spend to critic people on other things that at least have contribution to the society, to the country, or even to the world…….

  13. and oh yeah HATERS, i will send you some ticket to the Hell for free ๐Ÿ˜€


  15. oh cmon netizens, pick a better issue please LOL

  16. Sorry but I use to think Tiffany had the most scandals but now it seems half of these scandals are caused by her.

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai. mai said: K Bites: So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon criticised for showing the finger? http://bit.ly/dpMisw […]

  18. *Yawn* boring netizens picking up the smallest thing SNSD had done in the past. Nothing new really…

  19. Sookyeong Unnie i think you need to filter the comments again -.- [kamsahamida for the article~]

  20. she showed that sign for all you stupid haters and antis

  21. sookyeong if translated that article, translate this as well
    ^stating that this ‘finger’ controversy isnt worth discussing.
    i mean come on, anyone with a brain would know she’s not actually swearing or meaning any malicious intent. i feel bad for all the celebrities that have to deal with this crap.

  22. Sorry to disappoint you… nope… I never flipped the sign before.. even in my angriest moment…

    If I was in this condition, I would just have said ,”It’s a cuss sign. Referring to men’s part of the body.” That’s it… is that hard?

  23. Wow… she points to something with her middle finger and it’s a field day for haters.

    Grow up, people.

  24. This is actually boring. I bet every single netizens had flipped the bird before. She made a mistake and she’ll learn from it. I find it normal cuz it’s what HUMANS do -_-

  25. … I’m always happy to hear about Taeyeon, but whoever is doing this is starting to get beyond pathetic…

  26. wth. these kind of comments are gettin on my nerve. its like an endless war on every snsd articles between sones n stand.
    taeyeon, fuck u bcos u r one ruthless bitch.

    sones n stand fuck u 2 bcos both of u sucks.

    kim shin young. i hope u always entertaining us with ur funny jokes. kim shin young hwaiting

  27. k netizens are really something -__-

  28. I want a show with Kim ShinYoung and taeyeon together.

  29. honestly I think Knetizens over react to everything to much

  30. lol I find these clips really funny.

  31. What’s new about her being disrespectful?

    • What’s new about haters hating ?

    • Except she isn’t even being disrespectful, she’s showing Shinyoung what an emoticon on Chin Chin’s fanforum meant since she didn’t understand Taeyeon’s explanation so she showed it to her.

  32. no offense butโ€ฆ. korean netizens are lame.

  33. Netizens must be really bored and have nothing else better to complain about now that most scandals have been put down. Get a life.

  34. srly, some korean people really need to get a life.

  35. HAHAHAHA… Just last month, she was being rude to the Wonder Girls and Music Bank, acted like a bitch in front of the whole world because she didn’t get what she want and now this? HAHAHA… Taeyeon, ILU. Keep doing what you do because it’s really hilarious. Your really make us antis proud. But maybe once in a while, try to make Sones proud too. It seems like you’re spoiling us too much.

  36. Give her a break.
    I think I understand now why do so many Korean artistes commit suicide.
    They are put under controversies of minor shits, plagiarizing and non-stop hurting criticisms, insults.
    I know it’s their job to be under scrutiny but is it their job to being cursed at, pointed out the tinniest flaw like having 1 strand of white hair?
    Korea is undeniably one of the World’s leading country who have surpassed countries like Japan, thus I understand there’s always people to pull them down.
    I mean it’s inevitable to face such things when you are at the top, there are loser who’d try all ways and means to pull you back down to their level. But you must not succumb to it.
    Weaker ones would, which result in son many suicide cases int he recent years.
    But I just hope netizens ( good word to describe them — NETIZENS — Go to the NETHERWORLD [hell] ) would stop doing things at the expense of another human due to overwhelming jealousy and/or having no-life.
    Because think, how would you feel if your kin is a celebrity, and he/she commit suicide due to the remarks he/she reads about himself/herself online?
    I know you may say things like, “Come on, there are millions of people like me writing these remarks so why should I give two flying f’s?”
    You still play a part, should any of your remarks been read by the person himself/herself.
    I’m sure you won’t do it if that person is your family/kin, so —
    Long comment I know, bear with me — You can skip this if you find it longwinded, but I just can’t take netizens’ bull-shit any longer. Bunch of shitty low-lifes.

    • i hope you realize that your a netizen yourself.

      but for the most part i agree with you. Netizens have cause the downfall of many talented people just by their words. Its horrible.

  37. Seriously, if it was not because of SNSD’s Taeyeon, would people even give a **** ?
    They are only targeting on SNSD. -_-“

    A year ago?
    Plus, read silli’s explaination. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The person who digged this video out and making a big fuss must have been bored the heck out of their life. o.o /pities

  39. if what sillis says is true i understand Taeyeon. But she could have just said to Shin young that it means the middle finger instead of actually showing it. Since its Bora and everyone can see it. That wasent the smartest move made by Taeyeon. This is another classic example of how the past can comeback and haunt you. We’ve had way to many of these during the last year and this year in kpop.

    • She did explain it, but Shinyoung didn’t get it at first so she showed it to her. You can see them laughing so obviously they find it funny and a joke.

      No one would care otherwise unless it was Taeyeon/anyone in SNSD, antis just want to use any excuse to make something negative out of nothing.

  40. zzzzz another news that got overblown just because it was taeyeon….

    can we just live in peace not hating each other? gosh
    even shinyoung already explained about it

    • โ€œThey were drawing emoticon and Kim ShinYoung didnโ€™t understand and TaeYeon was just trying to explain to herโ€

  41. She is seriously the stupidest kpop idol ever.
    when is she ever gonna learn? i mean, yeah, who cares if she does the middle finger, but then, she’s an idol and she voluntarily does it in front of the camera.
    Plus, it hasn’t even been a month or so from her diva-esque attitude controversy.

    Here’s a fact: From past to present, SNSD will never learn! Point blank.

    • hahahha, you poor girl.. I feel sorry for you xD

    • oh, you don’t need to. you should feel more sorry for Taeyeon.

      • lol only the antis and some netizens actually bashing on her. There’s nothing to worry about her except for you poor-minded anti tsk tsk

      • It doesn’t make her stupid. Of course it would be better to NOT use a middle finger in front of public since she is a celebrity, but she was only having fun with him.. I don’t think he took offense. xD so who cares?

    • Here’s the fact: you’re just another ugly-butt-faced-jealous anti of snsd.

    • You’re bloody idiot:
      1st: this happened when Taeyeon was still DJ at Chin2 last year (way b4 music bank incident).
      2nd: she is not actually using it to swear at someone
      3rd: what about u learn that trolling is rude.
      4th: you antis are pathetic, no life, up to no good people. i feel sorry 4 u

  42. T_T!

    i have people at work who INVOLUNTARILY show the middle finger when they are trying to express themselves.

    netizens are immature pre pubescent kids who have too much power.

    conclusion: Move on arsewipes! before i tell your mothers you’re all up late on the internet slagging off people…

  43. this one of the many times that i find the korean netizens stupid

  44. i find it funny!
    her reaction after she did that was the one that made her guilty well infact she didn’t do it to swear..
    i bet her haters are now rejoicing, it’s like they won again in the lottery..

    • agree. I’m not a fan but she and Kim ShinYoung were cute in that video kekeke

  45. lol she really flipped her finger

  46. “The news article is about Taeyeon’s “finger swearing” on Chin Chin. It’s another one of those overblown things SNSD gets targeted on.

    It’s Chin Chin bora from Sept 30 2009 when Kim Shinyoung visited. Shinyoung arrives and chats with Taeyeon during a song and some trolls were posting mini messages on Chin Chin that included the emoticon “ใ…—” which means the finger. Kim Shinyoung saw that and ask what it is and Taeyeon explained but Shinyoung didn’t understand so Taeyeon displayed the gesture for a moment to explain, that’s all. Shinyoung even later explained this on her radio. So it’s not like there was anyting malicious or any actual swearing going on. You can plainly see in the video that it’s not anything repulsive, and obviously no Chin Chin listener had any complaint back then.

    It’s just some usual antis who were making a fuss out of this video, people didn’t really pay that much attention to it. But the problem was that some intern reporter hungry for a scoop dug this out and made a news article out of it and anything SNSD is huge news so that’s how it got overblown, as usual.”
    cre: sili7noy2@soompi

    • Caps taken at that moment:

    • I’m not a fan of snsd, but if taeyeon was just explaining what ใ…— meant it’s no big deal. i had my friend explain it to me as well a long time ago…

  47. This shouldn’t even be an article –; (not talking about you sookyeong you’re just doing your ‘job’ :p talking about the guy that actually wrote this T_T)


  49. This vid was so long ago. Why are netizens only reacting now?

  50. lol she made it so obvious…lmao way to be discrete taeyeon

  51. HAHAHAH Daebak.. (can be taken in a good way or bad way. take your pick)

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