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SunMi, “I wanna hear ‘I like SunMi’ again!”

WonderGirls ex-member SunMi updates on her latest status on her Twitter account.

She posted up a recent photos of herself and wrote on her Twitter on 19th July, “I miss u guys!!! and I wanna hear ‘sunmika jo a~’ again!!! kkkkkkkkk”. In the photo, SunMi had appeared with much more matured and feminine features.

Netizens commented, “You look more feminine than before”, “It is great to be able to see more photos and update from you through Twitter from now.”

SunMi left WonderGirls in February and is currently pursuing her education.

S: MDToday


23 Responses

  1. Last Comment. WG’s are stuck in the past, because JYP can’t afford to go edgy or sexy with them. The WG’s have be Disneysized by the Jonas Bros concerts and being handled by Papa Jonas. If they go outside the box of wholesome nice girl image, all their efforts to make it in the States will be lost.

    Hence, their immature makeup, goofy hairstyles, and little girl outfits for 2 Different Tears. That video is funny because of Bobby Lee, but it’s for kids to laugh at. It’s STUPID FUNNY. Actually I feel back for the WG’s, I’m sure the members would like to go in a different direction.

  2. Don’t get me wrong. I was a huge WG’s fan too, but there is just nothing exciting about them anymore either. Without Sunmi the group is just good, but boring. Sunmi had a sparkle unlike the rest of the group. I feel Sunmi actually made Sohee more popular because they played off one another. I give Lim credit for coming in and replacing Sunmi, she’s done well, But doesn’t have that sparkle and charisma & mature sexiness Sunmi brought. I actually find it Lim cute, but odd looking. Sunmi was the center of the group and the others were a great supporting cast. With Lim, I feel the WG’s are a supporting cast with no leader or focal point. If Sohee had stronger vocals and was a lot more outgoing with a personality, then it might work. Sunmi brought glimmer to the diamond, but now the diamond has lost its shine. Lets see what JYP does, he may focus his attention on his new edgy group missA, WG’s might just take the backseat to them.

    • You’re makng sunmi out to be more than she was. She was the most average member. I mean that in terms of recognization. Fans obviously thought she was amazing, but nonfans didn’t notice her. Yoobin is noted for being the sexy rapper, sunye the great well-rounded leader, yeeun the power-house vocals, sohee for being sohee. Sunmi wasn’t really known. She was unfortunately the underrated member. If she was your favorite, well that sucks. Sorry. But as a real fan I support them all. (sidenote: you didn’t like 2DT but you realize had sunmi not left they would’ve still sang that song? Wonder if you would’ve liked it then)

  3. I don’t think WG is “dated” as some would say. It’s just that they are seniors to most of the new groups out there. And while there *are* some that are the same era or older, it’s WG that’s been the most successful internationally.
    Just based off that accomplishment alone, they deserve respect, and you don’t have to be a hardcore fan, or a Wonderful to realize that.

    As for SunMi, it’s good to see that she is connecting with the public, but I still feel a bit betrayed that she left the group (and I don’t wanna hear the “She didn’t leave, she’s on hiatus!” crap. She ceased doing WG activities, and some of you are saying “SunMi’s’s still a WG,” but won’t say the same about Hyun-A) when they needed her the most. Her “leaving” caused so many delays (think about that if you’re still waiting on the album from the presale site. And you KNOW I’m telling the truth).. But I *will* say that she did it for a noble reason, so I can’t really be mad at her.

    And I think Lim is filling that gap nicely. Also good to see that those of you who were so pro-SunMi and so anti-Lim are finally accepting Lim as a WG.. I feel that if you leave the group, you have to work extra hard to get back in.. Go back in the audition phase and train to catch up.. Who’s to say she’s in the same shape? Who’s to say she was still practicing all this time? Anyone watch sports? If LeBron James took a year off, and didn’t touch a basketball or stay in shape, there is NO FRIGGING WAY he would still put up 30 pts. a game, I guarantee you. It’s the SAME THING! Ppl. forget that this is a BUSINESS and hopefuls are banging the door down to get it. You’re in and have it, but don’t want it….?? It looks to me that if she comes back in at the snap of the fingers, then ppl. will ignore Lim, and we wouldn’t learn anything from this experience.

    Finally, I don’t wanna hear anyone talking about how “I’m bashing WG” or whatever. I actually own WG CDs (not illegal downloads like some of these “wannabe Wonderfuls”) and OFFICIAL merchandise w/ the exception of stuff I made; I’ve also been to 2 shows. Basically, I invested in their future, so I have a right to complain when I see my money not working for me. But enough of my rant, welcome back SunMi.. you’re gonna have to show me growth and drive to get me accepting you as a WG again. You get no free passes with me :p

  4. I always think it’s amazing how much a significant break and sleep can do for people! She looks fantastic.

  5. I kind of agree with the fact that the WG is “dated”. Really, I used to be up to date with all their activities, and forum walls. But not anymore, there is really not much to look forward to. Their talent really lacks a lot in terms of dancing, singing, media personality etc. Especially with Sunmi withdrawing from the group, its just not the same anymore.
    I hope she comes back, but more refined! If she ever comes back, I hope she would be in a group with talent! Best Wishes!

    • You wouldn’t be saying they had no talent if you had gone to one of their concerts.

  6. awwww~~ mimi i miss you too~!! you wanna hear it again??

    선미가 좋아요~!!!!! <3<3

    hope to see you soon!

  7. Okay,” I Like SunMi “

  8. SunMi, I don’t like youu…but I love you =)

    gosh..it’s so great to see her back ❤

  9. Leaving the Wonder Girls was the best thing for Sun Mi. Wonder Girls are dated. There no longer a FRESH group, and they are not evolving. I hope Sun Mi comes back solo or with another girl group. She has the most potentional out of the WG’s. If SoHee could sing, she’d have a good future as well, but she’s terrible and just eyecandy for the group.

    • umm…she didn’t leave. she’s on hiatus right now -__-

    • well if you call wonder girls “dated” when they only promoted the song for two weeks but still had 2dt on various music charts on the first half of 2010, then what would you call other groups i wonder? sunmi does have a lot of potential, but I hope she sticks with wondergirls if she does decide to come back.

    • @JKIM:
      Wonder Girls dated? What a joke.
      For your information, Wonder Girls started the trend that is recently being used in KPOP music. If it wasn’t for Wonder Girls bringing girl groups back to spotlight, you wouldn’t be seeying all these girl groups active.
      When it comes to impact and influence in korean pop music and popularity overseas, Wonder Girls is on the same status as BoA, Rain, DBSK and Big Bang because they set the standards and open doors for other korean pop artists/groups.
      For your information Wonder Girls latest single ‘2 Different Tears’ managed to be on the top 10 songs of the first half of 2010 even though Wonder Girls promoted the single only 2 weeks and even though it was released around the end of May and beggining of June (almost in the end of the first semester).

      • WG’s did bring back the Girl Group, but they’re still in the pasts. Nothing new with the WG’s, they’re not changing with the trends. The WG’s are stuck in a time machine and not moving forward. Can they move forward? I don’t think so, they can’t make the transition with the members, and lack of talent they have. They were good for the sake of bringing the girl group back and the dance crazes they set off, but that will be they claim to fame and no more. SunMi was the only relevant member with talent & looks to make any transition into the future. I thought HyunA leaving the WG’s was a mistake, but if you see where KPOP is going, HyunA made the right decision. She had an edge and was different, SunMi is different too. Sohee was special, but has turned into a wall flower with boring personality now. She rarely sings and they’re mostly recorded tracks. Sorry but the Mandu trend is out. 4MINUTE, 2NE1, & f(X) are bringing it all to a new level

      • @JKIM

        I agree, WG feels outdated now. But if you think about it, while Kpop idols are evolving in 2009, 2010 and releasing many tracks, WG only had one track in this long period of time. It wasn’t that amazing IMO, and they were barely there to promote it (a.k.a not enough news over a longer period of time to shove it in our faces that they’ve returned).
        One song doesn’t seem enough to prove or nullify the argument that WG can’t evolve as well. Who would’ve thought that SNSD can pull off Run Devil Run back in their 2007 debut days?

        And ugh, not about talent again. Their live performances on TV music shows and songs aren’t exactly always the best of their capabilities.

  10. I hope JYP lets Sun Mi return in Wonder Girls. I dont really care if they become 6 members. Hye Lim fits with WG, she gives WG additional strength since she’s good at dancing, singing and rapping. I saw her perform just 2 days ago, and she’s really awesome. She’ my new favorite 😀 after So Hee though… Lol.

    Back to the subject, Sun Mi needs to be with Wonder Girls 😀

    • Yeah! I hope she makes a comeback with Wonder Girls! After getting to know more about Lim’s personality and her talents, I started to like her! I think it would be awesome to have Wonder Girls as 6 members with Lim & SunMi both in the group! 🙂

  11. When i saw that tweet i almost cried of joy haha, it shows that our Sunmi is still a wonder girl at heart and it’s so sweet that she still thinks of us fans. Man, twitter is pretty awesome sometimes.

  12. I miss our little alien 😦

  13. awww I really miss her!! Come back and we sure will scream, ‘sunmika jo a~’ again super loud 😀
    She still looks so pretty. Hope she keeps us updated often.

  14. we all miss u sunmi

  15. I miss her 😦
    She’s my bias in WGs. =[
    But glad she’s doing well and still meet up with the WG girls =]

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