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Why Narsha does her styling in a hotel room and not at a styling shop

The set of costumes and hairstyle costs 3 million KRW. The reason to why Narsha does her styling not in a styling shop but in a hotel room?

Narsha who has recently started her solo activities will have to go to the hotel room instead of the styling shop to do her styling for her live stages. The reason is because there are too many stuff to prepare in terms of makeup, hair and clothes. Everytime her makeup and hair cost around 1 million KRW and her clothes will cost around 1.5 to 2 million KRW. In order to present the best, up to 3 million KRW is spent on just styling for her.

Officials also told Newsen, “We used quite a large amount of money on Narsha’s style. Just the makeup can cost up to 1 million KRW and for even more on clothes. The styling shops do not accept such services so we have the specialised artistes to do the makeup personally. We do the styling in a hotel near the broadcast centre.”

Narsha also wrote on her Twitter on 19th July, “It is a shame to clean the make up off. Bba bba bba roora”.

Meanwhile, Narsha is promoting her 1st solo album title song ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’.



13 Responses

  1. how can make up cost so much? theyre buying new products everytime or what? dang.

  2. What a waste of money. Her music isn’t even good anyway so where’s the profit?

  3. They could have just hired somebody over YT.. like Michelle 😛 She’s into that theatrical stuff nowadays anyways.

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  5. thats RIDICULOUS….. her album is not doing so well, her digital sales is doing ok…. what a way to dump money into a trashcan…

  6. couldnt she do the makeup herself?

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  8. come on guys
    that is over so much
    i think her company spent a lot of money more than sales of her album kekekekeke
    but her pic is really amazing she is look like a doll 🙂

  9. I agree. I think the cost is a bit excessive to spend every week, for every show. But since it’s her first time doing solo music activities, I guess she wants it to be the best.

  10. It’s too much in my opinion… oh well, if her company can afford to spend so much on make up and styling every week, why not.!
    Anyway i think her song is very addictive, the bbiribbabba part is great and i love the dance routine ^^”

  11. her make up in the pic make her look like a doll..

    the costumes in the MV were unique and i think most of them were costum made… !!!!

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