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YG, “GDragon’s concert too obscene? Contrary to the freedom of expression”

It is known that YG Entertainment has applied for the *위헌법률제청 on 16th July in Seoul East District Court under the regulations of public performance.

That day, YG’s representative Yang HyunSeok and the public performance team leader Jung (35) went through the first trial for the case of GDragon’s concert performance being criticised to contain too much sexual references.

Their legal representative Jung KyungSeok said, “This case goes against the rights for freedom of expression stated under the amended regulations of public performances. By the ratings by age, the concert can be viewed by teenagers above 18.”

Meanwhile, ahead of this in March, GDragon’s solo concert has been slammed with criticisms of having too many sexual reference which pose as a harm to the teenagers who attended the concert.


*위헌법률제청: From my understanding, this is a request for the court to reassess the case whereby the defendant has been ruled for violation of a law

Correct me if I’m wrong on the law terms stated.

94 Responses

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    GD haters coming out of their holes and roaming the earth. be careful not to get yourself dirtied by their filth.

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  7. its sad to see some fans bashing gd and ty… hopefully gdyb didn’t see comment here.. im as vip feel sad to see this thing happen..

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  9. aigoooo~
    this ‘HOT’ issue again!!
    just be strong GD and don’t ever think to commit suicide or anything!!

  10. What I find more stupid is that some people here actually equate that nanosecond act as a wrong representation of ‘freedom of speech’. Seriously. Way to generalize without even watching the perf, considering the song lyrics and even his age and state of mind during that time. If you think that he’s merely showing sex without any valid reason or valid connection to that one song, then you’re dumb.

    I wonder why they’re picking on him again. Wasn’t this over months ago?

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  12. lol oh trolls. keep chuggin that haterade.

  13. lol I need to double checked the date when I saw this article. So the case is not over yet ?

  14. Just want to say that teenagers are NOT innocent & the song is talking about …. (yeah a man not an idol).
    I watched the video and I’m still waiting for the sex scene!

    (hope my english is coherent, ^^)

  15. i thought this issue was over and done?!!!
    why bring this up all over again? *rolleyes*
    i swear! i have seen worse than that!!

  16. GD is LOVE!!
    i hate haters!
    know nothing,yet commenting.huh!

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  18. i wish people would read the lyrics to the song he was performing, and realize he isnt a teenager/child anymore. the boy is an adult, and he obviously much more mature. he’s not going to go on stage dancing with lollipops or any other childish thing.

    the song breathe was about finding his perfect ‘dream girl’ when he sleeps – basically he finds her in his dreams – hence the bed scene. it wasn’t like he took his or her clothes off to show it was sexual. he simply kissed her and that was it. the chains were a bit overkill, but its been done before.

    people just want reason to hate. just look at this post – its the same trolls on every post. you give them a controversy, they’ll eat it up.

    • this. amen. boy aint no toddler. he’s gunna grow up and do his thing and y’all would still be behind the screen hatin on the guy. psshhh…

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  20. Bend Over GDragon and spread yer Ddongkumong!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  21. freedom of expression my ass, what the hell is sex on stage supposed to be expressing? that he’s lonely and needs a one night stand? he’s supposed to be an idol? ruining the younger generation i swear.

    • Its a performance chill.
      The younger generation’s parents are responsible for ruining them.

    • puhaha in that case, more power to g-dragon!

      love people on the internet getting so angry.

    • oooh~! lay off the anger…. geez!

      are you seriously considering a one second hip roll to be “sex on stage”??? WTF? overreacting much?!?!? have you actually even seen the videos?? this case was in 2009. have you been living under a rock? there was hardly any excessive erotic display. all he did was roll over her one second and moved off her to the other side of the stage. stop making yourself look idiotic. it’s pitiful.

      and you give GD too much credit. he’s ruining the younger generation? are you freaking kidding me?? the children and minors themselves these days seek to ruin themselves. underaged drinking, smoking etcetc… they chose to do those things by their own will. GD didn’t point a gun to their forehead and force them to do it. get real, PLEASE.

      anyway, this is old news. he’s been cleared off the charges and set FREE. move the heck on.

    • many idols now are underaged, they dance sexually and wear very very VERy revealing clothes i wonder why the govermnent is not doing anything about it?-since this could encourage their fans to do the same-older men are perving on these girls all the time

      many male idols also admitted on T.V/radio shows etc that they watched porn-again ain’t they also encourage young people to do thing that they shouldnt do? which is watch porn

      so basically many idols out there already “ruined the idol image” already because they supposed to have this “innocent and sweet image” but watching porn is not innocent is it?

      • Well.. since parents aren’t AGAINST the viewing… so, it’s okay.. I guess… lol

    • Ruining the ‘younger generation’ my ass. It’s not even ‘sex’ on stage dude.

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  23. My korean friends told me Gdragon is bisexual.

    • WTH are you talking about??
      He loves men 😀

      • agree.

        a lot of people in korea know Gdragon likes ‘having fun’ with dudes…

      • only shinee is more gay than Gdragon ^^

      • where is evidence that he loves men?

        reasons to why he’s not bisexual
        he didn’t kiss his bandmates on TV<<who ever did this on TV is clearly gay
        dance and act like a gay/transexual <–i think i can name at least 10 idols that do this all the times-their fans think this is funny but that is straight-up gay and a cheap form of entertainment

      • @xx
        I couldn’t agree more, I think Super junior Heechul and sugnmin are really gay.

        gdragon fighting !!!

    • and they know him how?
      even if he is then theirs nothing wrong with it.
      @TOP_GD lol good job.

    • koreans know gdragon likes:
      guys, girls, cigarettes, alcohol, sex, his dog …

      • Isn’t it NORMAL for a guy to like these things except his dogs? Just that some idols are so fake and act innocent. GD is brave enough to show his true color. JOKwon, Shinee to me are moreeeeeeee gay than GD.

      • @anna
        Just bcoz some idols are not as wild as GD. That doesn’t mean they’re faking it. N ur definition of normal is ridiculous. Normal for guys to like girls(normal depending on the situation), guys, sex, alcohol n cigarette? What has this world become? A lot of people r like that but that doesn’t mean it’s NORMAL.

        Plus I don’t see why Shinee n Kwon are gayer than GD. Their fashion senses are way more manly than GD except for Key. I’m neutral on this. Not a crazy fan of either party.

      • ok wtf, why’d you have to add his dog?

      • ‘guys, girls, cigarettes, alcohol, sex, his dog …’
        well his fans knows that.
        he’s a wild guy.
        GD is the Sex.

      • @Anonymous
        Yes it is NORMAL at least for Koreans. Korean young guys/girls do all these things esp smoking. May be not always but they all try this before. Even TOP smokes, everybody knows lol.
        Plus I don’t see why Shinee n Kwon are gayer than GD. Their fashion senses are way more manly than GD except for Key.
        Jokwon is not gay ? He doesn’t need to dress up to look like gay. He himself is already gay enough. For Shinee, just see the new release mv of shinee to see whether they look gay or not..lamo so funny.

      • “guys, girls, cigarettes, alcohol, sex, his dog”
        that guy is just like any other bisexual out there lol

  24. watch the vid, the DVD and broadcast versions are all over YT and see for yourself. GD, himself, has been cleared of the charges anyway, that’s all that matter. let YG’s legal staff handle the rest of the case. move on now, GD’s solo’s been over for months now, YB’s almost done with his…soon it will be BB, no point of dwelling on the same issue over and over.

  25. I was shocked when I read this ’cause I thought this is all over. I already said all I want to say about this before, and yea, I want to say it again. lol Those who are saying the concert is too obscene are those who didn’t actually went and watched the concert. Ah, whatever! I just want this to end already and let the whole YG Family be in peace, away from stupid accusations. I support GD. I support YG.

  26. ^^^ some cases may last as long as 10 years. many last for more than a year, obviously depending on the situation so it isnt shocking.

    “YG, “GDragon’s concert too obscene? Contrary to the freedom of expression”” of course YG will say that, lol they dont want to be the liability.

    its idk, whatever. the phrase freedom of expression is so vague and differs across different boundaries so i can’t say. IMO, idc because im over 18 lol but i also understand why its an issue for the parents who monitor their children. but idk.

    whats meant to happen will happen is all

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  28. omg seriously?
    its 2010!! why is this case making a comeback?!

  29. don’t need a gd concert for obscene, watch tv with all these idols girls and their pussy poppin.

  30. Yeah because you need to pretend to have sex on stage to “express yourself freely” ?


    • -facepalm- do you know what “freedom of expression” is?

    • learn what “freedom of expression” is first, thanks.

      • Freedom of expression is one thing. but when you have young fans who may be easily influenced, having mock sex on stage oversteps the boundaries.

      • @…. did u even fcking watch the video they were barely any dryhumping/mock sex u should really read that article that aimee lucas explained the whole controversy…. and you noe it is 2010 already young kids these days arent as innoccent as b4 they’d probably noe about SEX already…. But even if they dont they wont even try to figure it out..

    • lolz atleast learn what “freedom of expression” means before using it if u dont want to embarass yourself……….. Please.

      • @ ABC That’s some very eloquent language you used there. Yes the world is going to pot with sex and violence ruling the airwaves. so everyone should just jump on the bandwagon and follow the crowd? If your a fan of GD and want to support him that is your choice but don’t expect everyone else to share your views. I did watch the vid and i know what freedom of expression is. I also know how to express myself without swearing and being rude to others. I think its you thats embarassing yourself – and other VIPs.

      • @..: if you really watched the vid without any prior assumptions and a fairly open mind, you would have agreed with us that it isn’t as BAD as it’s made out to be. and didn’t deserve all the backlash he had because it really wasn’t THAT BAD. i’m not saying it was wise that he did that at an unrated show, but the consequences he suffered was way more than it called for.

        he didn’t simulate hardcore sex. he didn’t take off his clothes and grope the girl to no end. all he did was move up against her for a brief period, barely a moment, kiss her a bit and moved off to the other side of the lifted bed. it was nothing excessively obscene and it expressed what the lyrics of the song was talking abt. and mind you, the song had no charges against it unlike korean dream and she’s gone had. it was freedom of expression plain and simple.

        but because of a still shot that caught the moment at it’s most controversial PLUS the antis statements spreading like wildfire, it pretty much affected everyone’s view on it. some of the harsh commenters didn’t even watch the actual clip and ‘joined the bandwagon of hate’ and by the time it reached international status, the damage was already done.

        unfair? i think so. if you were a fair person you would realize how blown out of proportion the whole fiasco was. a non commited onlooker would have seen it for what it was, and believe me, many of them said it was nothing much and were surprised it was such a huge scandal in kpop fandom.

      • @…. opps didnt realize that but i’m just freakin tired of you haters/antis whenever u guys have chance you will go jump on him like crazy i knew this article is going to be fill with craps expeciaaly when it is about GD… just leave that boy along dammit…..

  31. What exactly is the obscene shit about?
    I don’t think it’s such a big hoo-ha, like we all know G-Dragon is an outspoken individual both in terms of loud dressing and originality — Why is he slammed over such a trivial matter?
    Well, I can’t really judge until I see the concert — Where and which part of it is “obscene”.
    Big Bang FTW.

  32. whoa, this issue again? i feel like it’s january again.

    • I know right?? but honestly his concert contain some sexual references.
      the fancams were really hot LOL

      Love the ‘Bed Scene’ XD

      • dude Sex is normal.. I bet even this VIPs kids already had done.

        Gdragon & SEX Rulz <3333!!!

      • @121 I know some VIPs [14 -16 y.o.] who dream about having sex with GD ROFL

        kids these day are something else.

      • omona, really???
        some people need a cold shower.

      • WOW vips are pathetic. stop fantasizing lol

      • Who cares about Gdragon, Taeyang is hotter than that g@y

      • Taeyang is shotter than that g@y and that g@y is the most popular and talented idol in kpop. I always wonder why the guys in my school are not as hot as that g@y lol

      • what??? Taeyang >>>>>>>>>>>> gdragon
        c’mon Taeyang CAN sing and dance. he’ really talented.
        gd is just cool.

      • OMFG.
        TOP is waaaaay better than taeyang and GD together.

      • OMG~! GD CAN dance. in fact, GD is the fastest at picking up choreography than YB. singing? not so much, but he can totally rap. just like YB can sing but not so good at rapping.

        and NO. TOP aint better than YB or GD, and GD aint better than YB or TOP, etcetcetc…. as individual members in the same group, they are all EQUALS and are all EQUALLY as talented. one of the few idol groups that can be said so.


      • Top is just a joke. gdragon is the real thing in YG.

      • ^ LOOOL!! thank you hahaha… joke of the year^^

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