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Fans had the police pay a visit to Teen Top’s practice room

The police made a visit to rookie idol group Teen Top’s practice room.

It is known that Teen Top’s agency office and practice room, located in KangNam, was visited by the police after someone reported to the police on 20th July.

The reason for the police report was because of the noise caused by the fans who had gathered in front of the practice room, which alarmed the residents in the neighbourhood who called up the police. The fans, in their teens, have gathered in front of the building after school, which had made the situation even more chaotic.

The group’s agency T.O.P Media said, “We are very thankful to the fans have showing such great interests even though the boys just debuted. To avoid disrupting the residents in the neighbourhood, we hope that fans will find the boys at broadcast centres instead.”

Meanwhile, the group debuted on 10th July with the song ‘Clap’ and their impressive live performances have garnered much interests from music fans when they debuted.



15 Responses

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  2. Keep It Down, Kiddies, Keep It Down!
    Stop Yelling and Screaming and Jumping Around!
    The Old Farts in the Neighbourhood Are Really Down
    On Ya when Ya All Act Up like a Retarded Clown!!!!!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  3. Crazy Koreans~

  4. ^
    I noe. do people appreciate their music? don’t think so. it sounds so horrible!! these days, it’s just becaues they’re hawt and handsome -___-

  5. clap is a retarded sorry like come on clap clap mad man ??? wtf is that suppose to mean

  6. They reminds me of 2PM… So many new groups.. Cant even remember how many members in the groups not mention to recognise who and who.. πŸ˜€

  7. Whoa it’s only been 11 days since their debut, and their fans are already going gaga! I think that Teen Top is going to make it big seeing from all the feedbacks from kpop lovers πŸ™‚ looking forward to what they’ll bring next πŸ˜€

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  9. interesting read… haha i have nothing to say except for fans being fans i guess.

    “The fans, in their teens, have gathered in front of the building after school” at least they didnt cut school to do it i suppose

    • hahah, agreed! at least they didnt cut school!

      and i agree that their live was really good. i was impressed, but i guess not enough to make me a fan. heheh.

    • 20th July… they still attend school ! no summer vacation for them ? poor guys !

      • Nah, most likely they’re on break too even though Korea has a pretty short summer break. Most likely, they were attending 학원 aka “after school?” but they learn subjects in school ahead of time or whatever. Basically, school outside of school. Not quite summer school because it exists all year, hours depend on which hakwon it is. πŸ™‚

    • I’m sure they have summer vacation…they just start later it later. I know in Hong Kong (unless it’s your final year of high school, Form 7 aka Secondary 7), you don’t finish till like the 14th. But then again, they have other longer holidays throughout the year. They have a week or two off for Easter, Chinese New Year, etc, respectively. So it sort of makes up for it in a way.

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