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KBS 2TV Music Bank changes its age rating from 12 years and over to 15 years and above

KBS 2TV Music Bank changes its viewer age rating.

This was revealed through the show’s official site on 21st July, “We have changed the age rating of Music Bank from 12 years and above to 15 years and above. With that, we will also allowing only those who are 15 years old and above into the filming set for the show from 23rd July.”

This come as a response to the rising number of cases of performances being criticised for over revealing clothes and adult concepts.



16 Responses

  1. that’s good. kids shouldn’t be working so hard ><

  2. Psh looking at some of the performer, aren’t some of them also under the viewer age. Like that group Teen Top? How old are they?

  3. Not really surprising after a lot of shirt rippings and hip thrusts and “revealing clothes”
    Just kidding ^^
    But yes it’s true, 12 years old kids and under should be outside and enjoy playing!!
    That’s a great thing to do before you get to become teenager and get stuffed by school works!!
    I mean it this time ^^

  4. am not surprised…
    at least b4 only the sexy singers wore revealing cloth.. but now every single girl group wear revealing cloth.. which r not even pretty =.=

  5. poor kids haha.

  6. Gud decision !
    Better for kids ..

  7. I agree with the decision. Young kids should just focus on having fun and being a kid. There’s plenty of time to do this stuff when they’re a bit older. ^__^

  8. This is when you enjoy being 18. Ahahaha

  9. Poor kids, but I think it’s not such a bad idea.

    • doesn’t this mean some idol members aren’t allowed to see their own performances? LOL

      • although internationally, korean age of 12 varies from 10-11 (go look it up via wiki) so 15 would be 13-14 aka pg-13

        SO NO BIGGIE
        PG show became PG13 but hey, some of the better shows on TV in america are PG13 anyway.

        ESPECIALLY movies.

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