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Se7en comeback album revealed – ‘Better Together’ up #1 on Monkey3 realtime chart

Coming back after 3 years and 8 months, singer Se7en’s comeback title song ‘Better Together’ is revealed on 21st July.

And as soon as the song was revealed, it had gone up to the #1 spot on music site Monkey3, while the song ‘Digital Bounce’ also by Se7en featuring Big Bang TOP is at #2 on the chart.

Go under the cut to listen to the songs.


41 Responses

  1. Love all the songs! Seven’s rockin’ it!!

  2. Hella GOOD!!!

  3. I love this album. It’s a pretty solid comeback. I love every song. This is autotune tastefully done,imo. Just the right amount to make you wanna go up and dance plus it doesn’t drown out Se7en’s sweet vocals. I know I’m gonna be having different song which would be my favorite for the entire time that this album would be on repeat.

    Better Together, Digital Bounce, Im going Crazy, Money can’t buy me love, Drips, Roller Coaster, and even the Intro are all so good! This is gonna be my jam for a long while. Although the rnb se7en was awesome, I’m ok with the shift of music. He needs to be current considering his long absence from kpop. Its to make him accessible to the younger fans. I can’t wait for him to bust his moves for Digital Bounce and Better Together for his comeback. I know he’ll be good coz he’s definitely one of the best performers live. Time to teach these young’ins a thing or two on how to perform.

    I had high expectations from Se7en but he didn’t disappoint. And I hope he gets much love so he can win a couple of awards.

    I know Shinee’s gonna get them awards first but I hope Se7en wins at least one in Inki and MuBank.

    YG Family rocks!

  4. i guess i’m the only one that doesn’t really like the album that much… my favorite song from se7en was “lalala,” so i guess the style that he went for this album was just too weird for me -_-;;

  5. i was a bit dissapointed when i first heard the album, but i heard it again with my speakers on full blast and 2 new songs “roller coaster” and ‘drips” which i didnt hear the first time and i LOVED IT!!!
    i hate too much autotune and this album definitely has that BUT i was expecting it, i mean HELLO the title has the word “digital” in it. plus its just a club banger so it needs all of the autotune it has. i love it! “better together” is amazing, “money cant buy me love” is beautiful and “drips” its just the effing SEX. “im going crazy” is amazing and “digital bounce’ damn TOP killed it!

    the album is bomb and better than all of shinee’s new songs combined. and before u start going “why bring shinee in here..wah wah wah” because I CAN. and because shinee just released their album and everyone has been talking about who’s gonna win, who’s album is better, etc.
    shinee will probably win awards cause they’re an idol groups but nonetheless Se7en still kicked their ass with this amazering album<3

    • “Shinee will probably win awards cause they’re an idol groups”
      yeah this is kpop as if you don’t know.
      Don’t look into shinee and just look at se7en title track and digital bounce. From fans comment that I gather not many people like DB except TOP’s fans lol. But DB is doing better than the title track itself coz TOP, the idol star is featured.

  6. Surprisingly, I loved the music and how really good they used those diigital effects/stuff on this album.

    digital Bounce is sick, it did get me on that partying mode. TOP’s rap was just wow. O.O I can’t help but think how awesome BB would be when they get back together.

  7. hehe i heard “girls i do adore” line like in tayeang’s

    • ^
      It was originally Se7en’s line in his single “Girls” which was originally Jay Z’s?(I’m not sure.) GD used it in his rap for INAG. Though of course nobody owns words.

      I hope Se7en does well. I can honestly say that I enjoyed this album. He’s doing pretty well on the charts too so congrats. & When is the MV coming out does anyone know? I can’t wait to see the choreography!

  8. i really like Digital Bounce love TOP rap is awesome.

  9. Digital Bounce is really ADDICTING 🙂

    i heard this album before 7 hours & I keeping replay this song for 3 hours

    BUT there is problem , the first time i heard this song make me confused because the music is mess

    BUT now i totaly love this song
    special T.O.P part 😳
    ( i top every body i top )<<< believe me WE KNOW YOU MAN

    • Seven in this pic is amazing BUT something is really weird , I am talking about his hands , Why they are look like this O_O“

  10. Crazy is sick!!! I love 7! Always and 4ever.

  11. seven looks kinda like a girl in the 1st pic..and whats up wid his hands they look so rough…

    anyway not really feelin the album, but then again i’m not a huge seven. good luck 2 him tho.

    and sook ain’t u notice that he ain’t spelling his name the old way anymore, which was actually kinda unique.

  12. Better together is kind of boring…. but Digitial Bounce with TOP is great!

    Se7en looks great in those pictures, btw.

  13. I like most of the songs except DIGITAL BOUNCE. It is too heavy for me. My fav songs are I am going crazy followed by better together.
    Off topic: It is interesting to see how SM vs YG going on right now.
    Suju vs Taeyang
    Shinee Vs Se7en
    All the best to all artists. But nobody is all-kills right now haha

    • Lol, I never noticed that. Well SM had the first half of the yr and YG was going for the 2nd half, so there is a clash in the middle you can say.

    • BOA vs BB then this august?? LOL
      But we should be happy with these prominent comebacks.
      Surprisingly, YG n SM seem to be very healthy rivals unlike MNET who is so butthurt.

      I can’t wait for BOA.
      if the first half is Bi – Hyori.
      Then it’s time for Se7en – Boa… Who’s excited for these 2 to collaborate on stage? I know I am…
      End of this year will be bomb, I mean the music festival…XD

      • na is not BOA vs Big Bang is 2NE1 vs BOA
        they say September is Big Bang comeback

      • BB vs. Boa probably won’t happened at all…2NE1’s comeback is next. BB is releasing their new single in Japan on August….

    • We are talking about the charts then Suju vs Taeyang both lost to Miss A lol

      • Not really. Suju and Tae have still been highly successful.

      • Sure, Miss A is doing good on online charts, but offline it’s Suju & TY who really owns…fans actually goes and buy the album…JYP fans in Korea rarely buy the actual album compare to YG and SM fans…

      • because fangirls usually buy the whole album for the kpop boy groups and for the girl groups they just buy some of their song online which is cheaper… so mostly in digital charts girl group pwns the boy groups.. i read it from the allkpop forum thread thingy…

  14. he’s no 1 on soribada too

  15. I probably said this a lot here, Se7en isn’t my favorite YG-er, but this album is hot, very hot.

    Each song fits a taste. ‘Better Together’ is such a sweet song. ‘Drips’ has a very, very sexy vibe, can you imagine that live? ‘I’m Going Crazy’ is slow, and his vocals are sooooo niceee. ‘Digital Bounce’ isn’t my style, but makes you get up and dance.

    YG/Se7en didn’t disappoint. I always love every single song on a YG-produced album, and this is no exception.

  16. probably the most anticipated album that I’ve been waiting for for a long time. and i think it’s amazing. I love the digitized stuff because it’s done right. im definitely not a fan of autotune and stuff but if its done right like this album than it’s a winner.
    I love all the songs and its perfect for the clubs. I just cant wait to see his perfs…with shaun/keone around to teach him choreo, i bet it’s probably epic

  17. go se7en! i cant believe fans still remember him! i hope he atleast win some awards he is one of the best male sololist that can sing and dance live….

  18. drips is a freakin sexy song

    • definitely!

      drips, better together and i’m going crazy are the best tracks

    • Agreed!!

      Im not a se7en fan, just dropped by because I was curious. After reading the comments, I listened to “drips” and dam it is sexy. Hope he promotes it!! ^^

  19. where can i downlaod this ??

  20. yeahh seven oppa fighting

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