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Se7en reveals full MV to ‘Better Together’

The full MV to Se7en’s comeback title song ‘Better Together’ has been revealed.

After seeing the MV, hyped up for Se7en’s comeback or not?


61 Responses

  1. sorry i don’t see se7en but i see Big Bang in this mv.

  2. ” girl I do adore ” the yg’ s new fave sentence.
    SE7EN is JJANG

  3. I really like Se7en. I have liked him since hi’s debut. He’s and handsome and a really good singer but I don’t really like this song. It’s kinda messy to me, maybe I listen to it a few times I will fall for it but not now… I liked rains “love song” more.

  4. se7en is back ^^ and i really like the song. πŸ˜‰

  5. I, like most people, felt the electric/digital/autotune, call it whatever you want, parts didn’t fit with the BEAUTIFUL melody of the chorus, I mean I am in LOVE with the chorus, it’s just so soft but catchy and so smooth, it’s jut lovely. However I got used to the electric parts in it and it gives it a “hmph”.
    I like “Better Together” a LOT although I thought I wouldn’t when I heard the beginning of it.

    I think I would LOVE “Better Together” if the whole song had that same smooth melody in the chorus, but i dont really care if it doesn’t i already like it a lot and the MV is the bomb Se7en has AMAZING guns, damn why has this piece of HOTNESS been hiding for so long? WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN SE7EN!! …i just remembered he has a girlfriend… -__- lol totally forgot. anyways hi gf is freaking lucky, that body…..man the things I’d do…

    anyways the ONLY down part of this video was that he looked so stiff in some parts! he is a great dancer, i know that, but during some of the chorus choreo where he angles his arms like diagonally he looks so stiff and like he doesn’t have enough room, but im thinking that’s the point of that one dance step to look “robotic”, idk but i just didnt like the stifness, whether it was intentional or not it’s the only thing i can pick on.

    But the MV gets a 5/5 rating from me and +1 for promoting the “blackberry” in the beginning which is the new product he is promoting. haha very clever!

  6. love the tune~
    he has never been this manly and sexy πŸ˜‰
    glad he’ll have his comeback ❀

  7. *SCREAMS* im soo ready for his performance.

  8. damn he’s so handsome…he has a good facial feature and tall.

    Love the MV and the song. Autotune!? as people say so! nahhh its a ballad dance track, guess he can pull it off onstage.

    Welcome Back SEVEN!!!!!

  9. Why does he look so duuuuurty photojacket and music video h3h like mostly everyone one has said I to notice his nipples dark in his photojackets heh, his mini album agree with everyone to much autotune he did not need to hide his perfectly nice voice BUT I love it his so smexy :3 (hot hot)

  10. love the chorus.. not so much for the rest..

    woohoo se7en tho!

  11. love it ❀
    so happy that he's back^^

  12. kinda disappointing, too much autotune

    • i agree
      i think i would’ve liked this song more if it was more like the chorus.

      • yup i agree. i still like it because the chorus is insanely catchy, but when i first heard it i thought i was going to hate it because of the start.
        also, se7en looks GOOOOD!! πŸ˜€

    • its a great song and you need to get past it b/c autotune is not going away.

    • Duhhh! AS if Autotune is gonna go away in KPOP scene..So LAme People are always be Whining bout that thing! DEal with it!
      Hmmm, then better not listen to kpop anymore!

      Yeah! it is a nice song its like a ballad dance track club whatever it is!

      • What’s wrong about disliking it ? i was just telling my opinion. I was expecting for something more original/unique, it’s his korean come back ! It sounds like all the stuff that were already done by other singers or groups.
        Don’t be upset just for that LOL

      • If so, it’s better.

    • how was it dissappointing? O.O i mean before the album was released they said the album will be called DIGITAL BOUNCE… i mean what do you expect from that?… i dont get it i’m fine with the autotunes cuz i mean we all noe that se7en can sing just that autotunes makes it more unique…

    • What do you expect? Autotune and all this futuristic stuff is a trend from 2009 – onwards.

  13. I really love this song except for the first part. I think it was added there to add some more spice for his comeback song. I think this is really a great song for his comeback. I can’t stop listening to it especially the chorus. I will sure buy his album. Taeyang’s album now Se7en. Wow. I better save off for other YG albums this year.

  14. se7en’s back and hotter than ever! never let the party stop…im excited to see this song performed live. Epic!

  15. qwertyuasdfghjkzxn SE7EN’s DIGITAL BOUNCE IS ALREADY #32 on American iTunes R&B Album Chart!! Lucky SE7EN’s are amazing! Lets push it to #1!

  16. The song takes on weird ranges first it sounds off as a techno song then the chorus doesn’t match at all with how the verses is sung oh well lol just my opinion but its a catchy song hahah

    • haha yeah it sounds like 2 songs are mixed together. Like the beginning is very upbeat and techno then the chorus is softer and more sincere.
      I think too much auto tune >.< for someone who has a great voice

    • that’s the point. its a blend.

      • … just because it’s meant to be a “blend” doesn’t mean people have to like it. obviously it was purposely done that way, but i still dislike the autotune parts.

      • nobody is forcing you to liek it….. if u like it ok if you dont like it thats fine…. i just dont get why some of u peopel that always complain about autotune… it is not the end of the world…

      • @ Sunnyme. No one said you had to like it. I’m telling you its a blend.

    • yeah i know but i think that ,make the song very unique

  17. i like it when he singssss 😦 theres too much autotune in this!
    But whatevers he is still HOT !

  18. gooo se7en
    song’s addicting

  19. i like Digital bounce more But this song is HOT
    haha I am in love with this guy 😳
    i think YG i killed it this summer

  20. have no idea how much i miss se7en T_T
    luv ❀ luv ❀ luv ❀ luv ❀ luv ❀ luv ❀ luv se7en

    welcome back πŸ˜›
    can't hardly wait 4 his comeback stage… more hyped w/ TOP

  21. wooooow @_@
    i loved the sogn so much
    and SE7EN much more lol ^^

  22. Omona. I loved the video!!!

  23. very catchy, and lovin’ it~!

  24. i love the song!!! plus the whole dancing was amazing! it’ll surely be a major hit! love yg!

  25. Actually i dont love him but….i like him in this song ^^


  27. his voice reminds me of taeyang’s.. soft, calm.. & high pitched.. nice.. i don’t know who’s gonna win between shinee’s album & se7en’s..

    The song is FUCKING AWESOME

  29. se7en is so hsndsome… πŸ™‚ love love love YG FTW!

  30. love it!!! the mv is hot!!!!!
    can’t wait for his comeback stage!!!!


  32. why di i feel like the lead female dancer is CL? seems similar.. *claps* se7en’s MV is so good.. he’s so smexy and manly… i can see some of the dance moves from Kananaru teaser.. so it was from se7en’s MV… it’s so cool.. the song is so good toβ™₯

    • I feel the same way. She totally channels CL’s aura not to mention she looks almost like CL (I honestly think it’s her kekeke.) Being the CL fanatic I am you think I would be able to recognize her but it’s really hard to tell with the wig and heavy makeup. On another note I love the MV and song and of course Se7en. <333333

    • It’s not her but they both have a similar nose structure.

  33. Wow se7ven is very hot in this .
    Love the mv

  34. wow.. lady gaga featured on se7en mv haha
    Cool!! Se7en is just like the perfect guy

  35. Se7en, yu hella hot!

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