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Showdown of the sexy female singers ChaeYeon and Narsha

This summer, we see the heated competition amongst the female singers.

ChaeYeon will be back after 1 year plus with her comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 22nd July, this is amidst the other female singers active in their new songs promotions like Narsha, 4Minute, miss A and LPG.

ChaeYeon will be performing her comeback 2nd minialbum title song ‘Look Look Look’, back with even more sexiness and maturity as the sexy queen of the Kpop scene. Narsha also recently released her first solo song ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’ and is currently active on the weekly music shows promoting the song. The song is also currently doing well up on various music charts.

We also have other female singers in hot issue in the Kpop scene currently like 4Minute with ‘I My Me Mine’, miss A with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’, G.NA with ‘I’ll Back Off So That You Can Live’, Naomi and LPG etc.


4 Responses

  1. I’m excited for Chaeyeon’s comeback!!!
    I really like both of them so i’ll be excited for whoever “wins.”

  2. Uh…not impressed at all with the teaser. No vocals at all, and I doubt that she’ll be using that background music for her title song. TBH, it looked like a teaser for some porn movie. :X

  3. narsha Fighting !!!!

    • i used to like chae yeon but she is REALLY slutting it up for the teaser isn’t she? the whole dominatrix sex-eye look makes the whole thing seem like soft porn… eh. :/

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