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Super rookie G.NA’s parents are actually national athletes

It has been revealed that super rookie G.NA’s parents are national representative athletes.

G.NA said in an interview with Newsen on 21st July, “My father and my mother are both national athletes.” G.NA’s father Choi SeonSoo is a national Taekwondo athlete while her mother Yoon TaeSeon is a national representative swimmer. It is also known that G.NA’s mother is close friend with Choi YoonHee, dubbed as ‘Asia’s mermaid’.

G.NA said, “In Vancouver, I often meet up with Choi YoonHee’s family. And I also appeared in Korean broadcast shows there with them. And I thought that since my parents have let others know Korea as national representative athlete, I want to become the representative singer for Korea too. I hope to become Korea’s representative female singer to the world.”



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  2. OMO~Taekwondo athlete?Then he will be my master~!XD…
    Dont worry onnie..
    I’m very very sure..that soon onnie will be Korea’s representative~!HWAITING!!

  3. I hope she can become the next queen of South Korea, too! She’s really awesome and seems to have a down to earth personality!

  4. i hate how people are so quick to shoot down these artists dream nowadays. i mean sure its good to look at things realistically. but what happened to supporting people’s dreams, have we all become so bitter and pessimistic?

  5. ^ IA. BoA was a great name in the past, but unitl she proves again in her korean comeback, I won’t call her female representative or queen or anything.

    Even her works in jp are a disappointment nowadays, her usa work was plain too.

  6. ^
    no success in the us and absence to modern day kpop? boa’s so overrated, sorry.

    • LOL At least she exists in the 2nd largest music market, japan. N to add it all up, she was the 1st to break into japanese market. Undeniable that most people who r ignorant to kpop know no one but Boa n Rain.

      Sorry to pop ur bubbles, she’s not overrated. No soloist can level up to her til now. I’m talking about overall!
      Work ethic, professionalism, charisma, stage presence, balanced by the ability to sing live while dancing to difficult choreos.

      But, I won’t deny that G.NA has the talents. She’s great! ^^
      Her dance isn’t that special but her vocal and looks made up for it.

  7. Wow..no wonder she have a good body built..it is in her blood..i love her..sh has talent there..glad that she debut solo..=)

  8. That title G.NA want as quoted ‘I hope to become Korea’s representative female singer to the world.’ that title is so hard to get you need to work hard, as of right now that title we can safely say BoA has

    • boa doesn’t even have a main focus in asia. if anything, she’s more popular in japan than in korea. she’s forgotten korea ever since going to japan. she was a great standard in the past but she isn’t anymore. most new kpop listeners don’t even know who boa is. boa’s “legend” has been long dead ever since she pays more attention in japan and released a crap luster american album with a crap music video. what a bad representation of “korea’s representative female singer to the world”

      • what boa did leave korea for a while but she is making he comeback soon boa is the queen i dont think she is dead is she were then every time they have tributes on tv music stations they wouldnt have her songs it is always boa and hyori boa is a great rep for korea it shows a cool side to the world one that reps korea like it should be

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  10. I am really proud of her. Even though she trained for a lot of years, she proved herself worthy of the spotlight. Her debut stages are amazing and even if she had a bit of trouble during her inkigayo debut she still managed to be powerful on stage. I really really like her and hope she can also be like her parents making koreans and her fans proud 🙂

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