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TaeYang, “Me and Yuri, we are definitely not in that kind of relationship”

TaeYang was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 20th July.

On the show that day, TaeYang talked about his encounters with So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri, starting with a blind date set up by common friends between them.

He added, “We had a meal together once, and I have been invited to her concert before and because I don’t want the other members to have misunderstandings, so I went to the concert alone. But it was a good experience. I look forward to more activities in the future.”

SeungRi who was also present on the show added, “Only the 2 of them know what kind of relationship goes on between them right? I hope they turn out well.”

TaeYang then responded, “Me and Yuri are definitely not in that kind of relationship. But if we are to really be together, I will not openly say it out like this.”


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  1. yuri is hotttttt!! but but but, not with taeyang!!

    TAEYANG IS HOT, so he needs someone like IU!!


    they are both super talented and can sing really good together!!!!!!

    • awww~ but IU’s a bit young for him. i actually think yuri looks great with taeyang.

  2. OMO I honestly think they look cute and hot together.
    Taeyang & Yuri Hwaiting !

  3. i wish they were a couple they would be so hot together

  4. “…If we are to really be together, I would not openly say it out like this.”
    Oh Bae, you should be careful of what you say.
    Se7en kept on assuring the press that he was only good friends with Park Han Byul and look where they are now.

    I am actually a huge fan of both Bae and Yul so I will side with Seungri and say that everyone starts off as friends. I mean, who knows, maybe, they will eventually get together…

    Man, it’s at times like this that I hate YG. It would have been epic to see them on WGM. Oh well, at least they’re now under the same label in Japan so that is something. ^.~

    Jokes aside, I’m just happy that Bae has made a friend outside YG. He really needs to broaden his circle of friends. Oh yeah, hopefully, some PD will take advantage of this and make them dance together at Gayo. xD

  5. I dunno but I prefer Sooyoung with Taeyang. lol
    I’m judging personality wise. Taeyang is quiet n shy while Sooyoung is talkative n assertive plus both are devout christian. Daesung’s revelation about Taeyang in HAHAMONG show clearly explains that Taeyang n yuri are not in love relationship. Cos when Sooyoung talked to Taeyang after SNSD’s concert, Taeyang could only talk about LED. Daesung revealed that Taeyang was regretful for talking about LED only when in fact the atmosphere was great. keke~~

    But Yul is also good. I think it didn’t work out to be love relationship coz they’re both huge idols. I remember how Taewoo said that idols who date each other mostly can’t work it out for too long. Both being under the spotlight n with stalkers all over them. It’s tougher… but Taeyang is low profile n wise enough so he can be an exception. XD

    • taeyang is not quiet and shy anymore. you see him talking to those girls in real sound? i was like woah!! ty, diddnt know u had it in you!..

  6. lolz i wonder why so many peopel think that yuri is taller than taeyang i mean TY is short compare to most male idol group members but is he not that short compare to girl idol group members……. he is like 170cm and yuri is only 167cm….

    • Agree. N height doesn’t matter.. As long as the guy isn’t shorter. Same height is still fine even shorter by 1cm is also alright. Helpful for the girl as well coz they won’t need to go through such a hassle from wearing heels. lol

  7. Im down wit Taeri or Yuyang lol

    • yubae is cute too! cuz his real name’s youngbae. or baeri…. but yubae’s cuter. haha^^

  8. I think they’d be great together.

  9. they’d look so adorable together(:
    but taeyang isnt her ideal type but ideal types can change rite?
    she said her ideal was tall, and taeyang is probably shorter than her.

    • People tend to end up with someone who’s not their ideal type. Coz ideal type thingy is mostly superficial stuff but when one is into real relationship, there r just more to it. Unless that person is a douche, then he/she would only care about looks.lol

      SNSD tend to mention the hottest actors as their ideal types but when they were asked to choose someone to have a meeting with, they ended choosing someone like Kwon n Daesung. Personality is something that can’t be neglected.

    • actually, taeyang is taller than yuri by an inch. ideal types are only uncertain expectations ppl have to help them know where to look when searching for a partner. when something fits, it just fits.

      they’re definitely adorable together.

  10. I’m not the biggest fan of Soshibang but I’m willing to make exceptions for Taeyang & Yuri! 😀

  11. thanks god. i ship him and that girl from his performances too much for him to be with anyone else

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  13. I love Yuri! She’s so adorable.
    Taeyang is hot, sexy macho, so he needs a sweet young girl. I always thought he was into noonas only!

    I would definitely love to see some type of action together (no, not kiss and alllll that, but like on shows together, etc.).

  14. “But if we are to really be together, I will not openly say it out like this.”

    So there’s a possibility that they might get together? NOOO! I’ll be heartbroken.

  15. Taeyang is def an artist I would go gay for, and Yuri is so hot. I would die to see a tape of them ‘taking it slow’

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  17. I dont get where this “But if we are to really be together, I will not openly say it out like this” interpretation came from. Even though I think it’s cool if they’re together all he was saying was that if he really thought of her as more than a friend, he wouldn’t be able to openly discuss his relationship with her as he was doing in the show

    • Well… if you see relationship trend in YG Fam, most of them who are in a relationship today, have keep it quiet for years now. So, it won’t be a surprise, if TY would like to keep secret of his relationship, since it’s his personal life.

      In my believe, celebrities are not responsible to make public of their lifestyle, even if some K-Entertainment reporters and fans believe their personal life are included in their work as a celebrity.

      And I believe, TY wouldn’t do something related to his partner without her consent.

      And this article makes me happy. LOL I don’t know why I’m so against ‘the pairing’..

      But hey.. I still wish TY could find his dream girl who would take good care of him and never take him from granted.

      Good luck, Taeyang!

    • is that what he really meant? i think it sounds more plausibe. anyways, thanks to the person who originally translate this and to you for the correction. if it’s up to me, i wouldn’t know anything at all since i don’t understand the language.

    • Actually, I thought the same thing because he has said in several interviews that before he starts anything with a girl, he wants to get to know her well, so when he said they were still keeping in touch and talking often on the phone, I thought he was doing exactly that, getting to know her better.

      I may be over analyzing things and speculating, but I think that even though at this point, he seems to regard her as only a close friend, there is always that little possibility of them becoming something more. Or at least my fangirl self would like to believe that because in all honesty. I think they are pretty compatible with each other.

  18. “Me and Yuri are definitely not in that kind of relationship. But if we are to really be together, I will not openly say it out like this.”

    Or maybe you’re just saying that to make us think that. Heeheehee…

  19. evil maknae seungri

  20. Is she taller than him? Well it doesn’t matter. They actually look cute together!

    • maybe they’re the same height. since seungri’s a bit taller than yuri and YB is shorter than seungri…. so i dunno.

    • umm nope apparently yuri is 167 cm and i think taeyang is 170cmr 169cm cuz i saw sulli and ty standign next to eachother and they are about the same height actually so yeah(sulli is 169cm she said it herself in idol army)…

  21. WGM’s new couple me thinks..

    • that would be so cute~!!! OMG i would totally watch it. awww~

    • hope so but i don’t think YG will let Taeyang be part of that show.

      • yea, i remember once that GD and sica were supposed to go on WGM and all hell broke loose so they cancelled. it was a rumor but still, not entirely impossible.

        and yea, YG would never go for this kinda variety shows. too personal.

    • i agree! but i dont think wgm would want another snsd member to be on the show. taeyeon, seohyun, and now yuri? fans would get mad :/

    • lol YG would never allow his artists on that type of variety show.

  22. i love SNSD but Yori not that much >_<
    but with Tae Yang OMG


  24. who was surprise when they first heard of this? I certainly was…lol…

  25. i want to watch this ep subbed soo much omg..

    • Me too!
      He talked about Yuri for nearly 10 minutes and the message he sent her sounded sweet. Like, I love how he was blushing and looking all nervous and adorable trying to say something to her. xDDD
      Taeyang needs to do some fan service. I hope we get to see him at least greeting Yuri at the backstage of MC on Real Sound. *crosses fingers*

  26. They’d look hella cute.

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