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Yang HyunSeok, “I hope BoA and WonderGirls will do well in the States”

YG Yang HyunSeok talks about Se7en’s attempt to advance into the American music scene.

Se7en had a comeback celebration party in a club in CheongDamDong on 20th July. Yang HyunSeok who was also present told the reporters, “There is rumours saying that Se7en’s American debut being a failure but we are not going to deny it. But advancing into the American music scene is harder than we thought. As compared to visible results, we would still take up the challenge for a try at it even if the chances of failure is 99%. Under such circumstances, we see it that there is no use to discuss whether it was a success or failure.”

He also added, “And I hope that BoA and the WonderGirls who are currently promoting in the States will do well there. The barrier for Asian artistes into the American music market is still very high. Especially for the company which is in charged of promotions, the reliability is gone once the contract is over.”

Yang HyunSeok said, “If a good chance comes along, we will take up the challenge again. We are still working hard on looking for a good promoter and industry relations.”

Se7en himself voiced, “It is true that the goals that I’ve set on advancing into the American music market did not materialize. The sense of regret is larger since the time put into preparing for this was so long. Honestly you can’t say it is an official debut since there was no release of a full length album. It would be hard to kick off promotional activities. It is really a shame since so much time has been invested to prepare for it.”

He added, “I was not able to show what I have spent time preparing for. But still I learnt a lot. I have also studied up on music a lot for the past 3 years. And I’ve improved on dancing and singing. And as an individual I’ve definitely matured much. To succeed as singer, you need to look into 3 areas – talent, music and company. But in the States, I didn’t get the best out of the 3. Even if you have this 3, it is not a guarantee you will succeed. Instead of saying that one is lacking, it is just tough.”



46 Responses

  1. charice is opening the door, but she is setting the bar really high.

  2. honestly Rain can pull it off since he has had a lot of time to expose himself in the U.S. with speed Racer and ninja Assassin. We won an MTV Movie Award. hopefully thats enough exposure to get his music recognizable and listened to in the U.S. we need diversity in the U.S. If we can have white black and latino ppl make it in the music indsutry, why not asian ppl? look at jay sean, he representing for the Indians. We need rain to represent not only for koreans, but asian in the U.S. in mainstream music and pop.

  3. BoA is a flop, that’s why she’s coming back to korea to do her comeback & WG well yeah they look like they gonna flop as well. This coming from a Wonderful but I’m being real with it. In my country called America I don’t see any of them making it really big. WG they are doing somewhat well if they keep going the tween level but honestly I don’t see them be on Miley Cyrus, JoBros, Demi or Selena level unless they make a deal with Disney & happen to get a show on Disney then I can see WG making it but if they ain’t then sorry they not gonna make it.
    Cause the Tween scene is all Disney, if they don’t want the Tween scene & want the bigger crowd then that would put them on levels of Rihanna, Beyonce, Christina & honestly they will fail.

    All you fans that don’t wanna hear the truth stop tryin’ to deny it truth is BoA is a MAJOR flop..& WG will soon be a flop if they don’t get a deal with Disney.

    If Korea really wants one of their artists to make it in America I suggest you send out Korean Americans. One major thing that us Americans will look down on Asian artist tryin’ to break in the American scene is if they have the strong Asian accent. Sorry but truth is we’ll laugh at it & take you as a joke. Asian accent is probably the one accent that Americans find laughable.
    Asian Americans will do fairly better compare to Non-Asian Americans & that’s the honest truth.

    • I totally agree! I hope all the companies actually go to these blogs and read our comments so they have a better understanding on what it takes to make it here.

    • agree to that one, but who?

  4. I don’t like the way everyone is saying oh how BoA and WG have failed. These things take time its not going to happen over night. Even normal Americans find it hard to break into their own country so what do you expect for foreigners who can’t speak English fluently to do? Yes they’ve done some small gigs in places and yes no one knows who they are yet. But slowly they’ll be known it’s not like Korea where you get signed by a major label and that’s it you’ll are guaranteed fame. Support BoA, WG and Charice and what other asians there are and one day Asians singers will be everywhere in the US and Worldwide. Okay?

  5. Yeah people it’s cool that WG were in billboard, but for 1 week? they need a lot more than this. It is really important to their songs be on radio too. Radios are a big thing on US. JYP needs to work hard on this

    There were korean singers before in the billboard and are they famous in US? I don’t think so. Examples: Kim Bum Soo (ranked as 51 on the Hot 100 chart in 2001), Skull (ranked as #3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales and #14 Hot Singles Sales in 2007), Mink and S.Blush (they ranked #1 in 2006 at the the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charts).

    • yeah…i agree with all of you that those 3 didn’t make it…
      however, there’s still an Asian who raises the Asian race in the American market but well she’s not from KPop or JPop…but from Phil.
      well. Phil. have many great singers esp. belters and chorale…and i think the best in Asia…(look at all of their records)…
      Charice must thank Oprah and also Ellen for making her popular

      On the other note…I hope there’ll be a KPop artist that will really be popular in US though i think it will take years

  6. i think WG, se7en and BoA should be proud of themselves. its a dream that many asians would not even want to bother with. hey who cares if they didnt really “succeed” as fellow lovers of asian culture or as asian yourselves, we need to support these asian artists. they are taking risks that most people arent.

    also there is no “right” time for asians to break into the market, there will always be that prejudice. they best thing to do is to keep on trying, whether it be the same artist, or several different. one day there will be break through. you cant expect this kind of thing to be a wait and then strike kind of situation. its more of a hit or miss one.

  7. So glad to see YG supporting ^^ I think of the three (BoA WG and Se7en) the WG have has the most success . They’ve released an album, gone on the billboard, performed with famous artists such as the Jonas brothers and justin bieber. And I don’t think JYL sugarcoated anything as these were all straight and true facts.

    I hope that CEOs forget about debuting in America for a while and focus on promoting in Korea and such. Also in other countries where they are famous. To be honest, America’s style is NOT kpop. It is hip hop , r&b, country, etc. And as much as I love YG I have to admit that the songs his recen artists sing is far from hip and/or r&b. Hopefully though one day well see an Asian artist up on those billboards!

  8. People. Just be happy that ONE CEO knows how hard it is to break into tje american industry. At least he realises. And doesnt force them into breaking into the US entertainment world. Then its all good. YG FAMILY ROCK ON

  9. BoA? Is she still trying? I thought she quit…?

    • Never the less if she is still doing it.. these things take time. I hope BoA and WG all the success. Rome wasn’t built in a day. When one breaks through others can follow on the trodden path right? And Se7en may be able to try again 🙂

  10. I’m actually happy and proud in a way that YG actually admits this while other companies just stay quiet about things….

    Seriously, America alone is just not ready for Asians to break through yet! Sure, we have a Black president right now, but does that mean there’s not racists around our neighborhood?! of course not…As a nation, Americans will just say that we are no longer discriminate, it’s against the law and everything, but honestly, discrimination is EVERYWHERE! And it just makes it this harder for you to be an Asian…

  11. no matter how much JYP try to sugar coat it, WG isn’t successful here in the US. sadly, I’ve never heard of them here. I have american friends who knows rain and charice, but not WG or BOA or SE7EN. props to all of them for trying though. it’s the bitter reality that America is still racist to asian artists. it will be tough to actually breakthrough and be successful. im happy that YG is brave enough to admit this and brought se7en back to korea where he truly belongs. his too much of a talent, to just be sitting around here in the states. se7en fighting!!!

    • You know charice… wow!
      Well, she did come out at Ellen & Oprah…
      and she’s with David Foster…
      she’s very lucky to be talented…
      Wish luck to all asian

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  13. i don’t think the 3 of them, se7en ,boa and wonder girls
    are successful in the states
    but they did a good job tho
    they’ve worked hard
    but they need to work even harder

    and i am actually anticipating for rain to hit the
    he did well in ninja assassin and that is a big step
    i hope he can be successful in the states
    as an asian.. 🙂

    • i think as far as being successful in the states and has made a memorable mark, it’s Rain. he still has a long way to go, but people acknowledge him as an entertainer. winning an award at the MTV movie awards… not bad. even if it is a popularity award. they know his face and name now. if he makes it, then he’ll drop the barrier for KPOP to make it in the US. it’ll give at least a credibility boost if anything.

      i dunno, we might have our own fandoms and everything, at the end of the day it’s all KPOP and if they’re trying to advance and elevate the industry to a more international level, i can only give my full support no matter which idols i support.

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  15. i live in the US and never hear about WG or Boa. i thought Boa went back to Korea already.

    • me too I only see them in Int. kpop sites posted their news over here.

    • I don’t think you’re the only ones…no one knows about WG or BoA in all honesty unless you follow KPOP…

  16. WG still struggling in states and they never give up..
    that’s why I like them

  17. Debuting in the USA mean competing against artists like Rihanna, Usher, Lady Gaga, and Eminem in a music market 10x larger than S.Korea. Being on the same floor with these artists is not a simple formula.
    How can it be guaranteed with “talent, music and company”? It’s a really tough industry.
    If you don’t have “it” you will never break into main stream USA.

    BoA and WG wants to break into the mainstream scene. They won’t succeed. It’s as simple as that.

  18. I agree with some comments saying boa and wg isn’t do well but you have to try to know. I’m glad yg and jyp and am took the chance. Now that se7en is back I’m sure he is happy to show his newly improved skills

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  19. yeah, asian artists aren’t that popular right now ( there aren’t much too )

    But i heard After School ‘s Bang in a store in Québec, Canada.

    I was proud in a strange kinda way :S

  20. both wonder gils and boa aren’t doing well
    if boa had focused on staying and promoting all her singles more she would have done better.

    but even so you can hear boa’s songs randomly in stores and in clubs 0__0

    the wondergirls are still working on promoting their new song…

    its stil very hard it will take lots of time and effort

  21. Yang HyunSeok is ONE Arumadawoon Kominam Namja!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  22. Boa also FAIL right? And WG also not very hammm… …..idk…dun bark me.

    • agreed… there’s a long way to go.
      they are talented but maybe this is not what the american market is expecting, not what they want, or merely not what they like !

    • BoA didn’t fail. She didn’t become a top star like Britney or whatever, but there are so many musicans that make a living, a fairly good living with the amount of success she acheived.

    • well apparently boa did fail to succeed in the STATES…. i’m a boa fan to but that is the truth.. also i give prop for WG because even though they didnt become that famous in STATES they were the first Asian/Korean singer to enter the billboard chart and thas quite an accomplishment.. also they did tours with jonas brothers and appeared in a few shows? but yeah it is nearly impossible for an Asian artist to succed in USA …. i’m just glad that se7en is back and doing what he is suppose to do in Korea…

    • se7en >>>>>>>>>> Boa + wg

      • Stop it u troll. Se7en fans do not do such things.

      • OMG I can’t believe that u are actually wasting your time and energy just to make me look bad?!! LOL and I can’t believe that Im that important to u that u actually decided to use my nick name and pretend to be me lol BTW Im wonderful and Boa fan so last two I will bashing or look down to is Boa and Wonder Girls ^_^
        enjoy living your pathetic life

      • @JC I agree that fake 121 is troll that have no interest in life except me ^_^

      • ^ lol your first fan 😀 …. creepy fan… but still.. haha

      • @Babya your comment made laugh I also cant believe that I have a fan

    • I think thats a true statement.

  23. i’m just glad he’s back and able to do what he does best.. se7en should be on a stage, and i’m excited to see him on one again.

  24. Unfortunately, this is true.
    There are just so many prejudices against Asians in the States, which I find to be totally unfortunate and even embarrassing.
    I’m glad Se7en is back in Korea and that he at least was able to gain some knowledge from this experience.
    Also, I always love it when YG talks about artists from other companies. I still grin when I remember how he defended DBSK’s singing abilities. He is ❤

  25. Good to see the big three supporting each other 🙂

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