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2AM and miss A to be guest performers for 2PM’s concert, Jo Kwon to present duet

2AM and miss A will be showing their support for 2PM’s upcoming independent concert.

The 2 groups will be participating as special guest performers for the opening performance to 2PM’s concert. The 2 groups will also be putting up performances which fans will not get to see on broadcast or music shows for the concert. Especially for 2AM Jo Kwon, he revealed that he will be doing a duet with Nich Khun through his Twitter recently.

A JYP Entertainment rep said, “Even though they have busy schedule, 2AM and miss A will be showing their support for 2PM’s first concert. The 2 groups are happy for 2PM on their first concert. We hope that many will show their interests in the concert.”

Meanwhile, the concert performances will be on 31st July and 1st August.



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  1. I never thought a post can be so interesting and enjoyable. I like it very much. I’ll keep it in my favorites.

  2. A lot of useful information! I’m glad I have found your blog. I will surely read more of your posts!

  3. These tards haven’t even sold out their concert yet that’s how pathetic they are and their lightsticks their using is Red and they even have individual lightsticks no unity in that fandom lmao !!!! All personal fans scattered around

    • lol how pathetic you are. not even a fan, but you know all this ? get a life 😉

  4. loooooooool ^^
    love 2am especially Jo kowan ^^ love him so much
    but Miss A >< i dont like them
    i like wonder girls more lol

  5. goodluck to them for the first concert

    but just wondering are their concerts sold out?
    cuz there are no news on their ticket sales at all

  6. All the best for JYPE family. How I wish that I can go to their concert. Hope that they can have the concert in my country too. 2PM Fighting.

  7. i hope de concert wil b a success n dat they cn hold concert in other countries s well.. =)

  8. FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I wish I could go.

  10. they take so long to have concert i wonder who going to sing Jay part of there songs.

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