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BoA reveals album jacket to comeback 6th album set to be released on 5th August

Releasing her comeback 6th album on 5th August, BoA gives a sneak peek to her album concept with album jacket photo revealed.

BoA will be back 5 years after her last Korean album ‘Girls On Top’ released in June 2005 with a 6th album. This year is also BoA’s 10th year debut anniversary. And in the past 10 years, we have seen BoA do well both on the Asian music stage and also debuting into the American music scene.



114 Responses

  1. boa does not need plastic surgery… the lead singer from FINKYL (don’t remember the spelling) a veteran was active in a group for idk around 3-6 years… and she said it was like being in the military… the body is so brutally abused that you become a tank… so imagine BoA since the age of 10-11 (since she got recruited) to now… and all that time she’s spend alone and in foriegn countries and the stress of succeeding and wanted to spread kpop to all of Asia… i’d look like a eighty year old lady… personally i think BoA is very pretty and I’ve been a fan of her’s since her second ablum. . . she’s gorgeous with no plastic surgery….

    on a side note… i don’t know why people all jump to the conclusion that celebrities have gone through plastic surgery if they look different from their childhood… i for sure don’t look anything like my ten year old self… but who does? but the word plastic surgery is attached to so many celebrities without proof… i wish they’d stop. . . because even if they did get plastic surgery. . . for the most part they were very pretty even before they got it done. . . okay i’m done with my ranting.

  2. Yawn~

    BoA needs some plastic surgery ASAP. She’s barely 24 but looks a decade older.

    She needs to succeed in Korea because Japan and the US have already deemed her persona non grata.

  3. You could call Hyori the Queen and Boa the Princess. Geez.

    And if Hyori IS the Queen of Korea, Boa is the Queen of Asia. More than any other female.

    • You are contradicting.
      You said, “You could call Hyori the Queen and Boa the Princess.” — Meaning Hyori surpasses BoA.
      And then you go on, “And if Hyori IS the Queen of Korea, Boa is the Queen of Asia.” — NOW, meaning BoA conquers Asia, while Hyori on the other hand, only conquers Korea, when you’ve just crowned her the title “Queen” over BoA’s “Princess”.
      Contradicting much? 🙂

      • ASIA is very big you noe… theres Ayumi Hasamki,Koda Kumi,and Nami Aumuro… BOA doesnt stand a chance on any one of them…

  4. I’m so glad that BoA is back after a 5 long years. K-pop scene has changed a lot.

    To 12345 and other non-BoA fans: Has it occurred to you that the person who called PB names may not be BoA fans? It could be someone who doesn’t like 2ne1.
    Even so, that person is not justified to do that.

    To some of BoA fans and non-fans: don’t play double standards!

    • well i dont noe if they are true BOA fans but they sure acts liek it … one even said they park bom needs 20342759843 life time to look like as goood as BOA.. i dont care if they are true BOA fans but they should at least respect othe artist too..

      • fyi, im that person you are talking about ^^
        and i’m sorry for stating the truth that is too hurtful to accept ^^

      • ……….seriously everybody is beautiful in their own way just because you think that BOA is alot better looking than Bom doesnt mean that bom need 928593245 life time to look as good as BOA , it is not a fact/truth, beauty is subjective and to me everyting has its beauty but it is just that not everyone sees it .. i

  5. seriously i’m sick of all you BOA fans cant you guys atleast learn some manners… yes it is BOA’s comeback and i noe your very excited but do uhave to treat other artist like trash in order to praise you BOA like GOD.. calling people ugly,fat,botox girl,fake,and other ridicoulous stuff aint gonna make you guys look any better…. and just because one person commment about 2NE1 vs Boa thing she was just worried becasue she doesnt want her favs to battle and u BOA fans started talking about how 2NE1 is nothign compare to BOA and the real queen stufff… seriously theirs no fuckign real queen it is only your opinions and not everybody agree with you… plzz learn how to repect other artist too… they have fans too and fans care about them….

  6. Errr everybody really should calm down. BoA is amazing (as a matter of fact I know her from an ost of inuyasha… If I’m not mistaken. Sorry ^^;)
    But no need to bring other artists’ names and bash them. Or compare them just because they happen to have comeback at the same time.
    Just relax and enjoy the show!
    Because from what I see here everybody seems so hyped up about these comebacks!! ^^v

  7. BoA is “Queen of Idols”
    enuff said!

  8. Why are there so many bad comments here?
    I don’t see a reason to hate BoA.
    Everything about her is great, ok, maybe not “everything” coz we as fans do not know her in person, but at least the qualities she has in being an entertainer.
    I was shock to visit this page and witness how many haters have surfaced over the years after her hiatus from Korea.
    Irregardless is she prioritizing her career in Japan or the States, that neither means she choose to neglect Korea nor focusing elsewhere means her talents vanish into thin air.
    BoA is BoA and I believe she should be given recognition of what she accomplished throughout these years ON HER OWN — Compared to girl-bands these days who debut as a whole, not having to be lonely, and above all, they are in their hometown.


    Now tell me, is it harder for a soloist to rely on her own to make it big in a foreign country OR is it hard for a huge-ass group of (*inserts whatever number*) to make in their home-grown country?
    Minus her independence, her vocals (not having any group-mates to back-up should she go off-beat like girl-bands these days) are solid, and so are her dancing skills.
    Girl-bands these days may have 1 (or maybe 2) member(s) that may excel in dancing, but not in singing. Likewise, those who are the main vocals doesn’t have much of a skill/flexibility/power in dancing.

    Moreover, debuting at a younger age than ANY of your girl-band these days and bear it mind once more — SHE’S DOING ALL THIS ON HER OWN.

    Now tell me, shouldn’t this girl here be given credit?

    Should you think otherwise, please enlighten me (and the mob of BoA’s fans out there) on why is it so. Thank you and cheers!

  9. dont you know this blog maker is BoA’s fan?
    so, please. no compare..
    everybody admires her.
    Big Bang GD is a fan of BoA.
    WG Sunmi is a fan of BoA too.
    4minute, Hyungjoong, and many other artist also fan of BoA.
    dont care about QUEEN, PRINCESS or other.

  10. What’s with all this Crap about who’s Queen who’s not!!
    BoA is back to celebrate her 10th year in the business. Bless her for staying so long and having the success thru ups and down and so on!!
    I rather her stay as the Princess of Kpop rather than the debatable Queen.. Queen sounded old anyways whereas Boa is still young and i thought she’s known to be the princess.. i remember her album Atlantic Princess or sumtin Princess :p
    Where’s all the jumping BoA?? Let’s go and Jump and wait for BoA’s album Yey!!!


  12. It IS an INSULT to BoA when someone said her looks like Park Boom. Park Boom? that botox girl? She needs 104905742905742750 life times to look just as good as BoA

    • Maybe “insult” is not the word but Park Bom just doesn’t have the IT quality like BoA.
      Let’s put aside BoA first, comparing Park Bom with her 2NE1 mates itself — CL and Minzy both have that “oomph” (if you get what I mean0 quality, though they may not be as attractive as Dara. Dara on the other hand may not have that IT quality of CL and Minzy which I mentioned, she’s somewhere between CL/Minzy’s and Park Bom’s standard.
      We’d have to be frank here, Park Bom’s looks aren’t that bad but when you are to talk about quality/personality which could make you MV/entire stage shine with your uniqueness, BoA definitely reigns them all.
      And not to sound like I hate 2NE1 coz I love them alot too, CL and Minzy both possess that quality which make them distinctively known as a hip-hop female group, the female Big Bang. Which I believe minus them both, 2NE1 won’t be what they are today though they both may not possess the look of the other 2 (Dara and Park Bom). Cheers!

      • *edit edit*

        Maybe “insult” is not the word but Park Bom just doesn’t have the IT quality like BoA.
        Let’s put aside BoA first, comparing Park Bom with her 2NE1 mates itself — CL and Minzy both have that “oomph” (if you get what I mean) quality, though they may not be as attractive as Dara. Dara on the other hand may not have that IT quality of CL and Minzy which I mentioned, she’s somewhere between CL/Minzy’s and Park Bom’s standard.
        We’d have to be frank here, Park Bom’s looks aren’t that bad but when you are to talk about quality/personality which could make your MV/entire stage shine with your uniqueness, BoA definitely reigns them all.
        And not to sound like I hate 2NE1 coz I love them alot too, CL and Minzy both possess that quality which make them distinctively known as a hip-hop female group, the female Big Bang. Which I believe minus them both, 2NE1 won’t be what they are today though they both may not possess the attractive looks like the other 2 (Dara and Park Bom). Cheers!

    • LOL you can’t even spell her name right, it’s Park Bom.

      • and what? Sorry, I don’t care if she is Bom or Boom but I would slap myself hard on the face If I spelled BOA instead of BoA.

      • yeah nobody would care about her. okay maybe some would. those who cares about nothing else (even without talents it’s also all right) except looks. like yoona. BoA’s different. one multi-talented chick who excels. who doesn’t have to try very hard to succeed (but is still only on mid-level) even through years of training. boohoo. you-know-who i don’t have to repeat the similar name twice now that’d be really insulting already. 😀

      • some of you BOA fans or whatever you call your self are some fuckin crackheads just because someone said Boa looks like Park Bom your just gonna bash on Bom for no fuckin reason.. yes park bom got plastic surgeries and we blackjeacks noe that but so what most kpop stars got plastic surgeries.. at least learn how to respect other artist too.. i think both Boa and bom are pretty atrractive but some of you are just overboard… calling Bom fat,ugly,botox girl, if your Boa was bashed like that how would you feel?…

      • @kiwi STFU we blackjacks care about bom… atleast we dont bash other artist for nothing like you BOA fans.. seiously you guys should learn some manners.. every singer have fans and fans care about them and will support them… you guys treat other artist like trash and praise BOA like gods we get it it is BOA’s comeback and your excited but atleast learn how to respect other artist instead of bashing them…

    • wow just wow…boa fans are just totally DUMBASS! People! someone just said “she look like Bom” then your mouth and Ignorant brainhead blazes like a fire. TOtally Insane Stupidity of Reason.

  13. fans of boa aren’t putting down other artist out of disrespect (for the most part) they are just excited because it’s been FIVE FREAKIN’ YEARS!!!!~~~ and lee hyori and son dambi are queens in their own genre with their own fans… just try to give fans of BoA a break…. it’s been a while since they’ve had a big reason to celebrate and get all happy. and no BOM isn’t ugly and hyori is a queen in her own right… it’s just that BoA has gone through a hell of a lot on her own and that requires some title if not recognition for her accomplishments in the music industry in korea and japan… and the title of Queen of Kpop IS ambigous because it’ floats around depending on who is active… the real question is what do those artists represent… and for many BOA is the BEST OF ASIA.

    Please let’s not start a fan war… and no bashing other people just state a FACT as it is and ur own feelings without making haters/antis because BoA definetly doesn’t need those.

    • you are “@waitingforthecomebackofalifetime”?

    • I know right. I know how it feels to be overexcited but I’m just hoping that somehow they’d stop being an ass and just get right on with the excitement because BoA coming back is something indeed exciting. Without rubbing the obvious negatively.

    • haha so they are so excited that they have to call peopel botox girl,fat,ugly, and thinks of other artist as trash to BOA …

      • hence the quotes around “the most part”… i wasn’t trying to be rude… and if you a fan of bom and those comments hurt you’d i apoligize as a fan of BoA’s… they are both amazing women… and as true fans… and veteran fans… i hate seeing all this bashing about business… it’s very middle school/high school… i wish some fans realized what was best for their idols and respected everyone…

  14. lol, all these fat pressed fangirls need to sit down.

  15. For all u haters BOM is NOT ugly and HYORI is a queen for a reason!

    BOA is a well respected artist but her FANS should not be putting down/bashing other artists! Seriously, it makes u guys look stupid. Hahaha!

  16. it IS NOT 2NE1 VS BOA.

    BoA has accomplished feats 2NE1 only dreams of.
    and that isnt a knock on 2ne1, its only true.

    you cant compare a group, debuted in 2009 or w.e, to a solo artist thats been in the business for over a decade. you just cant, not to mention it seems disrespectful to BoA and the upmost flattery to 2NE1

    • Who started it anyway? I’m sorry but the poster up there just mentioned how she’s worried about the “supposed” to be showdown of these two artists and that she’s worried because she loved them both. Then all these BoA supporters suddenly jumped on how BoA is the best and that 2ne1 isn’t gonna get it in this lifetime. Heck, these ppl even had the gall to sprout how she is the Queen of Kpop and the others like Hyori and Dambi don’t mean sh1t. I’m not saying some 2ne1 supporters didn’t have any negative comments but you know how most of them are.

      Look, I get that BoA is legions away from 2ne1 and what you said is true. I guess I just wish these fans, granted that they know better and they support the better artist, would just at least learn how to express themselves in a better way or whatever.

  17. finally she is back but I think her look or style is more for winter not summer

  18. BoA is amazing… let’s leave it at that… and no comparisons please… why?

    because singers/artists are all fruits but different fruits hence they are uncomparable with each other… each has it’s own taste, feel, and smell…

    how do you compare a peach with a watermelon n e ways… that would be dumb.

  19. oh as a side note… i do like lee hyori and acknowledge her as the queen of kpop… but as an entertainer… i can’t really consider her an artist/singer because she’s not that good at it, but she has charisma and the ability to draw people’s attention which is important as a performer… plus she’s gorgeous even at 30… so hands down lee hyori is a legend in the korean entertainment industry. =)

  20. PLEASE. . . let’s not compare lee hyori and boa they are on completely different genres… plus no one should be dissing BOA… I’ve seen clips of this girl since her debut and the fact that she lasted this long since the age of 13 makes her a LEGEND. . . UNLIKE GROUPS she’s done this on her OWN… imagine how lonely this girl was being in JAPAN without family as a teenager. . . and the success she has had since entering that market?? watching documentaries of her on youtube and while in korea (it was on a show) really made me admire her as a singer/talent/entertainer/ and most importantly … ARTIST. she isn’t just a 24 year old girls… she’s a famous “ASIAN” (not just korean) artist… some of my random friends (who are white) know her and admire her music and talent… even if BOA isn’t the Queen of Kpop… she is an inspiration to many aspiring people wanting to follow her lead. so just like the name… she is the BEST OF ASIA, BoA. We’ve waited a long time for your comeback… JUMPING BOA. =D

  21. If she is the real Queen ==
    She can show it by herself T.T
    She does not need so many people to scream that “BoA is the REAL QUEEN”

    Please stop to compare or make everything become funnier.
    Princess or Queen ==
    It is not really important if you really trust in her talent ==

  22. Yay!! The Queen! It’s undeniable that people who know nothing about kpop only know Boa n Rain mostly. XD
    In fact when I was in middle school, Boa was the first korean singer that I knew. I even had Waiting and No.1 MV in my cell phone. She’s awesome!

    She had lasted for 10 years n debut in a very young age for a soloist moreover breaking Japanese market when she was still so young. She’s the way to the japanese market. The first successful breakthrough. NO DOUBT!!!

    Koreans are proud of her. Even LeeMoonsae, a respected artist, declared his longing for this petite Queen to comeback to korean music scene.

    BOA ❤

    • lol to know nothing ? untrue.
      if the persons know only the kpop idols group, then maybe yes. but Boa and Rain, no.
      it’s somewhat the basics. i also knew Boa when i was younger, when she started in fact. but she didn’t last long enough in Korea to be the Queen. she dominated yes. but she was in Japan more. btw i’m a fan of her, so i’m not an anti, nor a blind fanboy.

      anywayz, let’s see what she prepared for the comeback.
      and ppl stop overrating her comeback. take it as a bash, i don’t care but it’s always the same thing when a group/singer comeback. and sometimes, we end up disappointed.

    • “It’s undeniable that people who know nothing about kpop only know Boa n Rain mostly” — Sorry hun but no, it’s 2010 now.
      Maybe half a decade ago they are.
      Now, it’s WonderGirls and Super Junior after they conquered Asia (or even further) with Nobody and Sorry Sorry.

      • When did WG conquer Asia ? LOL. I laughed real hard at that comment. SNSD and DBSK are the group that conquered Asia.

      • @$ you must be kidding to tell me that DBSK and SNSD conquered Asia.. i’ll say a maybe to DBSK but SNSD a big NO!! in most Asian countries Sorry Sorry and Nobody is on Fire… …. their level of popularity is like almost everybody noes the dance moves to sorry sorry and nobody… maybe ur not asian or watsoever but if your an asian/chinese you’ll noe how much Nobody and Sorry invaded Asia…

  23. Isn’t she hot in that thing? Lol

  24. BOSS !

    she brings it every time!

  25. I know we r all happy that boa is making a comeback but why r ppl comparing her to others I mean boa is boa and 2 ne1 is 2 ne1. They r both great

    • THIS♥
      I love BoA and i love 2NE1 too XD
      also, YG Family doesnt hate somebody. they’re so kind (lol)

  26. BOA looks like PARK BOM in this pic.

    and why are people bashing on hyori for?
    that’s so uncalled for. wth?

    • WTH !!! Park bom is more beautiful than boA.

      • please dont compare BoA with that.

      • ‘BOA looks like PARK BOM in this pic.’ Hell No!

        Boa is natural.. and there is definitely some botox going on in the cheeks and lips of Park bom.

      • ^ BOA NATURAL ?
        thank you for the joke, honey.
        but yes Park Bom isn’t natural.

        it’s not about being natural, it doesn’t proove that you’re beautiful. k.

      • LOL… just LOL XD

      • Why bring in 2NE1 here? coz ppl are saying 2NE1 vs Boa? Insecure for 2NE1 isit?
        Boa is way prettier than botox park bom. Park bom is plastic, fat and very very weird

      • lets be honest, BoA and Park Bom are not natural.
        and Bom >>>>>>>>>>> BoA

      • Park Bom is plastic.

  27. BoA♥

  28. […] Korean comeback after five years which will also mark her 10th year on the Kpop scene.Source : KBITES Editor : Ohgelie FOR THE KPOP NATION NETWORK. PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH CREDITS. var […]


    The girl [now woman] who shows KPop to the Asia!

    She has the voice, the songs, the looks and she is an amazing dancer *—–*

    Can’t wait!

    • The Real Queen ? LOL maybe of Japan, but it’s impossible with all the other artists.

      she never was the real queen, kpop newbie.

      • ^By saying that you are showing yourself off as a noob.. BoA was never the “queen”, but she was definately the princess, if for no other reason then its weird to call a girl that’s not even an legally an adult yet the “queen” Her and Lee Hyori were preforming with such totally different images and concepts it would be ridiculous to compare them.

        But yea… honestly if you took BoA, and 2ne1 on oppisite side of a street in korea, and let loose a bunch of random people on the street… The blackjacks would run to 2ne1, and everyone else would run to BoA.

    • @ kiwi

      Sorry honey, Boa’s not only famous in Japan but also in the whole Asia :). Yes, she can be called a Kpop queen. So who’s the Kpop newbie now?

    • agree she is amazing dancer…but voice???common
      i like boa but her voice is average!!! don’t tell me she can sing!!!!

  30. I don’t really know her but I heard a lot about her so I can’t wait to see what she will bring ^^

  31. […] : KBITES Filed under OH! KPOP ← Shindong explains the reason why the arranged meeting with […]

  32. Elegant :3

  33. ooooh~ 5th august ?! 2NE1 comeback is on August too… i don’t like the fact that BoA and the girls will have a “battle”… I like all of them !
    It’s like Shinee and Se7en currently…
    A SM boy group VS a YG veteran
    A YG girl group VS a SM veteran :p
    It’s like this in my heart tho’, not saying anything else.

    • 2NE1 is nothing against BoA. Every group should bow down to BoA.

      • +1

      • “2NE1 is nothing against BoA. Every group should bow down to BoA.”

        Totally agree. BoA is DAEBAK <33333

      • Never cared for Boa. Her voice is pretty mediocre.

      • whoah!…Really!? Thats Too Much Exaggerating of You!

        So LAME! People keeps saying of whose who the QUeen is!! NAhhh!!!! Pass!

      • haha so guys really think BOA is still that big in Korea?…. “2NE1 is nothing against Boa” LMAO..sorry to ruin your moment but it is 2010 already dear you noe the whole kpop is full of idol groups and its quite hard for sololist to stand out nowdays…… just look at rain and hyori they are pretty much the king and queen of kpop but 2pm still managed to beat them … and to those people that kept saying phrases “THE REAL QUEEN” there is pretty much only 2 real queens in kpop for now , before=Uhm Jung Hwa Now=Lee Hyori ……. IMO Boa was never a queen to me b4 in KOREA… The Boa in KOREA just doesnt match the title QUEEN at all… unless Boa proves herself as a Queen in her next album then i can confidently say that Lee Hyori is the Real Queen For now…

      • BoA is THE queen because of her uncomparable talent and flawless performances. Popularity doesn’t measure talent. Why do you think all idols point to her as their inspiration? Stop being ignorant to these facts and accept her greatness.

      • ^ and accept the fact that not everyone likes Boa. I find her voice okay but her dance moves are super. Her charisma… i saw much better. but this is MY opinion, and opinion =/= truth. okay ?
        if you can’t accept other ppl opinion, that means that you’re closed minded blind fan girl.

    • who cares about 2ne1…

      ‘BoA will be back 5 years after her last Korean album ‘Girls On Top’ released in June 2005 with a 6th album. This year is also BoA’s 10th year debut anniversary. ‘ this is more important.

      BoA jjang !!

    • Young kids may not know who is Boa. She’s one successful soloist and performer. Thanks to Boa, Kpop can easily penetrate Japan.

      Boa is even dubbed as Queen of SME. She was the artist that makes SME big at such a young age. She debuted when she was teenager, 15 or something and became very successful .

      Seriously, I don’t wanna belittle other artist, but without Boa, Kpop will just only Kpop, stays in Korea. Yes, Boa is the true Kpop Queen. She conquers both Japan & Korea and other part of Asia. If you wanna compare those young idols with Boa at her young age, they failed terribly. Boa is even their idol, because Boa debuted at young age, can dance n sing, and became a hit when kids around her age didn’t know a career life at all.

      • Some facts:
        – Boa debuted in 2000 after 2 years of training & that time she was only 13.
        – although it’s already 10 years anniversary since debut, Boa is just 24yrs-old. She was born in 1986.
        – she has released 7 Korean albums and 7 Japanese albums and 1 English album

      • I would agree she is the Queen of SM, but thats about it. I don’t think she’s the queen of Kpop. That title belong to Hyori, which is too bad because for me she is far superior than Hyori. As for Boa helping korean artist to advance to Japan that would be a big NO otherwise DBSK wouldn’t have a hard time on Japan. Most people in Japan and new jpop fans (even new kpop fans) thinks shes japanese.

      • WTH? talk about exxagrerrating… first of all BOA wasnt the one that made SME big before Boa debuted their were H.O.T , S.E.S,and Shinwa… wehn Boa debuted in KOrea she wasnt really that famous yet until she went to JAPAN….. even some japanese fans thought BOA was japenese..and NO thanks to you BOA… if kpop can easly penetrate JAPAN then why did DBSK took years to be succesful/famous in JAPAN….. and their really no true kpop queen or whatsoever those are your opinions.. and just so u noe In KOREA mostly all koreans thinks that Lee Hyori in The Queen.. because Boa spend half of her Singer Career Oversea… so probably most koreans forgot about her aready..

  34. LOL that’s ridiculous.

  35. Gorgeous. As expected from the REAL queen…

  36. whoa.. 10 years..

    • whoa
      5 years
      half a decade without an album release
      i didn’t know that was possible in k-pop

      • yes, it’s possible. the other half of decade, she conquered Japan. she released non-Korean albums. Kpop is not limited to Korea only FYI

      • ………
        re-examine your statement.
        kpop is not limited to korea only? yes it is. k-pop as in korean (language) pop music. in japan, boa was promoting j-pop..not k-pop . so, as i was saying..
        what other idol star do you know of that can take a 5 year break in the world of k-pop?

      • “she conquered Japan.” really?????
        Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda kumi and Namie Amuro are the Queens of Jpop.

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  38. I meant “great”

  39. that’s a gorgeous pic

  40. Kyaaaa! Can’t wait, it’s really frest to have her back!! ^^ ㅎㅎ

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