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MinHo will not dance for SHINee’s comeback stage

Receiving heated response with their comeback 2nd album title song ‘Lucifer’, SHINee will start their album promotions with performance on KBS Music Bank on 23rd July.

The song also went to #1~#2 on music charts as soon as it was revealed. However for their comeback stages, member MinHo will not doing their choreography routine. MinHo injured himself during a recent filming of KBS Dream Team and his conditions will not allow him to dance on stage.

Meanwhile, not only is the title song well received by fans, the album is also going up to #1 spot on various major album sales chart, blowing up a ‘Lucifer’ fever.



19 Responses

  1. Get well soon Minho oppa!
    SHINee always!

  2. Aft de ring ding dong ‘fever’ subsided,im all geared up 4 de lucifer ‘fever’.. i guess de lucifer ‘fever’ wil b around 4 quite a while..=p im sure shinee will b pumped up 4 their cumbck stge..hope minho recover fully soon so dat he cn join his grp in bringin de house down wif lucifer.. impatiently waitin 2 c my 2 yummy n juicy hotties-jonghyun n key.. =)

  3. Does anyone else think that Key looks like a taller version of Xiah Junsu in the pic above? Totally hott. ❀

  4. Omg I hate it when people say Minho is not needed in SHINee. Like wtf, he can rap and sing. Just that he don’t get most of parts right. And without Minho, there won’t be a complete SHINee. So stop saying that he is not needed, thanks. ._.

    Get well soon Minho! πŸ˜€

  5. Aww, I really hope he has a speedy recovery.

  6. I still love them in Ring Ding Dong’s style most.

    • Yeah that’s a wanted comment…
      Grow up, because seem very immature.
      A comments can be a critic.
      Sorry (or not) to say it again but MinHo is not needed.
      Now go get some ice cream kreez kiddie.
      And yes I’m anonymous again…

  7. Wth comeback with incomplete members? And I don’t really like the picture on top 😦 but can’t wait for their performance neverthless!! πŸ˜€

    • Incomplete?
      Seriously I don’t hate MinHo, but I sometimes think he is not needed.
      His role in the group is to be “the eye candy”.
      And his rap? Totally fade…
      Still, SHinee fighting !!!

      • I think the one who is not needed is YOU.
        You are not needed here to make unwanted comments when your job is not a critic.
        Back off unknown and be an ‘Anonymous’, unknown individual. πŸ˜€

      • hey, Minho is not “not needed”
        he even sings now, and his rap does NOT fade.
        He’s good, dammit.

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  9. awwee, too bad he can’t be part of the choreo for their comeback, but it’s okay ^^ minho fighting! shinee fighting!
    i can’t wait to watch their performance today πŸ˜€

  10. MinHo, what a PUSSY!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

    • You douchebag, so screw your mom in the corner somewhere rather than leaving idiotic comments on the internet about someone getting physically injured and unable to dance for their comeback stages. Sheesh.

      I hope you fall down a set of stairs or something, break a leg or two and maybe some rib bones. Then, I’ll be the one calling you a Pussy when you’re crying in pain πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Sounds exciting!!! >:)

      • hahaha I agree, calling people names just because they got injured is really immature. I’d like to see the same happen to them for those who are calling one another pussy just because they can’t perform. πŸ˜†

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