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Se7en shakes Sandara Park’s palmtree hair, “I’ve been captured”

On July 21st, 2NE1’s Sandara Park uploaded a playful picture on her me2day, of her being grasped by her sunbae from the same company, Se7en, giving fans an enjoyable sight to see.

In the picture, Se7en was holding onto Sandara Park, who had done her hair in a palmtree style after a long time, while making a snarky expression.

In response, Sandara Park made an expression as if she were petrified, displaying her sense of humour.

She had written a post to go along with it saying, “These days I’m completely! captured by Ven-y sunbae…ㅠㅠ He caught my palm tree hair! ke ke ke ke ke Out of all the people I know, he’s my cool Ven sunbae-nim who I think has the best personality! ^^ I think this album is really really great too! ㅠㅠ Smell of success!!! Fighting fighting ya ya ya!!! ^.^” and also added at the end, “Please buy me some bbq meat~!ke”, mixing her cute charm into her post.

Netizens who saw the picture left responses such as “the two of them look cute”, “it’d be great if he could actually treat her to barbecue meat”.

24 Responses

  1. […] After Se7en, Park Bom is the next one to hold on to Sandara Park’s ‘palm tree’ hair. […]

  2. Why is this girl such an attention whore?

  3. […] Se7en, Park Bom is the next one to hold on to Sandara Park’s ‘palm tree’ […]

  4. lol adorable^^

  5. dara is ugly in this pic.

  6. haha ^^
    nice pic lol

  7. Se7en is a funny name LOL

  8. He has to! Dara’s doing some subtle promotions! Hahaha.

    Ahh YG family love ❤

  9. 84ers….Both dorky personality.. Love all their friendship, with han byul too….

    • I just learned that they all born in the same year and month.

      Hye Sun – 1984-Nov-09
      Seven – 1984-Nov-09
      Dara – 1984-Nov-12
      Han Byul – 1984-Nov-17

      • Whoah, that’s cool.

        Not same age, but TOP is also a November baby (the 4th). So many Novermber celebrants at YGE.

  10. ROFL ~!
    yg love ❤

  11. Hey.. it’s the same-aged friends. Hehehe. How adorable!! You just gotta love Dara’s expression!

  12. Too fucking cute

  13. I guess Se7en is getting in touch with his feminine side by indulging in a bit of womens’ HAIR-PULLING!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

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