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Showdown between the American music market advance ‘legends’ Se7en and BoA in Korea

The 2 ‘legends’ who had advanced into the American music scene will be making their comeback in the Korean music scene.

BoA and Se7en, both from the 2 major music labels in S.Korea SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, will be having their comeback in Korea in similar time period. News of their comeback have garnered great interests and excitement in fans since this is their long awaited comeback after advancing into overseas music markets like in Japan and the States.

BoA will be back on 5th August with her 6th album. This year will also be her 10th year comeback anniversary. While Se7en will be back after 3 years and 8 months with a new album ‘Digital Bounce’ and the title song is ‘Better Together’. His comeback stage is on 29th July on Mnet M!Countdown.


45 Responses

  1. best of *luck*
    haha my bad

  2. Looks like this year is packed with battles of the legends, First it was Rain and Hyori now Se7en snd Boa.
    Well I wish the both of them the best of look (although Im slightly more biased to se7en).
    The only thing that confuzes me is why have shinee promote now with boa?? Its like when they had f(x) promote when super junior was. I dont get SMs tactics.

  3. I hope they’ll have a duet together, it would be awesome :).

  4. And It doesn’t matter who is the k-pop queen. All I know that BoA is younger than Hyori, but her accomplishments are much greater than Hyori’s.

  5. My heart goes to BoA, but Se7en is good too.
    What a title, “Queen of Idols”! Gotta love BoA!

  6. for me Boa will be #1. seven is nothing special…

  7. I wish them both the best! They’re both amazing singers and one of the top veterans if kpop. Although my YG bias is definitely screaming Se7en!!!!

  8. heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wYruddd4H8&feature=related actuallly the question was Do you speak with any Korean Artist…

  9. i think they are friends with each other… cuz i saw an interview on youtube in english and that interviewer asked what do u hang out with in the states the most or something like that? and Boa answered se7en…. correct if i’m wrong …

  10. dont compare the two
    their fking different.

    i hope they both succeeeedddd

  11. Im never a BOA fan but weirdly Im so excited that shes coming back to Korean music scene I hope she does well like all her SM juniors… scrap that OF COURSE shell do great…shes BOA lol

  12. Well, in the past, both Se7en and Boa were paired up by fans in the same way Hyori and Bi were so I’m sure everyone will be glad to have them both back at the same time.
    It’s not as if they’re rivals or something. Plus Se7en’s always been tight with artists from SM.
    I love them both so good luck! ❤

  13. A collaboration in the gayos and specials would make everything cooler. Let the KPOP gods allow this, please.

  14. I’ll support BoA. Don’t like Se7en with all that autotune crap.

  15. I will support BoA 🙂 Love this girl she’s an amazing performer ❤

  16. 1st period -> King vs Queen = Rain vs Hyori
    2nd period -> Prince vs Princess = Se7en vs BoA

    • Actually as a solo I think BoA in her hey day was much more famous than Hyori because when BoA debuted Hyori was still a part of FinKl. Hyori has only been in the business 2 years longer than BoA. I actually would consider BoA probably the queen instead of Hyori and I like both. Se7en is definitely the prince since he was highly compared to Rain when he first debuted.

    • have you read new edition of Bazzar Magz?
      BoA on it, and the title says “Queen of Idol”.
      hhaaaa.. I love BoA (:
      I dont care with the ‘real’ queen or princess.
      BoA rawks~

    • Oooh I like that. ^_^

    • !!! BoA is the Queen of Kpop !!!!

  17. No way coz shinee will eat them up. Btw se7en is not doing so well. Although I wish he will do better.
    I am not so sure about Boa coz korea love her and she is amazing. Shinee and Boa promotions period are somehow overlap. I wonder who SM targets for awards.

    • but he is song is doing a great job in online charts plus he is #2 in Hanteo chart (album sales chart)

    • did yu not get the whole article? it’s talking about Se7en and Boa going up on up with EACH OTHER, not with some idols. &nd Se7en is doing pretty well on the charts. He’s also up on #13 itunes R&B.

    • PLEASE don’t bring SHINee into this just cause their MV came out in the same week as Se7en’s.

    • SHINee >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> se7en + boa

      • Totally agree with you. se7en is cool and all but shinee boys are better than him. Lucifer is doing better than se7en song.

        Shinee DAEBAK 😀

      • lol 5 against 1? haha not a fair comparison.

      • 13 (SuJu) against 1(taeyang)?
        taeyang was #1 in all digital charts and even in hanteo.
        suju was just good selling albums and koreans didn’t like their new song.

  18. My full support goes to Se7en~ ❤ but good luck to BoA!

  19. Love them Both ^_^ !!

  20. Good Luck to both of Boa and Se7en

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