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Upcoming 9-member girlgroup Nine Muse for August issue of Maxim

The veil to upcoming 9-member girlgroup Nine Muse has been lifted.

Nine Muse (Rana, EunJi, Sera, Lee Saem, Violet, JaeKyung, Binnie, MinHa, HyeMi) are the faces for a photoshoot in the upcoming August issue of Maxim.

The group is known to have members who came in #1 in super model contests. And the average height of the members are 172cm. And the members also have various experiences between debut like CF modeling, MC-ing, and drama appearance.

They are set for debut in early August.



53 Responses

  1. SMEXY.
    …and I’m a girl.

  2. O..o !!!!!! no seriously lol –____— FACTRY FTWWW!! <_<

  3. i hate new groups!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. it has nothing to do with snsd or whatever. so please, keep your composure down.
    nine muses, hmm.. are they idols? heard they’ll be singing something like trot?
    i know with alot of girl/boygroups cominjs is really a headache.
    with the newest, i don’t think they’ll be going anywhere.
    so imma just stick with old idols like SJ,SNSD,WG bla bla bla.. and after that i’ll quit kpop.

  5. seriously, i’m officialy lost with the new groups.

    i went on the trip for 3 months and when i came back, BAM! so much newcomers o_O

    not that it’s a bad thing. but personaly, there wasn’t one who catched my attention. =( i mean, they’re not bad. but like naninoona said “there’s just no substance anymore”.

    let’s see what this group is going to do.
    *praying for a good song* lol

  6. who cares if they can model? i want idols who SING!! i know idols aren’t singers, but their main abilities in order should be FIRST, singing! and then comes dancing in second. after dancing, in no particular order… their abilities can be modelling, acting, MC-ing.. etcetcetc.

    i mean, as idols, first and foremost, you’ll be putting out songs and performing on stage. idols are performers, not models. =__=” this is lame.

    usually, i’m not so opposed to newcomers. i really embrace them actually… but THIS??? i mean, why are you promoting modelling and height? i couldn’t care less how tall they are or how sexy they look almost naked or how enhanced their assets are, bla bla bla. if you’re gonna debut as an idol you should stress on the singing and then promote the fact that they’re pretty or whatever.

    and my comment goes to both guys and girl idols. there’s just no substance anymore. only pretty packaging. *sigh*

  7. another girl-group.
    wow! this month is the month of idol group. i’m getting sick of this. i prefer waiting for BoA and Se7en’s comeback.

    supermodel, huh? with HOT BODY shape..
    i just want to hear them sing. so that i can know that they not just sell their body but also their talent.

  8. Hmm ill just say interesting. what’s the point in comparing.. the only similar thing are 9 members. No need to say copying other groups cuz it is just a number.

    The thing I am most concerned about is that it seems like they are being shown off as supermodels and not singers since again it is supposed to be a singing girl group.

    Until we hear them sing live we won’t know much.
    And wow a lot of new idol groups these months. i am missing the solo singers lol. Se7en and Boa ill see you soon!

  9. “And the members also have various experiences between debut like CF modeling, MC-ing, and drama appearance.”

    Ahh… IDOLS, but not SINGERS. I will definitely not be paying close attention to this group.

  10. 9 hot girls. just what the k-entertainment industry needs right now. -___-

  11. most of the members are older than 25 i believe.
    and i hate how groups these days have to rely on sexual appearance to gain popularity.

    sex doesnt always sell :p

    SNSD will always be the original and the best Korean 9 Member Group!

  12. kekeke..the girl in da laz picca look like a drag…and plastic..isnt she???hehe

  13. For what I have observed is that, they like to stress on height. Does it matter? What if they have the face and body of a model but can’t sing. Come on, is just a band after all, music. Supermodel with 172! I’m still gonna stick to WG, SNSD and 2NE1.

    Seriously, I’m kinda sick with them, trying to put up more girl and boy groups. They should know the consequences. What we need is quality and not quantity!!

    Sorry, I’m just expressing my thoughts! ^^

  14. Now the trends for big group begins in Korea……. last time, people said it is hard to like the group because it has too many members. After Super Junior & SNSD (which relatively known for their big group) success, it seems people can accept it now eh..

    but seriously, Kpop is saturated with new boy group & girl group… and I’m honestly lost. I can only stick to the groups which you can consider the starter of all the current craze right now. the rest, I can’t tell apart.

    • Me, too~ I know it’s narrow-minded, but I’ve shut my mind off of the newer groups! I’m sure there’s ONE talented member in each group, but I can’t be bothered to find that person. 😛

  15. ill see them on live stages then ill comment…for now…i guess yay another group? lol

  16. another group? and again their main target is not being a singer..it’s getting boring…

  17. They performed on this year dream concert.
    i can’t wait for them to debut 😀
    I think i will like the leader after watching the interview and performance of theirs on this year dream concert.

    • um..they did perform on dream concert? I don’t think so. They haven’t yet debuted so they can’t perform on DC. Did you mistake them for RAINBOW? Rainbow, their leader name is Jaekyung too plus rainbow is a 7-member group not 9.

  18. i dont mind them having a lot of members if they are all talented. and i dont mean “modelling” or “acting” kinda talent. dancing is still okay, i guess. i doubt each member can really sing. not “karaoke with friends” sing but really sing.

  19. wth?? another nine group members?? why so many sia..
    copy SNSD lorhs! tsk..

  20. Nine muse.. I thought they debuted already when they sang the OST for Prosecuter Princess if I’m not mistaken.. or probably that’s not official yet.

    errm They seem more on group of Models.. Are they going into the IDOL market??

    • yup. they sang for prosecutor princess OST before. the song is Give ME. from the song itself, their voices are strong.

  21. LMAO another 9 members girlgroup ????? puh-lease it DOESN”T make you become second SNSD so will you stop dreaming and making group with 9 members ? Why don’t copy Super Junior ? Geez

    • who said anything about SNSD? 9 member wow as if that’s never been done. Hello? Remember Morning Musume? They’ve been here since the 90s

    • how pathetic. just bcuz snsd is 9 doesn’t mean they can have the number 9. plus morning musume is the original 9.

      • SNSD is the Korean original 9 member. But I don’t mind other groups having 9 members.

    • Stupid sone. Always think they own evrything… Tsssk.

      • it’s not smart of you either to believe ‘anonymous’ they can pretend to be everyone =)

    • It was going to be mentioned because they have the same amount of members. Come on people!

  22. i can’t wait till they debut >.< !

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  24. SEX SELLS.

  25. Soooooo, where’s the music? All this is telling is that sex sells.

  26. “The group is known to have members who came in #1 in super model contests.”
    What about singing contests ?

  27. woah~!!
    another girlgroup…?! another 9 girlgroup?!
    another after school in the making perhaps?!?!

    seems that kpop is over-saturated already…esp. with girlgroup.. O_O

    • I can tell you’re a girl !

      • agreed. and yet if it were a boy group i bet we don’t hear any complaints…

      • I’m a girl and I’d be complaining about both boy and girl groups. THERE ARE TOO MANY!!

        Plus, these girls are basically going to be compared to SNSD because of the amount of members.

      • yes, im a girl. ^^
        but i feel the same way for boy groups..
        kpop is over-saturated already…

        girlgroups here, boy groups there…
        is there anything else out of the ordinary?!

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