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BoA to reveal MV to comeback title song ‘Game’ on 25th July

It has been revealed that ahead of her comeback, singer BoA had finished the filming of her comeback title song MV ‘GAME’.

The MV to BoA’s comeback title song ‘GAME’ will be revealed on 25th July through BoA’s official homepage, Nate and Auction etc. The composer to the song is known to be Jinu (hitchhiker).

As for the MV this time, the technique of flow-mo, also used to SHINee ‘Lucifer’ MV, is used.

Meanwhile, BoA’s comeback 6th album will be released on 5th August.


39 Responses

  1. ohmaga!!!!!
    i can’t wait for this!!!
    it’s on sunday everyone!!
    kwon BoA fighting..
    and haters please…!

  2. I can’t believe she is still young yet has achieved so much….. you’d think she was around her 30s with the things she’s completed.

  3. I wonder if she will comeback with a ballad song

  4. Supposed BoA’s comeback date: August 5th = SNSD’s 3rd Anniversary. SNSD’s Japanese debut: August 25th = BoA’s 10th Anniversary.

    coincidence much? SM FAMILY 4EVER

  5. Wow, now fans are pitting Shinee and Boa against each other? I thought fans of SM groups always defended other SM groups! I guess Shinee fans are afraid that Boa will get more attention or something? Well, I heard hitchhiker remix of Big Bang’s Lies (I hope it’s the same Hitchhiker) and I quite liked the remix. Kinda dramatic flair, I suppose, but nonetheless, not bad. So maybe the song will be not bad too? Anyway, it’s still BoA, with awesome vocal & dance skills, so I know she’ll at least be worth watching!

  6. finally!

  7. haters go away

    shes doing more of a high fashion look
    she can pull it off

    i dont want to see anymore cute cute cute sexy looks.

    • SHINee concept is way better than this.
      boa looks awful..

      • no she does not look awful

      • are we talking about YOUR SHINEE here?
        wanna talk about SHINEE? move to other post.
        if you think SHINee’s concept better than this, then IT’S YOUR OPINION.

  8. She looks gorgeous in the picture (although it looks like it’s more for a photoshoot becuase it’s that pretty). At least SM didn’t play around with her concept *coughshineecough*.

    I can’t wait to hear her new songs, i’ve been into kpop since 2007 so i’ve not really witness BoA’s greatness. Good luck BoA.

  9. as surprising as it may be, shes still in her low 20’s. plenty of room to expand her legacy

  10. how old is she now?

  11. Can’t wait for her comeback! I hope it is something new and fresh [in a good way] that we haven’t heard before. She looks beautiful in the pic!

  12. haters you just jealous she’s hella rich and prettier and more famous than you’ll ever be.

    • why do people defending their idols always think the NUMBER ONE reason we dislike/critique/hate an idol is because we’re jealous?

    • I’d rather be jealous of people who are actually relevant kthxbai

  13. I hope it’s a dance track so good that would make us all go wow, she should have done that in the US or something.

  14. honestly she looks ridiculous in that pic.

  15. i dont even know what to expect, if its anything like her american songs, or recent japanese songs, probably not gonna like it. poo….

    • expect greatness (:

      we best not judge her based on the most recent three out of her historic ten years. thats like judging a book by its cover basically

    • Expect her to flop and be surprised if she doesn’t.

  16. Crying tears of joy right now XD

  17. hmmm…game is not her tittle song

  18. I can’t wait.

  19. SHINee Lucifer MV is awesome!!

    SHINee #1 <3!!

  20. ughhh Boa Sucks !!!!

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