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f(x) Victoria and Sulli spotted shopping in MyungDong

f(x) Victoria and Sulli were spotted recently at MyungDong doing shopping together.

Photos of the 2 shopping were posted up on a Naver blog recently and had garnered the interests of netizens. It was written on the blog, “I was shopping with a friend in MyungDong when she noticed the 2 together and we followed them carefully. Who said that Sulli was like a child? She is so slim.”

“The 2 were in their ‘bare faces’. Sulli had a hat on and Victoria will her sunglasses. It is amazing to see the 2 shopping without worries. But I am curious, why did they take a photo in front of a FT Island poster?”

Netizens’ comments are, “They are really shopping comfortably”, “Even though we cannot see their faces, they look fashionable”, “They look like close sisters” etc.

Meanwhile, f(x) is promoting the song ‘Mr. Boogie’.


14 Responses

  1. when i see your smiling,I’m smile by myself because i like u..

  2. Yay FTI love. its cute to see the girls taking pics infront of the huge poster.

  3. maybe these two are FT ISLAND fangirls? hehe they look beautiful as always. and FTI boys still very although just in a poster

  4. OMG! I know this can be a mere coincidence. But…wow, both are my FAVORITE groups.

  5. Wow this is so cute of them! FT F(x) fighting <33333

  6. VICKY!! ❤ (;

  7. i visited myung dong so many times.. how can missed this chance of meeting them ==” vic omma~ T_T

  8. cute

  9. Whoo ft island fans!


    • Jen – agree with you!!

      What a big poster at the back? I wanna bring it home!!
      Fans miss the FTI so much.. They have a packed schedule Japan.. Few tours to go before a comeback to Korea soon.. FTI fighting!!


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