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KBS Music Bank 23.07.2010 – Miss A wins #1 with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

Today on KBS Music Bank, Miss A won #1 on the KChart with their song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’.

SHINee and ChaeYeon also made their comeback stage on Music Bank today! MBLAQ also performed their follow up song ‘One Better Day’

Go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

SHINee’s comeback stage with ‘Up & Down’ and ‘Lucifer’

ChaeYeon’s comeback stage with ‘Crazy’ and ‘Look Look Look’

MBLAQ performed follow up song ‘One Better Day’

Miss A with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

G.NA performed ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better’ with Mario

Kan Mi Yeon with ‘Going Crazy’ featuring Mir

Narsha with ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’

Son Dam Bi performed ‘Queen’

Super Junior with ‘No Other’

SISTAR with ‘Push Push’

ZE:A performing ‘Level Up’

B2Y performing ‘Be Cra2y’

Interview with Miss A

Backstage with Super Junior and SHINee


93 Responses

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  3. i don’t know y…but everytime they say shut up boy….im like u shut up……

  4. Shinee’s performance gave me chills! I can’t wait for Minho to perform with them!

  5. Ok, they are number one in music charts for 3 weeks but what I want to know is how much digital sales Miss A have for Bad Girl Good Girl?

    • ** Gaon Chart ** ( 11/7/2010-17/7/2010 )

      1. Bad Girl Good Girl – Miss A
      2. Sick Enough To Die – Mc Mong Feat Mellow
      3. Queen – Son Dambi
      4. Nothin On You – Jay Park
      5. I Need A Girl – TaeYang ( Big Bang )

      • Thanks but I want to see some digit so I can compare them to the top dogs of girl groups(SNSD/2ne1/WG) in digital single sales.

  6. THE BEST BEST part about tonight was seeing Mario perform with g.na!!


  8. wow they just debuted too!
    i think the only rookie that got number 1 so fast
    is cn blue

    great job!

  9. shinee’s stage is strong. their song isn’t, but they always shine on stage.. their dancing was amazing, and their singing was impeccable. i pray for the day they get a better song.. or one of them learns to write good song.

    where the hell is tae yang this week? no mubank, no mcountdon.. where are youuuu?

  10. congrats miss A. I thought they would win this week. They have weak album sale but very strong single sale.

    Why does everyone believe Shinee will win next week? Lucifer is not doing bad but not that great either. They are not even on the chart for Cyworld. They’re not top 5 in Monkey 3 either.
    Unless their album sales are terrific…it hard for me to see how they would win.

    • yes there album sales is good even if miss A digital score still greater than shinee they can’t win with digital score.

  11. de cumbck stge by shinee was de onli thing dat i was sooo enthusiastic abt..cn c dat they gave their all 4 their cumbck..guess derz nothin mch 4 minho 2 do except 4 sit on de chair n sing his parts..hpe he wil rcover fully so he cn join de othr shinee members on stge..i think lucifer might dominate music bank in de comin weekz..shinee wil haf my full support no matter wat.. =)

  12. expecting taaeyang for the second win.. too bad he was not able to get it.

    will just comment on gna’s perf. been watching her live perfs since her debut.. i can say that she still needs big improvement.. she lacks facial expression.. though her voice is okay.

  13. as a jaywalker, im happy for miss A. theyve been topping the charts ever since they came out, they deserve it. but you know according to hanteo charts, jaebum has been leading with a huge gap of points. i understand how people are disappointed, but that does not mean all jaywalkers are hating on everyone. i just thought taeyang would do better on the charts. but, miss a WOOO i love your song (:

  14. Miss A deserves it!! Song is good and dances are good.
    It’s okay tho cuz Shinee’s gonna beat everyone else even tho their song is whatever~ KEY<3

    too bad MBLAQ is singing that gay song… When will they ever win again???? TT. TT

  15. What is going on with all this SHI*** ?????
    Miss A wins …WTF ??????
    is it not enough that SHINEE + MBLAQ’s performance is really strange .. & Miss A wins #1 againe that is stupid OK

    Seriously, what happens with Kpop ??????

    • Please oh insightful one, tell us who should win then…

      Miss A have been topping charts for almost 3 weeks, they came out of nowhere and have won the hearts of many people with their unique image and consistently great lives. You may not like them, but they are still doing well.

      Shinee’s song is doing well on charts but they’ve only just comeback, they’ll need to wait at least another week or 2 to win an award (with the new rule change it’s almost impossible to win straight away).

  16. Shindong is a cam whore.

  17. i love mblaq and all but their song is just GAY. srry!

  18. man..they were all sweating (except minho ofcourse). sometimes im amazed how can they dance and sing at the same time like that.. shinee should change the song btw.

    wtf is mblaq song… sounds like a girl’s song

  19. Miss A won by default lol

  20. do anybody know why siwon isnt singing?

  21. OMG SHINee is back. I was screaming during their perf I hope they start winning soon.
    SHINee is DAEBAK

  22. SHINee did a terrific job, pity Music Bank’s setting didn’t do them any justice.

  23. JYP family must be so proud 🙂 I really hope they win inkigayo too!

    • They better win this week, cause next week its gonna be se7en on all shows

      • i want se7en to win but shinee will beat him there album sales is good

      • se7en??? LOL SHINEE are doing better than him.

        SHINEE ❤

      • next week is going to be intensed!
        too early to say that SHINEE will beat Se7en…who knows!
        BOA will have her comeback too! omg! this going to be explosive and sad to say same thing for the fanwars..i can see FAN WARS 2 happening! lol…but seriously, kpop has been chaotic with all these fanwars going on..i hate it actually but it makes kpop more interesting! hmmm…

      • agree with you se7en is gonna be in the next musik shows and better toghether and digital bounce are doing well in varius musik charts

      • HOPEFULLY. Se7en deserves some recognition again. After such a long absence… i feel sorry for him! He deserves the charts nd awardS!

  24. congrats Miss A ^_^

  25. Congrats Miss A!!! 😀

  26. mmhm. I liked Shinee’s old songs AND LOOKS muuuuuuuuuch moore than now =SSS

  27. Yeah miss A.
    Shinee lucifer is a lot better now. I enjoy it.
    Their vocals are amazing. Hope they will win next week.

  28. Taemin! Taemin! TAEMIN!!

  29. ehhhhhh :/ If Jay were performing he’d beat these girls out of the water.

    • Well sidushq didn’t want him in the charts

      It a shame jay fans have to go around accusing jype and music bank and that they have to hate on miss a just because sidushq didn’t want him on the charts

      • Jaywalkers always have to be mad at someone. 2pm, jyp, 2ONEDAY lol, music bank… Thy are so hostile

    • Man…Jay is like, everywhere.

      I know he’s good and all that, but he didn’t perform, so get on with it. Do fans need to mention his name all the time?

      Congrats Miss A for being #1 this week. They totally deserve it.

    • i wonder who’s gonna be the next victim of these jaywalkers’ hate and jealousy…

      • MissA dont deserves this.
        JYP pay for their win.. like in 2pm case.

        Calculations showed f(x) confirmed for #1. Either the heavens helped 2PM, or the Music Bank PD did



        Jay #1 Fighting !!!!

      • They have been number 1 on most music charts for weeks

      • Wow jay fans are undoubtedly the most annoying and ridiculous in kpop

      • honestly Taeyang deserve to be the winner.
        missA sucks !!!!

      • Gaon Chart ** ( 11/7/2010-17/7/2010 )

        1. Bad Girl Good Girl – Miss A
        2. Sick Enough To Die – Mc Mong Feat Mellow
        3. Queen – Son Dambi
        4. Nothin On You – Jay Park
        5. I Need A Girl – TaeYang ( Big Bang )

        Gaon Chart ** ( 11/7/2010-17/7/2010 )

        1. Nothin’ On You ( EP ) – Jay Park
        2. The Cycle 2005-2009 Shin Hye Sung – Shin Hye Sung
        3. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You ( Single ) – Brown Eyed Soul
        4. 2NE1 1st Mini Album ‘I Don’t Care’ – 2NE1
        5. Find Voice In Song Shin Hye Sung – Shin Hye Sung

        K charts are calculated by combining the digital Music Chart (60%) Album sales (15%) Number of hits on TV (15%) Viewers choice (10%)

        The only thing Jay had Miss A beat was album sales but only 15% is used!!!

      • Edit: 1# Gaon Chart is Online + Mobile Charts
        2# Gaon Chart is Album

    • I wonder why Jay fans are mad at JYP/JYPE..
      and to think of it.. the issue all happened because of Jay’s fault.. yah! his mistake.

      All artist works hard.. train hard.. so they also deserve an award.. Why do people keep butting jay’s name.. he’s not even there.. ..haah.. :))

      • Nah, this whole issue is the Netizen’s fault

      • LOL agree with you, the whole Jay thing is not the fault of JYP, the one who kicked Jay out of the 2PM is the FANS!!!! I don’t think fans should be angry at JYP nor 2PM, just leave them alone, it’s already happened in the past, Let’s just look for their future activities and wish them the best

  30. Miss A totally deserves this award.

  31. They deserve it 100%

    Their song has been #1 on the charts for weeks

    • I’m surprised .. how miss A won Super Junior and Taeyang.

      it looks like koreans don’t care about Suju and Taeyang songs 😀 LOL

      • SUJU is having their goodbye stage & Taeyang did not perform so his live broadcast is pretty low.

        JYPe are buying Miss A songs & as a JYP fan, I can see that. They bought 2pm’s albums last time so they can win. They always do that.

      • @kim
        broadcast points is about how much time the song was played in shows, radios, etc..

        there is also ‘viewers points’ this is for the public who are registered in mubank page(people who can vote are choosen ramdomly each week). you can vote for your favorite artist of the week.
        digital points, points from digital charts and cellphone downloads..
        album points, points from albums on hateo (and others).
        [sorry 4 my bad english]

    • i agree. They’re very diff. from the other groups. (no offense)

  32. minho shouldn’t try to act all gangster and all. Not feeling the song and whats with the Loverholic and Robotronic?

    Does the song even have a meaning? Wonder the Loverholic and Robotronic means.

    • *Wonder what Loverholic and Robotronic means.

    • Yeah sm should fix their formula.

      This song is doing REALLY bad on the charts.

      Bonomana and “no other” didn’t do very well either.

      • It’s not really bad on the charts!!!! You should have checked the online charts when the song was released and it was number 1 on many charts and is still doing good on online charts these days

      • Haha…I dont care much of the charts..I love “No other”… Suju is happy when performing the song.. Their album sale is good… The award is just part of the fame… Love from fans is more important…
        I prefer Bonamana, not Bonomana, rather Sorry Sorry.
        This year, there are more big stars comeback so the competition is more fierce and intense.. 🙂

      • Well not many SM artists do well on digital charts tbh fans usually buy their albums which is why they sell 100k+

    • I think Minho was injured. And there’s nothing wrong with his gangster act IMO. In fact I don’t see anything gangster-ish about it.

      Lucifer is a crappy song. Better than Juliet, but still crappy.
      But the choreography is mad awesome.

    • wtf what charts are you looking at?! they are still very much on top in the charts and have been reigning on the hanteo album chart being number one since it came out!

      • The digital charts. They ar not doin well at all. Melon is considered the most legit and hy are 17th. Also not doing well on cyworld bg chart

    • because when the camera was so close up on him, he didnt know whatelse to do beside trying to act gangster-ish,,

    • i don’t like shinee’s song either. @jongkeyfacts: yes when idol groups come out most of the time it goes to number 1 automatically, and then slowly begins to fall if people don’t like the song.
      congrats to miss a really glad that they won 😀

    • i read the translation to the lyrics. it’s something along the lines of “I love you, but you’re holding too tightly, step back so I can really look at you.”
      so no… loveholic/robotronic has nothing to do with anything.

      where the hell is tae yang this week? no music bank, no mcountdown.. ?

      • He’s in Japan
        People are quite critical of shinee’s song and I have to agree. The only song that i life from them is replay.

    • Well Minho’s calf is hurt from filming Dreamteam and all and he’s sitting in a chair- what else can he do? If he doesn’t do anything people’ll say he has no showmanship and is sitting there like a log.
      Loverholic: -holic meaning addiction. Since it’s korean there’s bound to be engrish. But essentially, it means “loveholic”, addiction to love
      Robotronic: hybrid of robot and electronic. From what I see it’s engrish and has no essential meaning

      Yes the song has a meaning orz…….if you actually bother to look at the lyrics.
      Lucifer first of all directly means “light-bearer”, which firstly relates to the boyband “SHINee”.
      This is my interpretation of it:
      The song is about a girl who “casts a spell” on them. Lucifer is the name of Satan before he was cast out of heaven and left in the dark.
      There are parts where there’s “Your undeniable spell is the Lucifer, her whisper is the Lucifer”. It’s referred to “the Lucifer” and not just “Lucifer”. This means this “luring spell” is decribed by traits of Lucifer, angelic yet have some dark meaning to it at the same time (since Lucifer was an angel until he was cast out of heaven).
      If you read the lyrics you will get the sense of it…undeniably it’s engrishy lol:
      Either way, SHINee doesn’t write these songs and moreover they’re assigned concepts by the company. So even if things might be weird or maybe even bad (like the stylist giving them weird clothings and the hair???), they have a lot of talent which some other artists really can’t match up to so kudos to them!

      Lol this must be one huge reply

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