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‘MR-removed’ video for MBLAQ revealed garners interests, “That’s not MBLAQ singing”

Idol group MBLAQ makes topics amongst netizens for a MR-removed video of them released.

A MR-removed video of MBLAQ performing on SBS Inkigayo was posted on an online portal site recently. But many netizens have commented that the vocals displayed in the video after the music component has been removed do not belong to the MBLAQ members.

After all the issue caused after with the video released, the netizen took down the video posted up. And it seems that the video released only showcased the vocals of just 1 MBLAQ member and not all of them. But even though the video was taken down, the discussion and debate amongst the netizens and fans continued on various blogs and sites.


It seems that this is the video that netizens were referring to.


63 Responses

  1. I loled way too hard at this. XDD

  2. LOL so fake but FUNNA as hell ! rofl

    if it really was MR removed, you would stil hear some of the bg music

  3. :”| Please think a little bit more logically. How come a group trained by Rain – Korean super star can lip sync ? I like MBLAQ but I’ll accept the fact if they can’t sing. But pls think about it ? Someone like Rain can create Idols CANT SING ? : ) Then who else can sing ?

  4. lol. when i was reading the article… i was like wtheck is wrong with the guy who upped this vid. but then i watched it .. and i could only LOL. the person who did this is probably a person with a decent voice. really funny. but slack to MBLAQ. though i think MBLAQ themselves will find this rather funny.

  5. ROFL WTF…this is funny. I dont think it’s mblaq.

  6. Its obviously not MBLAQ nyeoo! Lol. This reall gave me a good laugh though, XD

  7. lol,funny~

  8. haahahhahahahahhahaahhah.. it’s soooo funny!

  9. what is the meaning of MR ??

    • music removed.

      supposedly they leave only the vocals

      • i hate to be picky, but MR actually means Music Recording or something like that.

        It wouldn’t make sense to title the videos as MR (Music Removed) – Removed.

        MR-Removed = Music Recording Removed

  10. this sounds horrible.

    i wish someone would let whoever is trying to make all these music removed videos, know that they are a fraud. MR’s cannot be produced unless they somehow acquired confidential audio from producers themselves. audio clips and video clips are forged into one file and it isnt possible for someone to completely remove the background audio without tampering with the actual singing itself.

    thats why many MR’s have that screeching noise, they used an equalizer or something which also affected the voice.

    as for this video, it just sounds like someone is singing the song with the video in the background. it clearly isnt mblaq and “mblaq cant sing” isnt even the issue.

  11. LOL!! XD

  12. lol, this is funny! The guy that made this video probably doesn’t have a life.

  13. Wtf xD I
    t’s obviously one person singing. And it’s not ANY of the MBLAQ members.

    This video made me LOL hard.

    What’s with the way w.e “sang” this pronounce the last parts of every sentence.

  14. Hahahah, this is f-ing hilarious!!! Obviously, it’s just one non-mblaq member singing/mimicking all the members. His pronunciation and imitation of the autotune parts are just sooo funny! But I can’t believe this type of thing is NEWS!!! Really, Korean sites have nothing to report other than this type of thing?

  15. OMG HAHHAH this is too funny

  16. Must be someone covering their song. LOL at the chorus though. Hahahaha

  17. wow i got a good laugh. good one

  18. they give such significance to MR when performances like that aren’t really meant to showcase a performer’s vocals. -.- if they sing for 5 seconds each, they’d probably sound better. judge a singer when he sings an acapella

  19. well, since it’s a parody, i guess he’s joking and didn’t mean it. But mblaq sings really good.

  20. The video….LMFAO!!!!

  21. hahahahahahahahahahaha seems like they all got cold when they sang it

  22. why take it down? it’s so funny!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDD

  23. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….the way that dude sings, seems like he is having a hard time in the comfort room! bwahahahaha…
    HAHAHAHAHA…OMG! my stomach hurts!!! =))

  24. HILARIOUS ahahah

    One dubber for 5 person… ahahhah

    The voice for Thunder is kinda mean to him 😦

    ANYWAY . One good laugh in a long time ahha

  25. i don’t believe it.. they all have diff kind of voice right…how come i can hear only one SAME voice…absolutely not them…

  26. OMG i wAs laughing si hard that’s definetly not MBlaq

  27. Wow. Before bashin how about looking for some covers they did or legitimate live performances? MBLAQ does not have breathtaking vocals but they are better than average! They are one of the few idols that can sing. People just assume because they carry the name “idol” that they cant sing. Come on really?

  28. sounds the same to me. esp thunder’s parts. LMAO.

  29. It’s obvious that this MR-removed version is actually original-removed version.. in short it’s mean that guy is a fake MBLAQ….

    I may not be a big fan of MBLAQ.. but I know they all have different sound of voice…

    But hey.. thanks for the laugh Mr Fake-MBLAQ.. That was fun.. ROFL…


  31. omg, rotflmao! who ever did the voice over is a genius! gave me a good laugh! it’s clearly one person singing the song! kekeke…. thanks for making my day!

  32. hahaha… this got me cracking up!
    if anyone believe this is true…i have got nothing to say!

    its so obvious that its so FAKE!
    hahahaha…. if they really sing like this
    i think all of us can be singers! tsktsk…

    its a parody…i think the person meant a cover done by himself? hahaha…ITS OVER…

  33. LOL! ^^

  34. I lol’d so hard

  35. ROFL , this is so freakin hilarious . mosquito voice . LOL . from the 1st time i heard this , i just knew its so obviously not them . this is so completely FAKE . they sing wayy better than that .

  36. WTF LOL whoever made this did a good job.

  37. OMG..
    this is so damn funny..

  38. lol… hahaha.. the one singing is such a loser…it is obvious that mblaq is not singing.

  39. boring news you stupid netizens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE KNOW THAT 3/4 Kpop artist can’t singing specially group’s members ( girls/bous )

    so where is the big deal ???


  40. listen to whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….
    *caught the fly*

  41. hilarious!!!!!

  42. LOL 😀
    this makes my day

  43. Hahahaaa..this is hillarious!

    Whether it’s really MBLAQ’s voice or not, it doesn’t matter anyway since I’ve already accepted the fact that idols CAN’T sing.

    • it’s OBVIOUS that this isn’t MBLAQ’s voices. obviously there’s only one person singing for all of them. lol. MBLAQ can sing pretty decently. at least better than average. and they can dance. so they’re one of the few that actually can sing.

      but it’s still hilarious!^^

    • Idol’ts can’t sing? waoh~ slow down on the OVER GENERALIZATION THERE….

      1. It’s really hard to sing and dance at the same time… why dont you try to do it? i wouldnt be surprised if you’d be out of breathe after a few lines
      2. They can sing but they cannot express it fully when they are dancing at the same time
      3. If you say idol’s can sing then you’r saying BoA can’t sing, Rain can’t sing, Onew can’t sing, Yonghwa, Taeyang and all the other idol’s out there~~~

      You got some serious case of over generalization and what your saying is NOT FAIR in the idol’s part

      • I agree with what you said except about Rain…
        LOL He CANNOT sing… dance..yes but singing… big nono

      • lolz i noe right i love rain to death but he cant sing….

      • @SDa @12345 he can’t sing, you must be deaf, a man that already released 6 albums, hold more than 60 concerts ( i count all of that, if you doubt bout that), hold 2 asian tour & 1 world tour, a man win many Daesang from all major awards..you said this man can’t sing..you must be really deaf..it’s just the same u insult Rain & all “The Cloud”

      • i’m sorry but rain can sing, & he’s one of the best singer in korea (he’s @ the top 10 best singer in korea), Kim Tae Woo, Park Hyo Shin, & Wheesung admire his vocal abilities if u don’t know that, his deep voice & his perfect emotion when sing can’t be imitated by anyone


      • Im not a big fan of rain but i think he can sing./ his voice is very husky and nice 😀

    • Jonghyun, taeyeon, kyuhyun, xiah junsu look them up

  44. listen to my whine?

  45. LOOOOL!!

  46. LOL pretty funnnu thou
    mblaq can sing wayyy better than that

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  48. stupid!

  49. whutt

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