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T-ara to return as “Reborn T-ara” on September

Girl group T-ara announced their first new material as a reborn group is coming in September.

On the 23rd, a Representative told Star News that, “With Ryu Hwayoung successfully joining in T-ara, a new album and new material will be released in September,” he said, “the reborn T-ara will also have a brand new concept, so fans should be expecting something new.”

T-ara has gained a new member recently. Ryu Hwayoung is from Gwanju and currently in high school. She’s 168cm tall and has a cute attractive appearance.

Ryu Hwayoung previously appeared in a beauty pageant this spring. Her twin sister, Ryu Hyoyoung will be debuting in the upcoming mixed nine-member group, co.ed, and has gained massive attention and big hopes.

Since joining T-ara, the internet for T-ara has almost doubled and fans are anxious for new material. There’s also been some negative attention with the leader switch from Eunjung to Boram, but fans will continue to support.

Meanwhile,, T-ara members are busy with their individual schedules. Jiyeon’s horror film “Death Bell 2” premieres on the 28th. It’s also scheduled for Qri’s drama to air on August 7th on KBS 2TV marking her official debut as an actress.

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  2. “With Ryu Hwayoung successfully joining in T-ara” ????? I will consider there is no 7th member in this group. T-ara is amazing already without her (sorry I don’t even remember her name)

  3. i sure hope Core Contents knows what it’s doing. they’re really confusing these days.

  4. i’m a little skeptical about this “brand new concept” mainly because i loved their music style so far. a change can go both ways: can be good, even awesome, but it can also be total fail.

    as for changing leader…since it’s been said that they’ll be rotating leadership to give everyone a chance i don’t see any big deal to it. if anything it’ll be good for them because few of the members are foraying into acting and might not be able to fulfill the leadership role to the fullest. so at least someone else can take over for a while.

    • I don’t like the way they think changing leader once a year so that every member can have chance. Leader is an inportant position and not everybody can undertake. So what if one day they let the maknae Ji Yeon be the leader ? She will lead her unnies ?? Ridicilous! I believe that Boram will be leader for-ever ! Well, I don’t see anything wrong with Boram but still prefer Eun Jung. Other leaders of other groups are busy much more than her but they are able to handle things

  5. i really wish they would have a successful comeback for their gift as they have going through many things. adding member and changing leader is totally unessecary.

  6. are they going retro like the Wondergirls

  7. I cant wait for their comeback ^_^ I wonder how their album will turn out to be

  8. i still don’t get it why they add new member..

    • perhaps because odd numbers (members) are always best for dance formations, and it’s easier to add a member than subtract.

      of course it’s only one of the reasons…but it’s one that makes a lot of sense. another is that maybe the company felt that t-ara lacked something, whatever it may be, and that this member could fulfill that, or even just for added umph in vocal/dance power.

      we’ll see.

    • if you see their performance, it’s really weird. one member always gets blocked and unseen at the back. so i guess by adding one more member it’ll somehow help with publicity + dance formation.

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