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2PM Nich Khun, “Our miss A is #1! I’m so proud of you”

2PM Nich Khun posts up encouraging messages to juniors miss A.

He wrote on his Twitter on 22nd July, “Our miss A is #1! I’m so proud that they are doingso well!ใ…‹ Fighting! Win #1 for tomorrow and Sunday go go!”

2PM and miss A are from the same company. Netizens commented, “Nich Khun and miss A fighting!”, “Nich Khun who loves his juniors have such a pretty heart”, “Manner-Khun after all” etc.


Meanwhile, miss A won #1 on Mnet M!Countdown and KBS Music Bank for this week on 22nd and 23rd July with their debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ and is hailed as ‘scary rookie’ for winning #1 in such a short time after their debut.


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  1. Wow. Reading the comments – I didnt know Jay’s song is doing well and it even topped the chart eh? I’m proud of him still!! And yeah, as much as possible, I don’t want Jay to be associated with 2PM anymore.. PLEASE >.> Some people will immediately jump on Jay fans and Jay by just the smallest things.. that’s how ignorant they are. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS MISS A! Miss A fans must be so proud ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. wish all things will perfect for u..

  3. Miss A will go far and could become one of the top girl group in Korea in the future. They managed to top charts fors weeks despite all some big names presence and comeback, and I’m really proud of them ! Now, they have big chance to win Rookie of the year award…but they have to compete against C.N Blue who have done a great debut too lol.

  4. my goodness i didn’t know jay’s fans were so disrespectful. he would be ashamed of having such bashing fans -_-;

    • my god, enlighten me which part they were being disrespecful? they were sharing the fact. i know, its hard to accep the truth. still u need to learn to digest it. LOL. u one butt hurt fan. duh.

      *for u, my last sentence u may count as disrespectful then. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • disrespectful to talk about him here, and it’s not about him. you’re the butt hurt fan cause you can’t move on. duh.

        jay will win a next time, it’s the end of the world.

      • typo “jay will win next time, it’s not the end of the world”

        btw i’m a jay fan, so no, i’m not an anti.

      • lol i’m not just talking about here. about every single article there is there’s at least SOMETHING or SOMEONE saying that “jay is the best” blah blah blah, when jay has absolutely NOTHING to do with the article. it’s disrespectful, to the fans and to the artists. and like the above comment there’s NOTHING wrong with saying the truth, it’s just how you say it that’s offensive to fans.

  5. Yo ignorant Jay fans, Jay has moved on now and so should you…(i know that it’s only a small minority being annoying, not all Jay walkers).

    Anyways, this is sweet of Khun, he probably trained with them all for years (excluding Suzy probably, she wasn’t a jyp trainee till recently). Nice to see JYP family supporting each other, i also saw some touching messages left by Jo Kwon and Yoobin.

    • only stating what’s true….. he would have won if he was allowed to participate on the k-chart. I wonder if Khun would say he’s proud of Jay if he won ….

      • He would have, but he didn’t. Get it. I don’t know why people are saying Khun should be congratulating Jay or whatever, they’re no longer bandmates and i believe their relationship is probably somewhat awkward now…

    • wtf are you rambling about? They are simply stating the fact that Miss A won by default because SidusHQ withdrew Jay’s track. He was suppose to win but by withdrawel it went to Miss A…is there something wrong with stating the truth or does it hurt hearing the truth? Thats what I thought! Someone else I need to set straight? I’m ready for this shit let’s do this…I love fanwars.

      • there’s nothing wrong with stating the truth…
        but you don’t have to be so bitter about it. lol

      • Can’t resist fanwars… though I’m not quite sure which side I’m on.
        Anyway, what goldenGAZE probably means is that since SidusHQ removed Jay from the chart, he didn’t win and end of story. Still, a few Jaywalkers insist on harping about it even in an article about Nickhun congratulating missA, which can get tiring to non-Jaywalkers. But yeah, I understand that moving on is difficult for humans so we shouldn’t mind that much ๐Ÿ˜€

        “is there something wrong with stating the truth or does it hurt hearing the truth? Thats what I thought! Someone else I need to set straight?”
        Mmm no need to be so defensive about your Jay. Nothing wrong with stating the truth, just the way some people shove it down others throats like no tomorrow. Thankfully doesn’t apply to most of the comments here yet.

  6. to everyone K-Chart is the countdown charts of Music Bank. The charts are calculated by combining the Digital Music Charts (60%), Album Sales (15%), Number of hits on TV (15%), and Viewers Choice Charts (10%)

  7. Shame Jays company didnt let his song be on music bank or it would be his number 1

  8. Khun oppa, don’t u mean “Our JAEBEOM HYUNG is #1. i’m so proud of you” ?

    I love Miss A but Jay deserves to win this week so i’m very disappointed. Still, I hope Jay knows he was suppose to win.

    • rofl are you serious? Jay’s track has done piss poor on the charts. You really expect him to win?? He’s not even promoting his song that much.

      • let me ask you are you serious…all the calculations have been done go check music bank board idiot…don’t speak unless you know he pawned them in album sales his point total was higher than Miss A so he they won by default because SidusHQ withdrew his track. So don’t go around accusing others when they have solid proof of the win. Thats what I thought! Anyone else I need to set straight shit

      • *Estimated total points (excluding broadcast points) (digital singles + album sales + preference chart)*
        1. โ€œCount On Meโ€ โ€“ Park Jaebeom (2533 + 10074 + 0 = 12607)
        2. โ€œBad Girl Good Girlโ€ โ€“ Miss A (7129 + 317 + 500 = 7946)
        3. โ€œHurt Like Iโ€™m Dyingโ€ โ€“ MC Mong (4594 + 105 + 400 = 5099)
        4. โ€œQueenโ€ โ€“ Son Dambi (4030 + 345 + 350 = 4725)
        5. โ€œI Need A Girlโ€ โ€“ Taeyang (2832 + 1322 + 400 = 4554)

      • Miss A wouldn’t have won if Jay didn’t withdrew. Just stating the facts, so they should be thanking Jay for their win.Anyways I’m not hating or anything just stating the facts. I actually think Miss A is pretty good. =]

      • Don’t try to prove a point when you don’t even have proof.
        *sigh…people who diss Jay are just a bunch of losers.

      • Jen did u even watch Music Bank?!! first Mc Monge was not even in top 3 if u watched the ep u will know that the top3 were son dambi ,Taeyang and Miss A and if Jay was the winner it would have been 1)Jay 2) Miss A 3) Taeyang 4) Son Dambi so from MC Monge came from?!! ..secondly the scores that u gave are wrong I dont know about others but Miss A
        scores are

        there are so many mistakes in the list that u gave so I honestly think list that u gave is wrong

    • @iMissSunMi: What’s wrong with you and your name??? Tells me a lot about you. Jay’s song has been pulled from the Music Bank charts so it’s not counting. YOU FREAKING JAY LOVER!!!

  9. Khun stfu!!! Annoying talentass

  10. Nickhun I have noticed is very loyal to JYP family. He supports JYP artists more than any other 2PM member… whether it’d be WG, 2AM or Miss A he always chooses them.

    Anyways, miss A are amazing. I think they’ll definitely rise to the top since most of the more established groups are venturing out of Korea. I welcome it. They are talented in singing and dancing… I hope miss A become big in Fei and Jia’s native China too. Can’t wait for their full album in the future.

  11. they are indeed a scary rookie… the girls were able to top all of the charts for all most 3 weeks despite all the comebacks of many of kpop big stars … I have feeling that Miss A will be one of Korea top female groups

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