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HyunA, “Lee Joon is actually not my ideal guy. I just thought he dances well”

4Minute HyunA explains that MBLAQ Lee Joon is actually not her ideal guy.

HyunA was on KBS Star GoldenBell when she said, “Actually as compared to saying that he is my ideal guy, I only said that I like his performance but such news reports came out.”

News reports have surfaced recently quoting HyunA saying that Lee Joon is her ideal guy. And on Star GoldenBell, Shin JungHwan has asked, “Awhile back, HyunA had said that Lee Joon is her ideal guy and it had made topics. How do you feel?” And Lee Joon replied, “Really honoured. I don’t know why she think of me as her ideal guy.” But HyunA had explained that he is actually not her ideal guy.

MC Ji SeokJin also asked Lee Joon, “How do you find HyunA?” and Lee Joong answered, “Of all the girlgroup members, HyunA is the one who dances the best.”

The show is set to air on 24th July at 5.15pm.


41 Responses

  1. I don’t hate Hyuna but really, she can’t dance. No, I won’t say “can’t dance” but it’s nothing compared to what chicks in Korea can do these days. Example of these would be BoA, Son Dambi, Stephanie (CSJH), Hyoyeon (SNSD), Minzy (2NE1) and Kahi (After School). While Hyuna’s in comparison to them is just club-dancing in which any girl who clubs frequently can do: Shake their booties. In fact some who can shake theirs more confidently than Hyuna. Just zoom your eyes in on girls on stage when you club the next time. As I’d say those who have confidence will more or less go up stage and shake their booties like nobody’s business. One mistake which I think Hyuna have done: Taking the stage as a club-stage. Other than that, well, I don’t hate her. Just that she HAVE to know if she WANTS to be a celebrity who EXCELS in dancing, she’d have to go through intensive training to reach that level, just like how our BoA-sshi have done throughout these years. And we can inevitably see how her hard work paid off — Sleek and precised movements to every single dance step. Hyuna still have a long long way to go, if she wants people to know her for her dance. (Which I think she do wants, for she keeps wanting to flaunt her “dance moves”.) Just that she would have to know, being a celebrity isn’t just some random club-girl you see on the streets. People wouldn’t just go “WOW!” at you shaking your booties, not like when a club-girl does this on stage. Coz the difference of a artiste and a club-girl is — People worldwide are seeing. You don’t just expect getting paid by what you do in clubs. Take the chicks I mentioned above as good role-models, check ’em up on YouTube and come back here to choose whether or not to agree with my comment. πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  2. Why do you guys say poor Joon, he’s not interested in her, he said he was ‘honoured’, whereas what else could he have said, he was being polite. He said she was the best dancer, and I find that to be sort of true, but of course Minzy is number one to me then Hyuna, but I hear JiYoon can dance and she does dance pretty well in performances (: Also, Lee Joon said Hyoyeon gives him goosebumps because she’s a good dancer NOT the ‘best’ dancer, and this doesn’t mean that he likes her because his answer was regarding ‘Who is their favorite SNSD member’ so he was just picking out of the girls, but his real ideal girl is figure-skater Kim Yuna.

  3. wow i didnt think such an article could attract so many antis/defensive fangirls,
    dude i dont understand what the fuss is about, idols reveal their ideals all the time and the poor girl’s just trying to clarify herself because she was asked & her words were probably altered by reporters anyway because that’s their job,
    i dont see any wrong in this situation,

  4. ouch lol she retract whatever she says before

  5. HyunA’s loss~ Lee Joon’s HOT and has a great personality!!! I’ll take him any day especially if he complimented me like that!!

  6. i think hyuna deny that because she worry that what she said will desplease A+ …

  7. you can go to hell because we tired & boring from you Plus we don’t care who is your ideal guy offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
    i am not Joon’s fan BUT ……………
    I think that you have the honor if he is your ideal guy < YOU STUPID GIRL
    & i don't want see her angry fans because that will be boring more OK

    • ***Joon replied, β€œReally honoured. I don’t know why she think of me as her ideal guy.”

      hahaha joon Did you look in the mirror before ?? πŸ™‚

      **** β€œOf all the girlgroup members, HyunA is the one who dances the best.”

      hahaha nice try joon But Gahee is the best

    • ..anti

  8. i still remember hyunah said she like guy who shorter than her. Lee Joon isn’t that type.

    • Errrrrr don’t take her words to heart about her short guys comment, she only said that because of that woman who called short men, “LOSERS”. Celebrities say a shitload of fake stuff just to ease fans’ feelings or put up a good image. That’s prime entertainment for ya. I, for one don’t believe her. She’s just being nice and ALL the other celebrities.

      • well,she said that herself she likes shorter guys and doesn’t really matter to her since she’s not so tall also her dad is not tall.She’s being honest.

  9. Wow now i start to like hyunA THAN b4.now she’s funny and cute than before.and dance really well.


  11. I really thought she said Joon when asked who was her favorite type.. oh well, Joon has enough fangirls anyways n__n

  12. Ouch! What a way to bruise a guy’s ego.

  13. Poor Lee Joon T_T.Don’t worry you will fing another girl .
    Maybe she doesn’t know what he says about her.

  14. She said that he was before right? what happened? And i thought leejoon said Hyoyeon was a great dancer.

  15. Awww So the news changed the way she said it to appear like Lee Joon was her Ideal guy?

    Poor Joon xD Oh well, maybe he can charm her by dancing with her Lol

  16. hyuna dances well bt shez nt necessarily de bez female dancer arnd..there r othr female dancers who dance beta den her..wif more gal grps comin up,im sure de competition 4 best female dancer wil b intense..juz wonderin, who is her ideal guy den.. =p

    • try to speak english

      • lmao

      • You learn to side the correct people and be free from blindness. The best dancers in Korea inevitably are BoA, Kahi, Minzy, Hyoyeon and Stephanie. Aside from them, are all average dancers coz this is KOREA, full of extremely talented people and those who are considered “good” in other countries are labeled “average” in Korea. It’s a fact.

      • totally agree with ^

  17. i dont know what to think of this but i find it bitchy of hyuna to have to clarify that lee joon isnt her ideal type after he just said he was honored by it.

    its good though, lee joon deserves better. and he was just being nice when he said she’s the best dancer right? that’s a joke.

    • lol wtf? How is she a bitch for saying that? She’s just telling the truth. Doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like him or something, but romantically he’s just not her type =/

  18. poor joonXDD she raised his hopes end now lol

  19. whateverrr their perfect for each other anyways so just get married when Hyunah turns 21 and have sexy dancing babies πŸ˜€

  20. Hm… I dunno about the best dancer, I mean if she really was, why is it that in I MY ME MINE, she doesn’t have the dance solo? She dances well But Im just saying…

    • cause other members need some screen time too u know πŸ˜€

      • +1

        and IMO during the last few songs they’ve promoted, cube has really done a good job in giving other members their fair share of face time.

        of course for me, hyuna will still stand out no matter what, but that’s not because cube is making her, but because it’s just her natural appeal.

    • lol u suck!
      it doesnt mean anything
      plus hyunah got already enough solos <__<
      way too much actually

    • @ MangO_O

      agree with you & ya you know what she is ugly girl + she have a lote from attention & she is not deserve it

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