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miss A with ‘Poker Face’ on KBS Yoo HeeYeol Sketchbook on 24th Jul

Having won #1 both on Mnet M!Countdown and KBS Music Bank this week on 22nd and 23rd July with their debut song ‘Bad Girl Good girl’, rookie girlgroup miss A did a special performance of Lady Gaga ‘Poke Face’ on KBS Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook on 24th July.

Love it or not?


24 Responses

  1. lately too much Miss A articles everywhere

  2. they are better dancer than a singer.

  3. their vocals are average. i’m surprised. of course i knew their dance would be awesome since that seems to be their main specialty, but if you wanna have lasting power in this industry, they need to hone their vocals more or at least leave a more memorable live performance than this. it looks too rehearsed.

    i still like it tho, so it’s all good.

    p/s: just to make sure i’m not getting confused here;

    jia = pink hair
    min = short hair
    fei = brown shoulder length hair
    suzy = long hair with fringe


  4. mm their dance is pretty awesome but vocals………..NEXT

  5. Yeah their vocals are messy (in “Poker Face”), perhaps Fei is the only stable one.
    But they’re still rookie and great dancers, so I’ll excuse them this time. I’m still their fan..=)

  6. i almost stopped it half-way because my ears are kinda annoyed with their vocals..
    imo, i think it’s better for them to JUST dance. just my honest opinion.

    im still not used to listening “bad girl good girl”…

  7. The dance is pretty good, but the vocals are blah…

  8. This sounds like Karaoke Night with friends….
    They sure can Dance… But if comparing to groups in the same style, Fx sings better. But I still think Miss A is gonna be a monster group since JYP is a beast of a manager/producer

  9. they’re dancing well but their vocals O_O,next~

  10. I would say not bad for a rookie. 🙂

  11. -_____________-

    I like them but I’m disappointed..

  12. hmmm ehh..

  13. fei is the most stable live singer and dancer amongst miss A’s member. They are well polished rookies.

  14. ermmm..i think it’s awesome

  15. Its was good but no great. They dance really well but i am not impress with their vocals.

  16. I think they are much better candidate as Best dance group in Asian that Fx.

  17. Not impressed with Poker Face. Sorry. Their vocals are bad. They all harmonize pretty well but their individual voices are not really something to be all like whoah about. I have to give them props for their dancing though and they can sing live pretty well. So I guess kudos to them for that.

  18. .. i guess they only have one choreographer?

  19. mm i expected more 😦

  20. it was nice but not awesome.

  21. mmm.. NEXT !!!

  22. How comes Min has the strongest accent amongst the girls? I though she tried to debut in America…

  23. Its nice but they have to buck up on their english

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