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Netizens on SHINee ‘MR-removed’ comeback performance video, “Is this live or CD?”

SHINee once again proves their perfect live skills through a MR-removed video released.

SHINee had their comeback stage with their 2nd full length album title song ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Up & Down’ performances on KBS 2TV Music Bank on 23rd July.

The video released after the performance online had garnered great interests and through the MR-removed video, it can be seen that the boys did a 100% live performance. And their live performance skills is comparable to their CD recorded vocal standards.

This comes in the midst of idol groups being criticised as *’5-seconds singers’ as SHINee proves that they are capable of good live performances.

Meanwhile, netizens’ comments include “Is this live or CD?”, “SHINee is really the evolved idols” etc.

S: Seoulntn

*’5-seconds singers’: There has been news reports discussing the recent criticisms of Korean idol singers as ‘5-seconds singers’, only needing to sing 5~6 seconds when they perform on stage. This is mostly due to the growing idol group member count. The reports also zoom into the point that idol groups are not made just to sing these days, they have to act and appear on variety shows and advance to other overseas music markets. It is no longer the same as looking at them as just ‘singers’. The article, in fact, quotes Korean idol singers to be at a standard higher than those in other Asian countries.


161 Responses

  1. shinee are good singers. i’m not a fan of them but i recognize talent when i see it. i just wish they didn’t have an autotuned song as their title track comeback because it doesn’t do them justice.

    and please no bringing of Big Bang,SUJU or any other group here for that matter. We all have our biases and each group have their own merit as idol groups. Personally, I prefer Big Bang’s music and live performances but I know that Shinee have their own thing and I respect them for that.

    • sorry but taemin and minho are not good singers..
      some of them are good but not all shinee guys can sing

  2. someone show this video to 2PM so they know what a real group of singers sound like

    • Why such biiterness @ Jenny maybe shinee has to learn from 2pm how to dance and perform LOL!!!!!
      But i am not going to be pissed by antis 2PM are the best and will be always the best performers !!!!!

      • how can 2PM be the best performers when they cant sing always off pitch and Shinee can do both at the same time. Taemin would run circles around 2PM when it comes to dance

      • 2PM the best performers wtf???? since when??? omg joke of the day you almost had me wooh that was a close call. Last time I checked music wasnt a visual thing but I guess thats what hottests see 2PM for tell me im not lying, its the truth

  3. i don’t expect anything less from Shinee, they’re jjang!
    Jonghyun is such a power house!

  4. shinee sing very well, esp joonhyun. key and onew are so good. min ho: average. tae min : bad (but he dance best and so cute) kaka. I LOVE SHINEE

  5. shinee deserse to win next week. i like their song, i hate bad girl, good girl (miss A). i don”t know why this song get win and high on chart. may be they come from a very big company. if they com from small company, they never get win. miss A ing just average, their dance are not excellent but so sexy.

  6. even though shinee joined de k-pop scene 2 yrs ago,they looked like dat they haf bin per4ming their whole lives.. they r obviously a talented bunch of guyz..sure they r cute n yummy,bt they proved dat they r more den a bunch of pretty faces..i think shinee has grown since their replay dayz.. lucifer might nt b my most fave shinee track,howeva de guyz gave it their all 4 their comeback performance..they’ve gt powerful vocals in jonghyun,onew n key..gd dancers in taemin n minho..wen combined,they make a gd team n icn c dat they haf gd rapport s well..juz wanna say dat im glad im a fan n will alwayz b 1.. =p

  7. they sure can sing live really good but the song sucks so bad it doesn’t even sound like a song anymore once the background music is removed! ><
    wish SM could give them better, stronger song for them, they are too talented to have a song like this.

  8. SHINee NO.1!
    Love their comeback performance ^^ ! ..

  9. i think its live cuz i see fancam for key …..
    thanks ^^

  10. I find that SHINee is the idol group with the best vocal skill because they are simply great on this level.

  11. Anyone who brought other artist names in this article are just pathetic.

    And yes SHINee’s talented, no doubt about it.

  12. since some ppl are bringing up taeyang, let me join the bandwagon in this one. just as a different perspective.

    shinee did fantastic. no doubt their MR removed was great, but it’s nothing taeyang hasn’t done before. taeyang (and BB) and shinee are the same level in terms of live performance.

    i mean, shinee, they are in a group so they get breaks which gives them the chance to give off their best on both dancing and singing. it’s always been that way. that’s why their live stages are always awesome.

    if INAG were a group song, no doubt taeyang’s level would be the same as jonghyun singing lucifer. let’s ask jonghyun to sing lucifer as a solo? would it be the same? or would it be like that taeyang MR and he have to pause for long breaths? no doubt jonghyun paused for breaths in this too before he continued to his part. we don’t notice that because there are four more voices to cover that.

    not to mention, even tho lucifer’s choreography was more intense, taeyang’s choreography required him to walk all over the stage and continue singing whereas for lucifer, they have that one area and when it comes to their solo parts they just stand there and sing while the other members continue their choreography.

    so all in all, i would say shinee = taeyang. and both of them are perfect live performers who can vocally do well and also hit intense choreography like no other. it’s what i call the power of talent. which all of them have.

    hope i get to see minho doing the choreography with them next week. get well soon minho!

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      • What a disgusting post I ever saw.. What are you trying to do here? Bashing SuJu?? Why did you do that??

  13. what does MR mean?

  14. these fanwars…bashing on others are making me sick…

  15. ROFL. fangirls are amazing, they can hurt another fan’s feelings and have ABSOLUTELY no regards about it.

    This is a SHINee post. Why the eff bring up 2AM, SS501, SuJu, DBSK, or TY? Like…seriously? Fans bashing on one another makes me sick, and gives a bad image to their representive artist.

    My little brother was reading the comments when I left the computer and he asked me if this is how fans talk to eachother. He’s 11 and he knows better than most of you.

    • This . ^^
      Want to say those word for a while now ^^

    • I applaud your brother.

      Please tell him not all fangirls are as immature as some of the people here. Sometimes i get really disappointed with all the hating. There is such a thing as personal taste/preference, you know. Why can’t we all get along?

  16. i’m still waiting to b impressed by shinee. it hasn’t happened yet.
    to fans who are saying it’s due to song choice etc, song choice is everything. it’s the song that’s chosen to represent them.
    i’m not hating on them. i’m still trying to keep an open mind. and i was intrigued by the teaser, but the full song doesn’t impress me much. and neither does their singing here.

    • you totally read me!
      i feel you, my friend.
      im not that fan of SHINee, although i have their songs in my iPod.
      but up until now, im still waiting for them to impress me, and still being open-minded.
      the song doesn’t impress me, and for once..their vocals too.

  17. ohmygod seriously? can’t people tell they’re actually lip synching? *bangs head on wall* it was just the cd version playing. it’s quite the norm for sm artist to lip synch when it comes to crazy dance tracks. yes, even my favourite dbsk does in the past when it was songs like rising sun.

    • LOL like seriously? okay, you need to go listen to the real performance and mr-removed video again. you can hear them breathing and panting. in addition, you can totally hear parts where they make mistakes or add adlibs. (i.e. the part where jonghyun is straining his voice and the part where onew adlibs)

      • seriously you havent heard real live before. & it’s obvious they were lipsynching when they were performing. did you realise how their lips were barely moving or how awkward they look at times with their mouths when the camera’s on to them?

    • please read the title. MR REMOVED. Gosh, can’t believe I’m hovering around and give these silly explanations.


      • @twinedays omfg…are you serious?! the WHOLE POINTof this article is that shinee DID SING LIVE! with the music removed, it takes away the song in which artists fake to sing along to (ie son dambi and narsha) however with shinee you can HEAR them breathing and adlibing to parts of the song when the background music was removed, meaning they were singing LIVE. seriously, antifans will say anything to hate for no viable reason.

      • I don’t want to keep this going on but….you’re obviously being too stubborn. And yes, MR REMOVED DOES MEAN SINGING LIVE. Music recorded is whatever that was turned on apart from the singer’s voice. And so what you said “the portion of vocals can still remain if you remove the music” isn’t right, at least in this case. And you know what, actually these arguments are unnecessary because you can know they’re singing live by just listening to the video.

    • tat is why ppl say they cant tell the cd version and live version apart, shinee is just too awesome

    • do you even know the meaning of MR? It stands of MUSIC REMOVED. Some people are plain …. (i dont want to say it here).

      • MR does have another meaning tho. it means, MUSIC RECORDED which i think @twinedays is confused with.

      • right, it doesnt make you any wiser by thinking i’m (whatever you didnt type).

        music removed does not mean live performance, which part of it dont you get? the portion of vocals can still remain if you remove the music. & in this case, it was the vocals of lucifer cd vers & not live.

  18. shinee is great but they have some pretty crappy songs.

  19. lol at the comments above…It has changed fromm shinee to tae yang.
    anyway..shinee is amazing…and I think that sm artist usually sound great during live performance

  20. they sing good but their concept is horrible.

  21. For once, I have to admit that SME picked and made the right decision (again) to put 5 of them in SHINee, beside DBSK. Although I kind of hate SM because of the lawsuit thing.

  22. I have to say that I’m fond of most SM artists i.e, SNSD, DBSK, SJ AND Shinee, of course! SM kknows how to pick talented and potentially talented people who they then train very well and these people work very hard too. It’s quite a perfect combination, really. Congratulations on another great performance!

  23. not a fan of them, but i can’t deny the fact that they sing live so well.


    enuff said!

  24. Try dancing to that choreography and singing at the same time. (Especially on those high notes and those LONG notes that are held out!) I think these boys did exceptionally well. I’m proud of them. Truly contemporary! SHINee fighting. (: ❤

  25. Why is this such a big deal? SHINee isn’t the only group that has been singing live and that sounds good live. Super Junior, DBSK (when they were a group), F(x) all sing live and sound good too. I mean everyonce in a while certain things happen that make them have to lipsync. And I am certain that groups besides the onces I name sing live and do it well. So this really isn’t a big deal

    • although im a fan of Super Junior, but I have to admit that Super Junior doesn’t sound great live, just a few of them!

      • That’s a bit harsh lol. I’m a Suju fan too, but imo all of them do a very good job of singing live regardless of the difference of vocal ability between them :p

      • agree. only 5 of 10

    • ive seen very few idols who dance this fast-paced choreography and vocally challenging song and done this well. heck, most groups dont ever do both at the same time.
      out of your list, i would say DBSK is definitely the best. as for suju, love them but some of them aren’t the best singers, and their choreography is not exactly the most intense 😮 as for f(x), i like them and think theyre all gorgeous. however, i dont think their songs are really vocally challenging or that they’re exceptional singers, except for luna.

      • you havent seen their dancing in ”U” and ”dont don” SJ is amazing
        they my 1st kpop group

      • lol. this is nowhere near as fast paced as where u at is. and onew was singing as much as taeyang was in that performance and both of them sounded equally as good.

        just saying that there’s no point in comparing. all of them have their own specialty. DBSK is great and so is SUJU. despite SUJU not being one of the more vocally enhanced groups, they still manage to deliver the same quality as their recorded songs while performing with a choreography during live stages. and how can you say bonamana or don’t don or u aren’t intense? i’ve been to their concerts and i can definitely say that don’t don, u and a man in love were as intense and vocally challenging as lucifer was.


      • @noona
        are you talking to me???if you are youre a idiot im a elf i was saying DONTDON and U was intense~

      • @elf: no, u idiot. obviously i’m replying to kpoplover. can’t u see i’m praising SUJU here? don’t be stupid now. i’m an ELF too. if i wasn’t why would i go to SUJU’s concert? geez. for no reason calling me an idiot.

      • @elf looks like someone is new to k bites… obivously if naninoona was relying to you the comment will be right under your comment forming another space or so..

  26. so everytime someone performs, knetizens are gonna do this? damn so much free time

    • This is pretty much the new fad just like “plagiarism” (which in turn was really “find a song that sounds similar”) was a couple months ago.

  27. Shinee is talented vocal wise but i’m never a fan of them because of their weird images and bad bad songs! They need a better song than Lucifer…that song is trash…i much prefer them during debut with the R&B image..

  28. lol i saw this video at Youtube this tittle is ”MBLAQ’s FAKE MR removed (parody)”

  29. forgot to mention minho is a fabuuulous lipsyncer.

    • omo really????

    • He’s not lip singing. He is justdoing back up vocal during the chorus.

    • he’s not a lipsyncer. when he sings, you cant hear him cause he’s a bass.

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  30. I’m not a fan, but I have to give them props. They were really good.

  31. whats all this MR-Removed video circulating around lately? its so annoying!

    • netizens became musical critiques. they, (again) suddenly feel like they’re judges for “koreas got talent”

      • Excuse me, they do! If not for netizens support or…anti-support, the idols wouldn’t even be known or doing well.

  32. flawless ❤

  33. I’m not really a fan of theirs, but I cannot deny that they are better performers than the many others out there.

  34. im never a fan of SHINEE not because of their talents, but song choices are just BLEAH. no offense, really.
    Lucifer sounds like typical kpop songs roaming around these days.

  35. i think everyone knows they are talented, the reason why more people arent fans of them is cuz they still look like little boys. anyways i would become a fan too, if they had better songs as well. >.<

  36. idk but i heard jonghyun cracked his voice couples of time thou when i watched this live.

    • but overall, jonghyun sings exceptionally well compared to MANY other idols who can barely sing their ‘five seconds’ without sounding out of breath and terrible. jonghyun may have cracks here and there but he does amazingly well for the amount of lines he does have to sing along with the fast pace dancing.

      • I heard jonghyun cracked his voice too.
        for me 2AM, SS501 have better vocals.

        shinee is just ok.

      • I love at the people saying SS501 have better vocals than SHINee. Hello?

        I can understand people bringing up 2AM but SS501? Besides 2AM does not really sing while dancing since they’re mostly a ballad group.

      • * sorry i meant LAUGH, not love.

        Let’s put things in perspective, people, and not be crazy fangirls.

      • ^ you obviously laugh because you’re a fan who can’t accept other ppl opinions. closed minded.

      • @ J0kwon

        shinee is “just ok”? seriously?
        i think even non-fans can acknowledge that shinee is good.
        but i guess it’s ur opinion.
        for me, 2AM is great. SS501 is just ok with Youngsaeng and Hyungjoon being their best singers.

  37. Of course they’re idols. They’re talented!

  38. Haven’t we known this from the very beginning of their debut? lol
    Their live performances are always consistently perfect. No other idol group sing and dances at the same time better than SHInee.

  39. ❤ I'm glad ppl are recognizing SHINee's talent

    • Taemin has the best vocal in shinee 😀

      • Im sorry but Jonghyun is better

      • err what? I love Taemin and he’s a great dancer. But let’s be objective here. I’m so happy he’s improved so much but SM needs to train him more. You can hear him breathing hard thru his mike. He will get there someday. Right now, Onew and Jjong are SHINee’s best singers with Key an excellent voice in the mix. When this 5 harmonizes though, it is magical.

  40. Yes Im not really a big fan of their new song and I don’t really pay that much of attention to them but I can not deny and say they are not amazing I believe if SME gave them the right song they can be Korea top male group b/c they got the look and they are very talented and I think starting from next year SME will pay more attention to shinee since starting from next year and the years after Super Junior members one by one will be going to the army(Im not sure but according to what I read it might take us 8 years or more to see all super junior members together) and I dont see DBSK case going anywhere so the new money of SME will sure be shinee

  41. well shinee has always been vocally good
    jonghyun, onew and key are really strong
    and minho and taemin are debateable, but they are pretty ok

    and its pretty know that their choreography are really hard and they don’t really try to have one single popular point in their song. their dancing are just hard period.

    so i’m not surprised that their lives are always good 🙂

  42. I hate to bring this up here but one artist who i’ve noticed has been doing pretty bad during his live performances is Taeyang. How comes no one (in K media) is mentioning this. I saw Son Dambi and Narsh get flamed by the pressed but has anyone actually seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irMiqiA09kA

    I knew he wasn’t singing much in his lives but dang, even the bits his sings are not good. I don’t know why his this bad since the dance is not even difficult (just consists of walking around on stage). Still, i love INAG however it’s not fair how female artist are easy targets since fangirls can get very defensive if their favorite artist (like Taeyang or SJ)are bashed…just sayin’

    • what are you talking about?! i’m not trying to be a defensive fangirl now but that ty’s mr you’ve posted imo, not because i’m biased of anything, is actually really good. and about the choreo, it isn’t just walking around on the stage. every choreo nowadays do take an amount of effort from a person and ty’s isn’t that easy to do actually.
      and i really like the fact that he’s not pretending to sing when he actually isn’t…..like most singers do, e.g. the ones you posted in your comment.

      • really good? sorry but I pretty much think you’re a fangirl who is being defensive. *sigh*

    • um I don’t know what you mean when you say “the dance is not even difficult” cuz the dance is definitely difficult and hard…plus he’s the only one singing and this goes to all singers. You can’t expect them to sing every lyrics of the whole song and I do admit that Taeyang cracks and stuff during some of his performances but I still enjoy his performances.

      just wanted to let you know that the DANCE is not easy…it’s pretty hard…

    • Hate to say this, but once BB members get bashed, their die-hard (and deaf) fans will come defend the boys like crazy. I mean, like, seriously crazy. For once, I hope BB fans can accept constructive criticism.

      Having said that, compare to SDB, Taeyang is a better singer. Yeah, he’s isn’t that great an all that, but SDB live performance is worse than him so I guess that’s why K-media/netizens bash her, but not Taeyang.

      • honey it’s not only BB. DBSK, SUJU and many more idol groups’ fans are like that. Deal with it because that’s how fangirls are. THey are not called fangirls for nothing.

      • I’m dealing with it. But while other fans can accept the weaknesses of their idols, BB fans can’t. At all. They get angry when we say Seungri is untalented, they get angry when we say Daesung is ugly (which is SO true, but they defend it with ‘he’s cute and adorable’ ‘it’s the heart that matters’, ‘his smile melts my heart’ yada yada). And they treat GD like God. You commit a sin if you bash that dude.

        Antis bash, but the neutral ones usual give constructive critism. I don’t see anything wrong with lilo’s comment. He/She just pointed out the unfairness of k-media/netizens. BUt see how BB fans react in this post.

      • lol and yu still talk about BB XD I can see how antis are 😀

      • i always thought cassies was the crazy mean fanclub but its really
        VIP and poser bb fans

      • HAH, of course they are not going to do give a constructive comment to an anti. what’s the point to convince someone ?

        you really have something agaisnt BigBang/VIP, face it. then you can have a real conversation. =)

      • @popmycollah
        Gotta admit that I dislike BB (dislike, not hate) but I LOVE Taeyang. He can dance, he can sing (not great but acceptable), and he’s so humble and down to earth unlike his attention-seeking members.

        I bash BB once in a while, but I never bash Taeyang. I’m actually replying on lilo’s comment just because I agree with her/his opinion about the unfairness in kpop industry and defensive fans, but somehow I ended up as if I’m a hardcore anti-BB lol.

      • @HAH: it all sizzles down to personal preference. honestly, have you seen someone neutrally criticizing DBSK back in the day? it’s like being sent to hell. same goes if we were neutrally criticizing anyone, the response would be the same done by some members of every fanclub. not just VIPs.

        you’re obviously being one sided yourself when you say that because right now you’re being defensive as well.

        “oh i DON’T hate them, but i think seungri is untalented, daesung is ugly and GD is attention seeking. i LOVE taeyang tho, so that definitely doesn’t make me a hater.”

        srsly what a joke. every fandom is the same. i see no difference in the reactions if this were to be any other idol group. yes, @lilo pointed out the unfairness in kpop but she also brought up a non-related idol into the article while comparing and stating that so and so was better, etcetc. and that’s unaccepted by any fangirl rulebook.

        just admit that you’re one of those non-VIP YB-bias hardcore who hates the fact that YB is in BB. lol. i’ve seen many of you around.

      • I’m not a fan of boy groups… and i read all the comments everywhere/site so i know…. Fans bash if their idol group bashed by other fans.. of course u defend ur fav group when someone bashed… NOT JUST BB FANS, all the fans in a particular group….You just only see VIP’s? oh oh

    • actually walking around is more tiring than just dancing at the same spot … and your comparing son dambi’s and narsha to him? did narsha even sing at alll? my bad i watched he MR verison narsha was singing but i could barely hear her. and for son dambi’s case i dont noe i guess she was ok?i dont even noe why neitizen made a deal out of it….. and i dont think the perf was that bad as you were talking about it cuz i mean i still enjoyed it i knew from the first plzce that taeyang wont be singing much cuz it is very obivous in from taeyang’s performances… also people alreayd noe that taeyang can sing and dance live very well prove :http://www.youtube.com/watchv=OXb3y7mQ4gY&feature=player_embedded

    • That was his first stage and I noticed he wasn’t doing as well as he should, however he did improve. The thing is that he doesn’t pretend to sing when he doesn’t sing – something that annoys me when singers do it. If you’re not going to sing it don’t mouth it.

      • LOL this was shinee first stage and they were perfect.
        Taeyang is just a ok singer.

      • Are you deaf? They were not perfect. There were some parts that some of them could have improved on.

    • OMG!! how dare you bash on my youngbae!! i don’t care if you think i’m a crazy fan, but if you don’t like it then prove that you’re better. try dancing his steps and singing his song before bashing, if you can’t do it, don’t say anything. if you don’t like crazy fan lashing out at you, then don’t comment. gosh~

    • Stop being so butthurt. Bet ur saying that just bcuz k- netizens didn’t bashed him but they bashed ur faves singers.

    • lol oh my goodness, i didn’t know his mr was that bad. I’m a fan of big bang, but wooowww. i actually think son dambi and narsha sing more than taeyang does in their songs. idk, as someone as experienced as him i think i was kinda surprised…

    • WOW honestly taeyang SUCKS in that performance.

    • Tae Yang is still a working solo artist. He still needs to improve in doing solo songs. But when he’s with Big Bang, he sings pretty great. Atleast he doesn’t pretend to sing or even lipsynch the parts. We all know from past performances that Tae Yang doesn’t sing most of the songs. At least when he sings, it doesn’t sound bad.

      TY doesn’t get bashed because we all know FOR SURE that he can sing great and he puts a good performance. He’s not someone who becomes a singer and pretend can sing. Lol.

    • Since I am already generalize as a ‘defensive fangirl’…..you stupid mother#$#@$#@% a$$ b!%#$%$#%, dumb h03#$%%$#%$# piece of $%#$@%#$@%$.

      There I got it all out.

      Please don’t bring other people into someone else post. Fans like YOU are defensive, actually, you have to go all out and praise your boys while ‘bashing’ another…..When people point out other people flaws-its the root of envy. =)

    • This is stupid, why bring up Taeyang’s here? Isn’t this about Shinee, praise them if you want but don’t bring others down.

      • EXACTLY! and I don’t even get why people compare a solo singer to a group! Taeyang = 1 person singing the whole song, SHINee = 5 people singing the song = more break -__-

    • Oooh ‘lilo’ you’re on many girls hitlists if you’re a ‘fan’ first of all you wouldn’t have ‘bashed’ yb secondly not do it in another artist post

      • yeah taeyang sucks you’re all very smart.

      • People just don’t realize the differences between group singing vs solo singing. Shit, i would like to see someone who can sing Taeyang’s song and dance great at the same time. It’s freaky hard to sing and dance great at the same time as solo. I think SHINee is good but those idiots who said Taeyang can’t sing are obviously retard.

      • taeyangs such a fugly g4y midget ughhhh JJ SING BETTER THAN him ,and omarion

      • stop you’re giving Cassies a bad reputation.

    • Wow dumbass… Using one bad performance of his to bring him down n make it seem like he’s always bad >__>

      U know why knetizens doesn’t pick on him? Bcuz when he doesn’t sing he doesn’t pretend to sing like others.
      FYI, he’s not a solo artist like SDB he’s more used to be in a group, he still have lots of time to improve.

    • wtf did u even noe what happened during the first week of his comeback stage he suffered from imsomnia becasue he was so stressed and all you haters here just attack him for no fuking reasons… it is not even as bad as you guys are talking about i mean personally i think it is good enough cuz since it is his comeback stage and all the stress that he have..AND THERES WAY MORE BETTER PERFORMANCE THAN THAT ONE… and also remember taeyang is used to be in in a group than a solo thats why there is still so much room for improvement i’m sure in the next few year taeyang willl go solo again and show us his improvements … and lastly to answer your question k netizen bashed on them becuase they were LIPSYNING do oy unoe what that means? it mean mouthing the lyrics as if they’re singing it…. and taeyang’s performance i dont even need the MR verison cuz i can clearly tell when it is taeyang real live voice or the backgroung music. and also why the hell are oy umentioning taeyang is the first place?….

    • Once upon a time, my parents told me, as words of advise, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the fcuk up.”

      • so your parent’s word are like god or something.
        To express oneself is the best ^^
        just saying

      • @hinaara: so expressing one’s hateful self is a good thing?

        and FYI, god does say that. “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” in most religion it is that way.

    • @lilo: what do you mean just walking around on stage?? he was dancing while moving around the stage, and that’s harder to do. not to mention, we obviously don’t have the same hearing capabilities because to me, the parts of the song when he does sing it, sound the same as the recorded version. especially the bridge part, it sounds the almost the same only that he changed the falsetto part because he couldn’t reach it. at least he didn’t crack or go off pitch or fall flat. it’s only that he’s breathing too hard that makes it sound worse than it actually is.

      but y’know, every artist has their bad days and you would realize this if you knew that taeyang has been having severe anxiety and had trouble sleeping prior to this performance because he admitted it had been such a long time since he last performed solo. shinee on the other hand has only been gone since ringdingdong which wasn’t that long ago.

      • Woah, i did not expect to get soo many responses.

        Anyways, the only reason i brought Taeyang into this was because i’m a huge fan of him, i love INAG, i think it deserves many more no.1’s but i’m also a fan of Son Dambi and was really hurt by all the negative comments. As you can see, many people are making excuses for taeyang when i posted the video, but SDB has also been working hard for her comeback. Her MR was fine, the parts she sang were good but it seemed like nobody noticed it. Also thankfully she has improved from her first performance.

        comments like:”the parts of the song when he does sing it, sound the same as the recorded version”

        “y’know, every artist has their bad days and you would realize this if you knew that taeyang has been having severe anxiety and had trouble sleeping prior”

        “y i think it is good enough cuz since it is his comeback stage and all the stress”

        “first stages are always difficult, give him a break”

        “i don’t care if you think i’m a crazy fan, but if you don’t like it then prove that you’re better. try dancing his steps and singing his song before bashing”

        “You can’t expect them to sing every lyrics of the whole song”

        I wish people could apply this kind of thinking to all artist and not just their favorites. Once again, i’d like to stress i LOVE Taeyang the most, he is an amazing artist all round. Hope Narsh improves soon too, i know she can sing being a BEG member but her MR has been the weakest so far.


      • So because nobody “defended” sdb u want it to see if ppl wouldve defend YB too?

      • @lilo
        what you did is also unfair to YB’s fans..just because nobody stood up to defend SDB, you will ruin other artists to make it fair to her..I WISH PEOPLE WOULD NOT TRY THIS KIND OF ACTIONS..

    • so disrespectful of you bringing Taeyang here..
      not only for Taeyang fans but also to shinee’s..
      the female artists that you mentioned fooled people by mouthing their lyrics, pretending that they are singing..
      singing rnb song while dancing is way harder compared to singing pop song no matter what kind of dance they do..
      if you want your investigation to make it in korean news well you should give a tip to them straight rather than mess other articles with your view..
      it’s ok to give views/opinions to every article as as it’s related to the subject..

    • hmm slow doesnt mean easy to dance, in fact alot of the time its harder ==, but you could say it requires less breathing and has less fast body movements that may affect singing

    • I agree that fans are harder on female singers than male singer. Many (not all though!) fangirls are usually very young girls who are still immature and insecure about themselves so they tend to be critical of beautiful singers. But i’m not sure how son dambi and narsha’s performance being criticized for their lives should equate to taeyang also being bashed. its such a negative thing to say. It’s like saying that “i’m suffering so i should make everyone else miserable”. Not a good attitude.

      Yes, Taeyang’s stage is not perfect and his live may not be as good as we expect. He goes off key and his voice can be shrilly at times. But the irony of your comment is that you’re acting like those unfair fangirls too. You’re asking for Taeyang to flamed the same way. Maybe you could have phrased your comment better so it won’t spark a fanwar. I get that you’re hurt over Son Dambi but you should just defend her instead of pulling other artists down with her.

  43. shinee shines on stage. their songs may suck, but their dancing and singing is as strong as it gets in kpop.

    it also helped that minho was the backtrack this week, cuz he gets to sit down and sing as much as he wants xD

    • yep shinee shines on stage and they are almost at the same level as DBSK.

      SHINEE #1 !!!

      • since there is not more DBSK. Shinee is the best vocal boy group in korea.

      • Jonghyun has the strongest vocal, but when it comes to higher part, he’s actually shouting, not singing.
        Pretty much the same with DBSK Changmin.

        Overall, I’d say Shinee is better in term of dancing (in fact they’re probably the best of all idols so far) but DBSK has better vocals.

        I DEMAND SM to give them better songs. Shinee is a talented group, I believe they can sing ballads just as good as DBSK.

      • They are not the best vocal group right now. They sound good live but so does 2AM. Taemin and Minho need more practice/training with their voices.

      • @ JC: Obviously 2AM is amazing! I’m such a huge fan (actually they’re my favorite group), BUT we gotta remember that SHINee is younger and is also dancing intense choreography at the same time. 2AM sings ballads and can fully focus on their singing.

        And yes, there were parts that could have been improved on. But this was pretty much a flawless performance considering how much dancing they were doing.

        Btw, I know this is not the best that Jonghyun can do. I felt like he strained his voice this performance, but he has such good range and such a powerful voice. Props for being able to sing like that while dancing such fast paced choreography.

      • SHINEE is the new- DBSK 🙂

      • @rdd_5
        too early to say that. Still have a lot to improve.
        Too much autotune in SHinee’s songs. At least DBSK shows their vocal capabilities in their album and also live performance.

        And SM, please please please give them better songs and concept.

      • @kpoplover soo agree with every word you’ve said,
        & yea even when i was first watching the normal perf i noticed Jonghyun’s singing was abit off from usual, his voice sounds strained >_>
        but i was surprised by this mr, coz i didnt think minho was actually sing half the time

      • @noonashawol: STOP WITH THE MENTIONING OF DBSK. SHINee are great but DBSK and SHINee are on two different levels.

        @JC: Why bring 2AM into this? Huh?

  44. You’re video is laggy.

    Here’s another one 😀

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