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Taeyang to Hold Solo Concert In September

According to YG Entertainment, Big Bang member Taeyang will be holding his first solo concert on the fourth and fifth of September . The concert is titled “Solar” after his recent album, and will be held in Seoul’s Kyung Hee University.

The September 4th concert will admit audiences of all ages, while the 5th will only be open to audiences of ages 18 and over.

Tickets will go on sale on Gmarket starting on August 3rd.



17 Responses

  1. i can only wait for the release of the concert dvd 😦

    i hope one day i will have the opportunity to go to Big Bang or any of their solo concert.

  2. I’m allowed to go since, I’m 18 in KR but, since I’m in the US… I can’t go TT__TT

  3. if i were live in korea,i will go that 18+ concert~good luck taeyang~

  4. again…i wish that i can attend it …haih……………

  5. i bet yuri is invited!

    • haha lolz or maybe the whole SNSD..! :))))

    • to bad she can’t go she be performing in LA that day for SMTown i hope he invite IU, Yoobin, and miss A they all say they like Taeyang.

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    • say what Miss A ? really? can you give the link to the video/post ?

  6. this is not his first concert lol

    it’s second…the first concert is “HOT” concert

  7. Weeeeeee~~~~

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